Timelapse landscape tour around New Zealand. You could probably have titled this video something about the beauty of water vapor and it would work too - lots of cloud and mist shots.

Y'all are imagining Alec sneaking out of the Institute as a serious thing but tbh all I see is him running around humming the Mission Impossible theme song loudly and doing unnecessary parkour and rolls and somersaults and saying “PARKOUR!” under his breath every time he performs a stunt and whenever he runs into someone he freezes and looks straight ahead as if not moving will suddenly make him invisible and the other person or people will be so weirded out that they’ll slowly walk away and then Alec will resume his singing and continue leaping and humming his way to Magnus’ loft

Some updates! MM dakimakura + Yuri On Ice tote bag (new merch)!

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been slow on responding. I’ve been out of town for a few times these days and I’m busy with my office job (and I’m still sick on the side! lmao). But here I am writing for some updates.

1.) The order period for Saeran’s dakimakura have been closed! Thank you to everyone who ordered :) 

2.) V’s order period will end on Dec 13th and it won’t be reprinted! So get yours while you can :)

3.) I’ll be making a Yuri On Ice tote bag + keychain set that’s on the making. Teaser images will be updated soon. 

4.) I’ll probably be making a Yuri On Ice T-shirt too depends on the enthusiasm! So please give me your thoughts of what kind of t-shirt (or probably other merchandises you want!

That’s all! It’s a short update, but I would really appreciate it if you give me suggestions regarding the new merchs especially! Leave me comments, message, tumblr chat or e-mail me at for your suggestions!

Thank you everyone for your supports ^^

Chapped lips
and nervous ticks,
compulsion licks
my palm
as the condensation drips
away my calm,
tongue trips
over itself
cause the only help is on a shelf
at home,
deadlines in a tome
I’ve been prescribed
to bribe
my heart to drag itself alive
across the page -


-body of work-