New Mexico police are furious they can’t take and sell your stuff for profit anymore.

It’s been less than a week since New Mexico’s House Bill 560 went into effect, and law enforcement are already mad. Before July 1, it was completely legal for police to seize money and property from innocent people and auction it off for profit. But not anymore. That said, police can still take your stuff for no reason — the profits will just go elsewhere.


Okay so I have some news about that webcomic I mention sometimes~
I’m changing the name of it. There’s a few reasons I’m changing the title:
The first being it was kind of a bad idea naming my art blog after the comic, it creates confusion and it was a bad idea in the long run and two: the name ‘Winters Shade‘ doesn’t fit the story anymore! Its gone through a lot of changes since then and I feel like the new title suits it much better! c:
I hope you’ll stick around to see what happens,
the comic isn’t quite as close to being finished as I hoped it would be, but I’d like to start showing more sketches and concepts of the world and characters soon! I just need to stop being shy about it xD