Only In Canada: Dogsled Pulls Owner To Timmies Drive-Thru
"They trust me to tell them where to go, and I trust them to take me there."

There are few things more Canadian than making the best of terrible weather and capping it off with a trip to Tim Hortons.

A snowstorm walloped the Maritimes on Friday, but it didn’t stop New Brunswick dog trainer Allyson Mitton and her pooches from getting their Timmies fix.

Mitton, who lives just outside of Sussex, hooked up a sled to her two border collies, Shift and Braya, and off they went into town.

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A Quick Overview of the New Hampshire Primary

It was an early and easy win tonight in New Hampshire for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, with both of them finishing about 20 points ahead of their opponents. They both led every district in the state, Trump collecting about 35% of the Republican vote and Sanders with about 60% among Democrats.

Bernie was expected to finish with closer to a 10-15 point lead, so his outstanding win in New Hampshire benefits him heading into Nevada and South Carolina where he’s currently trailing significantly. He’s obviously been known for tightening races, but I wonder whether he has the time before these states vote to close the gap. Doing so well tonight will be a great opportunity not just for publicity but fundraising, which could go a long way in fueling his momentum. Still, even if Hillary carries the next two states, no one should expect Bernie to back out of this race any time soon. Neither of them will have trouble with raising money and Sanders is expected to do better in non-Southern states voting in March.

On the Republican side, I’d expect to see at least three candidates drop out of the race after tonight. There is a very close race for third place in New Hampshire (between Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio), but candidates who are finishing below these numbers seem to be quickly running out of time to gain traction moving forward. There are 30+ states voting in primaries and caucuses next month and the question for the Republicans is how long they can make their money last for the candidates who continually finish out of the top four or five.


Knicks have had their share of tough losses this season

Submission – Unofficial Historical Map: Sydney Suburban Rail, 1950 by VoomMaps

Submitted by VoomMaps, who says:

Inspired by this schematic map of the Sydney Suburban Network from 1969 (June 2012, 2 stars), I decided to create a retro-looking map of the rail network in 1950 in a similar style.

Transit Maps says:

I think you’ve nailed the look and feel of this piece quite well, although – like me with my digital recreation of a 1939 map of the Sydney network – you’ve discovered that modern computer-designed artwork can look way too clean to pass for something made over half a century ago, despite the weathered paper texture you’ve added.

The system still looks very recognisable – there’s a few more branch lines than today and the City Circle is still incomplete – but this map shows the majority of the Sydney Trains network we still use today.

One minor note: 1950 is way too early for measurements to be given in metres, as you’ve done with your altitudes for each station. Metrication in Australia didn’t really start until the decimalisation of currency in 1966, and other measurements didn’t totally go metric until 1970-1971. Engineering and scientific professions started to switch a little earlier, which is why the original 1969 map that you’re drawing upon used metric measurements in conjunction with Imperial (feet and inches).

Source: VoomMaps website