Yuri!!! On Broadway

like okay,, Yuuri is an aspiring Broadway actor with the voice of an angel but because of his anxiety his performance always lacks in auditions so he never gets the leads. Enter Victor, Yuuri’s inspiration and a famous Broadway actor who sees potential in Yuuri and works with him to build his confidence and also bc he has a big crush on him like no shit but makes Yuuri audition for the role of a playboy (yes, THAT playboy) and yada yada u get my point where is my musical yuri on ice content



this gonna sound like the most “only 90s kids” bullshit ever, but hear me out: I feel like the same thing that happened to how people perceive the general look of the 80s is now happening to the 90s. people who weren’t alive during it just kind of assuming what things must’ve looked like. 

much like how the 80s consisted of all neon colors and heavy synth, everything in the 90s had a fuzzy VHS static dust filter over it and people would just be walkin’ around and get fuckin slime dumped on them by nickelodeon at random.


dreamt of @dripped‘s vibrant and magical town quartz! this town was stunning and beautifully crafted, the decorating was really gorgeous, and walking through it felt enchanting and inspirational ♡ the layout of the town was put together in a way that made it feel huge and never-ending, which made it more exciting to explore! it was clear that a lot of love went into creating this town! thank you for sharing this with me~!

♡ 5E00 - 0044 - 2A18 ♡