Alrightie! Yup, here we go. I’m so nervous about this one. “Demo, what are you thinking, you already have another giveaway going on?” I like smiles, this will give smiles, end of story.

One winner will get one N3DS and one game of their choice. 

If you’re following me although I’ll throw in an extra game!


  • Don’t have to be following me unless you’re entering for the console and 2 games.
  • Reblogs and likes both count!
  • No giveaway blogs, pretty please?
  • I ship internationally. I will buy the N3DS by the area of the winner.
  • Your ask must be open, if the winner doesn’t respond in 24 hours then a new winner will be picked.
  • You must be willing to give out your name and address.

I think that’s all! It ends July 29th, so thats very soon. Good luck and happy participating!


While searching through some old boxes, I found the first-ever drawings of the cast of Mighty Magiswords! I drew these in 1996. I had intended them as “fish out of water” characters in a high school comedy called Zeddy. You can see Zeddy there next to Vambre, who I drew first. They are presented here next to their current iterations for comparison, contrastium, and amusementitude.