In a 5e converted Tomb of Horrors...

Setting the scene: This is the tomb of a lich. There’s a hallway filled with orange mist in front of us. The Paladin went down the last unknown hallway so he brazenly decides to go down this hallway first too, while the party waits in the room to see if he gets insta-killed. 

Dm: You go down the hallway until you reach a room. Where, your Chaotic Good alignment becomes Lawful Evil, and you become biologically female.

-lots of OOC jokes about how we are no longer a sausage party-

Paladin (OOC): Well lawful evil me doesn’t want to risk any of these people becoming violent chaotic dickheads so, I walk back like everything is fine. 

Dm: As you pass back through the mist, your alignment returns to Chaotic Good, but you stay biologically female. Nothing short of a Wish spell or Alter Reality can change it. Blame Gary Gygax. 

The party, in character, when the paladin returns: Dude, what happened? What was in there? Are you okay? etc 

Paladin: *deep sigh* The great evil of the lich that pervades this dungeon, it just, *clenches fist*, grabs you by the balls. 

-Everyone goes nuts-

predictions for season 3

you can reblog if you want but this is more just for me to keep track of things so i can pull this post up later and be like “I FUCKING CALLED IT SEE I TOLD U AHA” if i’m right. will probably be edited as i analyze the episodes more, so make sure and check back in on the original post before reblogging it!

as of jan 23 2017:

  • alfor was red lion (basically already confirmed but i bet we’ll see a proper #confirmed moment in a flashback at some point)
  • keith’s mother is part of the resistance (probably not with mamora anymore, i’m guessing she started/joined a different resistance group AKA part of the group that saved matt *drops mic*)
  • gay gay gay none of ur favs are straight multiple #confirmed gay characters make it happen
  • haggar is prince lotor’s mom (which means that…..she and zarkon….*shudders*)
  • lotor was that Mystery Galra keith rescued
  • “so you’re just like the rest of them” was foreshadowing. lotor is definitely not like the rest of them somehow (part altean cause haggar is his mom? not a complete dickback and switches sides? does he end up being space zuko??? who knows, but my hopes are high)
  • if it isnt lotor, whoever that was is still defos making a reappearance and will not be the enemy we thought they were
  • shiro comes back at some point (he’s gotta, no way keith is gonna be black paladin forever, no way would they set shiro up so well just to use some cheap disappearing act to shove keith into his place as leader like nah they’re using this to explore more character points, not to make keith black paladin y’all)
  • a more open and accepted alliance of resistance begins to form with team voltron at its core
  • lance character arc! his insecurities finally all muhs together and make him explode at some point
  • haggar displayed some little moments of emotion and disapproval @ zarkon in s2 so - obviously since he used to be black paladin - he wasn’t always like this. we’ll probably finally find out more about what made him change so much in this upcoming season
  • allura being doubly conflicted about haggar being altean
  • zarkon probs blames the alteans for something bad that happened to him personally (maybe linked to the reason his home planet was destroyed when shiro saw it?) it was probably something that couldn’t be helped/stopped, but he needed someone to blame idk
  • on that same vein, we’ll probs find out what destroyed zarkons home planet (probs the reason the galra had to start expanding to other planets as well, so hey)
  • more garrison flashbacks from lance and hunk and flashbacks from keith about shiro and maybe more hints at keith’s past just overall more about their pasts
  • pidge will finally meet matt again, and find out where their father is

i need a scene where Lance confronts Keith about his interactions with Allura, like, he’s trying to subtly figure out if they are a thing or not (bc he has a totes has a crush on Keith, but since he doesn’t know he’s interested in guys Lance decides to go after Allura instead) and just

Lance: so….you and Allura, huh?

Keith: ??? what

Lance: c’mon, don’t play dumb with me Keith

Keith: i actually don’t know what you are talking about

Lance: yes you do! i know you are interested in Allura! well, too bad, i was there first so you can just back off!


Keith: Lance

Lance: what?

Keith: i’m gay


Lance: waIT REALLY?

tfw ur trying to write plot but ur brain only provides you with out-of-sequence snippets built on vague ideas and an endless number of potential outcomes that develop and branch out unnaturally over an unspecified timespan