as soon as you left Bones pulled Kirk aside, “who was that?”

“oh Y/N? she’s new.” Kirk grinned, “you think she’s pretty?”

“pretty?” Mccoy laughed, “damn it man, she’s an angel!”

Leaving is Hard to Do - Jim Kirk

Summary: drinkin’ while you’re in love with jim but are too scared to tell him lest it destroy your friendship. 

Word count: 2,361

Warnings: language, alcohol

A/N: isn’t the title funny? it’s a play on “breaking up is hard to do” fjgkdjfhg i love myself. this is slightly sad but i love it for some reason. i think i just love jim so i keep writing him and literally no one else. ENJOY IT AND LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

You didn’t understand Jim’s flirting technique at all but, on the contrary, you greatly understood how he managed the success rate he did. You attributed it to the “love is blind” cliche— only edited.

“Lust is deaf,” you called it.

He would put his foot in his mouth repeatedly as he spoke to anyone he was attracted to— he would rattle off ridiculous inquiries you could recall being the audience to during your years at the Academy.

Of course, those questions came from eighteen year-old boys with inexplicably high confidence levels that verged on total narcissism and inexplicably low sensitivity levels that verged on sociopathy.

In Jim’s case, however, the questions would be asked with such little interest it was as if he was reading the same tired script printed onto the walls of his scotch glass.

It didn’t matter what Jim said, though. After all, who could resist his unbelievably electric blue eyes and unnecessarily bright smile that appeared to be illuminated by starlight?

He stood with his side leant against the edge of the bar counter, his elbow resting atop the presumably sticky surface— it made you feel bad for his worn grey leather jacket that was probably bearing the brunt of the stickiness. His eyes were narrowed by the magnitude of his close-lipped smile. He brought the rim of his glass to his lips and glanced at you from the corner of his eye.

You just snorted and sat back against the booth you occupied.

Your fingertip swirled patterns against the table as you heard the leather bench across from you squeak with newly added weight. Without looking up, you shook your head. “Not interested.”

“Neither am I, darlin’.”

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A better look at X-23’s new Wolverine outfit

You’ve probably already seen Adam Kubert’s cover to All-New Wolverine #19 that features Laura Kinney’s new costume, but you may not have seen the design sheet by interior artist Leonard Kirk that shows it from several angles and reveals that it’s got a sleeveless design with an armored jacket that can be removed. Kirk said the reason for making it a jacket is that he wanted to make a versatile outfit.

And if you’re wondering about the peanut butter cup notation, it was Kirk’s little joke after having to submit many revisions before the design was approved. This final version was apparently a mix of design #8 and #3.

Workplace Romance (Chekov x Reader)

Originally posted by blueeyes-and-hockeysticks

Pairing: AOS Pavel Chekov/Reader

Rating: PG for language and CHARACTER DEATH MENTION

A/N: Oh, Pavel Chekov, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Surprise, they’re all that he’s adorable and deserves love. I wish I could have done more today (curse an impromptu Texas highway drive with my dad), but I hope this is a good enough note to end things on. :)

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Red Alert (James T. Kirk x Reader)

Word Count (1,599)

Summary: The Enterprise is nearly set to continue it’s deep space mission, with the construction of a new ship near completion in Yorktown. As the crew prepares for two more years of adventure, Captain Kirk and his commanding officers are introduced to some new crew mates as well as given a daring mission.

AN: Chekov will ALWAYS be in my fics bc he deserves it and I love him and don’t want to cry for 10 years explaining his absence

Also PS I’m going into the medical field and that’s just what I’m comfortable writing the reader for, because I know more y’know compared to like engineering not being sexist with like only women are nurses nah I promise

PPS the best friends name.. I know. Lance Beck. Lance Tucker. Dr. Beck. I’m so original………. Carry on!

“Fresh graduates and hand picked by Admiral Ta to serve aboard the Enterprise. The Enterprise! How cool is that?”

You stifled a laugh, resting your head back against the seat as the shuttle was slowing to approach the Yorktown entrance. After traveling for approximately three hours, you counted, the indication that the shuttle was near suddenly made the nerves in everyone spike. Except for your friend Lance, he embraced his nerves and used it to produce words. And wasn’t close to stopping.

“To be fair, we graduated 4 months ago, so we aren’t that fresh.”

Lance looked over at you, not at all surprised to see how calm you were but when your eyes met a smile was shared. It was exciting. After years of hard work, this was your reward. Of course, it was also disheartening knowing why there was so many people on this shuttle. News of Yorktown’s attack was known all over the Federation planets, and the casualty count was also a well known fact. When Admiral Ta approached you and fellow classmates, all the information was presented. Some turned down the assignment and requested to serve on different starships, and others like yourself were happy to serve on the USS-Enterprise.

When the shuttle began moving again, almost everyone’s attention shifted to look out the window, and take in the sight of the new Starbase.

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The Transfer

Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy X Reader

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Word Count: 1535

Prompt:“I was angry,and half in love with her, and so damn sorry, I ran away"

Summary: You and Bones used to date, but he left without explanation and you haven’t spoken in seven years. Now you’re the transfer nurse to the USS Enterprise which will reunite you and your lost lover

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You stood in the teleport room as the guards put your small amount of luggage on the transporter pads. 

“The USS Farragut to the USS Enterprise. This is Lieutenant Greene, come in Enterprise.” You heard Greene say through the intercom. 

“The USS Enterprise to the USS Farragut. This is Mr Scott, we are ready to transport your transfer on your signal.” The comm went silent and you turned to you Captain. 

“You will be missed Y/Sn.” She nodded her head slightly. 

“It had been an honour to serve in the ship Ma'am and I will regretfully leave to a different start. I appreciate all of my years on this vessel.” You smiled and she smirked. 

“We’ll all miss you Y/n. You’re a key member of our Med Team but I understand that this is a more promising opportunity for you.” She took your hand. “All the luck in the world I give to you.” She whispered. 

“Thank you Ma'am. For I fear I may need it.” You squeezed her hand before stepping on the transporter. The rings of light soon circling you until you couldn’t see your smiling Captain anymore. You saw a new crew and Jim Kirk in front of you. Stepping off the pad you stood up straight in front of Jim. 

“Captain.” You nodded your head slightly. 

“Lieutenant Y/n. We’re happy to have you on board. Please follow me to your quarters. Your luggage will be transported soon.” Jim turned and you followed him closely. 

Your heart still beating too fast to be healthy. So nervous that you’d see Bones around the corner. 

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Do you believe in reincarnation?

Many years pass, and she lives each of them. She sees the best and the worst of humanity. She sees them take their wars to the stars, and then turn their energy to discovery and peace.

She takes up the mantel on occasions, and then fade back into anonimity. She becomes a legend, just another story that the humans take to the stars.

Mostly, she is content. She is glad just to be able to live with them, for all that she misses everyone that she has met and loved, and lost.

Then something else comes to threaten earth, and the hero that steps up to defend it…. isn’t an unkown face.

At first she is happy, and she thinks about finding him. But then she is overtaken with fear and doubt. And if it wasn’t him? What if it was just a coincidence? When something that you have wished for centuries, but never dared hope for happens, it is natural to be weary.

But then another menace comes to earth, and he sacrifices himself to save his crew. And that is when she knows. Captain James T. Kirk is Steve Trevor. 

She makes a few calls and pulls a few strings. In this day and age, someone like her doesn’t stay undiscovered without having contacts. She fast tracks through StarFleet, choosing a xenolinguistic course that teaches her nothing she didn’t already know.

“glorified secretaries,” someone once mutters about her chosen field, and she privately smile.

She boards the entreprise as an ensign, and is assigned to Lieutenant Uhura’s team. For a long time, she watches and wait.

“Is she the daughter of an admiral or something?” she once hears the captain ask his first officer. “Commander Turell was acting weird when she gave me her transfer papers. Seriously Spock, I’m the captain. I need to know these things, preferably in advance.”

“I have not been told anything,” replies the commander.

“I’m sure I’ve seen her somewhere…” muses the captain, but that is the only moment where he ever hints at remembering. A year passed, and his interactions with her are friendly but minimal, as their duties do not take them anywhere near eachother.

Once, she would have been bolder. But this is alright. She has time.

Eventually, another disaster strikes them, and the ship is destroyed. As signs go, this isn’t subtle, and Diana knows that her time has come.

The prisonners do not stay emprisonned long, and Krell, that wannabe Ares, doesn’t get to go very far with his weapon.

When it is over, the captain has questions for her. Or rather, the first officer does, as the human parts of the command crew all seem rather flustered and bewildered. 

Commander Spock asks her who she is. He asks her what she is. If Starfleet command knows about. Why she asked to be assigned to their ship in particular.

She tells them her story, then reaches into her belt, and pulls out a photocopy of an old, precious photo, the original still safe back on earth.

“This was the man that washed on our shores. Tell me, captain, do you believe in reincarnation?”

goinghoste-deactivated20151119  asked:

Have you seen Kirk's new outfit/hair yet? What do you think of it? o vo tbh I think he looks amazing also the hair change is A++++ he looks even more like TOS Kirk now.

i think the new outfit looks cool, and his hair is smashing!! it makes him look a lot more mature which i like a lot haha (i also gave drawing him a shot because everyone else has already)

Imagine Working In Engineering When Chekov Is Moved There

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(This is kind of a preview for a longer story to come later~)

It was one thing for Scotty to up and leave you in charge of engineering.

Sure, everyone was feeling a little pissy. You even agreed with him, to a small degree. But you would have appreciated a goodbye note. 

Instead, you’d gotten a notice of promotion to Chief Engineer. At eighteen years old. 

This was going to be fun.

“Sir,” someone called to you, “warp core is functioning and stable.”

“Just keep the stupid missiles away from it,” you had your nose in your PADD, going over various suggested replacements sent to you from Commander Spock for the position of auxiliary chief engineer.

“What warp factor should we prepare for?”

“Send Lieutenant Sulu a notice and hopefully he’ll reply promptly enough that we’ll be fine.”

“The nacelles are overheating a little, sir-”

“What do you mean the nacelles are overheating?! We haven’t even moved!”

Now you understood why Scotty was always ready to fight someone.

“U-um…Lieutenant Y/L/N?” A small voice said from the antechamber. Your hair swished as you turned, surprised, to see sweet Pavel Chekov, looking nervous and out-of-place in a brand-new red shirt. “Keptin Kirk said that I was to report here as your auxiliary chief.”

Your first instinct was to snap at him for Captain Kirk’s impatience and snap-reassignment, especially of a boy as kind as Pavel.

Then it hit you.

Of course Jim would reassign Pavel Chekov to work so closely with you, that sneaky bastard.

“Alright, Mr. Chekov,” you took a breath. “Welcome to engineering.”

This was going to be interesting.

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