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Does Your Cat Hate You?

If you refer to yourself as a “cat parent” or to your cat as a “fur baby,” and feel as though the hate vibes you’re sensing represent some kind of feline adolescence, remember that the only parental force the animal recognizes is the jungle law of kill or be killed. It’s really nothing personal. :)

If, on the one hand, you are convinced that your cat loathes your very existence but, on the other, think that it seems to enjoy the cat tepee you spent a hundred and twenty-five dollars on, I would place the odds of your cat torching your house at fifty-fifty.

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Photograph by John Abbate / Getty


What is there to do but try and silence his fear, to calm the chill up the spine, by turning on the bedroom light? The boy gropes blindly for the switch. As his room is illuminated, the angel disappears into the gloomy blue night. But the light that makes the angel go will leave the boy nowhere to hide—from his body or his mind. ”