Honestly, I didn’t expect this bagel to take off so quickly! I’ve only been here a month, so this is also kinda like a one month celebration too! Really, I am so elated to be running this bagel because y'all have been so kind to me and I’ll admit: I had varying days of activity because I was bagel hopping and I’m sure you’ve all recognized I am TERRIBLE at multibagelling. (My sincerest apologies.) Anyhow, this fandom has only shown me wonderful little starlings and such a beautiful atmosphere, so instead of a bias list or anything (Though definitely gonna list the baes I interact with a lot first.)– I’m doing a Masterlist of all my followers (Mutuals & Non-Mutuals) so you guys can go check each other out!

My dash is honestly filled with such wonderful people && I am so friggin’ delighted.

                               Thank you guys so much!

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- The  B A E  STARLINGS - [ Starlings I interact with near daily ( ICly & OOCly ) && LOVE V MUCH. ]

| @robodoption | TWEEFT MAN, TWEEFT. They’re the reason I’m in this fandom. <3 | @pyrolyzcd | Literal GODDESS. | @astraei | Like excuse u, WILL SMITH POSES AT THIS BAE. | @scngre / @clawedqueen | LAUGHTRACK.mp3 love this beauty right here. | @roaringcompanions | Always has the cutest ideas mate. | @strengthxfmind | Badass af. | @xyuuken / @beruga / @kiruge | Eggnerd always gets top spot in my heart right next to | @gravesradium | Who is glorious wifey with many precious babies | @whatliveson / @glxtzy | Sweetheart tatertot. <3 | @percautus | ANGSTJAMS.mp3 Always so kind & encouraging?? LOVE THIS PRECIOUS FLOWER. | @fiercysoul | ROBERTA YOU FIEND. <3 | @motorhcad | Super sweet like d a n g |


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Seriously though, you are not a bad person if you ever went back to a bad relationship. Some times people would rather be in a bad relationship over not being in one at all. That’s not a healthy mindset but making that kind of mistake does not mean you deserve the badness that came out of that relationship