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my mother opens the sunroof on a roadtrip at midnight and i don’t bother pretending that the stars are small enough for me to count. instead, i talk about how the closest star is 4.24 light years away and how the next closest star is 4.37 light years away and how what we see now happened years ago.

i talk about how small we are. how we’re spinning at an alarming rate but we are so incredibly minuscule compared to our planet that it’s okay. one of my brothers doesn’t care and the other is tipsy, so i’m pretty sure i’m trying to get through to myself more than anyone else.

i just forget that we aren’t important sometimes, i guess. i have the audacity to think i’ll matter in 4.24 or 4.37 light years when i’m too quiet, too human to matter now. i could die or sleep forever or never get out of bed again and all of the stars are still exploding, you know? earth is still spinning and the sun is still burning. i’m not really sure if this makes me want to thrive, or if i want to explode myself now

—  there are 7 billion, 47 million people on the planet and i have the audacity to think i matter (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)
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anonymous asked:

surprised at how much you drawn dan for the past year. when did you turn into a dangirl? (missing the phil art, even though you seem to hate his posture)

hello friend i am not a girl woo wee woo wee woo wee BEEP BEEP BEEP

also my last art was a solo phil YA SILLY and i just went through and counted through my first few pages of art and it’s almost entirely even. MY FRIEND, I AM SORRY 2 ALARM YOU, BUT I THINK U’RE MISTAKEN. and even if i did draw dan more yada yada artists can draw whatever they want yada yada don’t discourage or scare artists by making them think they’re going 2 get hate for drawing dan more than phil or yada yada we draw things for free yada yada if ya want more phil specific art u can always create it yourself yada yada we are all doing this on our free time with no pay yada yada yada yada yada

but i 100% get what ya mean :p i mean i KIDNA DON’T because while i’ve done some dancentric lately two were for friends birthdays/celebrations and one was a header and i legit just did a phil centric art so i am SLIGHTLY SQUINTY CONFUSED but i’m not offended or anything i feel like i draw phil waaaaay better than dan anyways and i do love drawing phil-specific pieces. HOWEVER i am also obligated to warn you that some people can take offense to stuff like this and yada yada be nice 2 artists and yada yada we are just people doing free stuff for u this weird Art Gatekeeping that goes on where people like . KEEP TRACK. if u draw dan more than phil or whatever is . very silly but like A REAL THING ? and people get ACTUAL HATE for it it’s VERY WEIRD :p 

BUT YEA LOOK. MY LAST ART WAS A PHIL ART. WHAT R U MISSING FRIEND (but more phil art will Come as i am predictable and will always love his long head)


“I was put to death on the cross with Christ, and I do not live anymore it is Christ who lives in me. I still live in my body, but I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself to save me.” 
Galatians 2:20 New Century Version

im trying to find a new way to draw sora’s hair, and get better with expressions. it’s annoying as hell x_x

Originally I intended to fill this with Vanitas Remnants, but instead I got 2 remnants, 1 sad Sora, and 2 indistinguishables. are they sora?? are they vani?? who knows, I don’t and I sketched them.

i’m really proud of that top soranort. he looks so pretty ;u;