Ava’s Demon Gil and Nevy theory!!! * SPOILERS!! *

Ok so, this is legitimately my very first theory but I realized something very disturbing while reading the latest update of ava’s demon.

But before that, let’s have a bit of a throwback shall we? 

As we all know, Gil and Nevy, great buds and all that! Cute and stuff, right? Gil and Nevy also made a promise to each other. 

Nevy will help gil go to paradise, and once they’re at paradise, Gil will ask Titan who Nevy really is.

Just a cute innocent promise full of dreams right? But! What if that promise wasn’t just a promise…

but a pact they accidentally formed?

Since neither Gil nor Nevy never actually knew how the pact worked to begin with, they wouldn’t know if they did it or not with Nevy losing her memories.

However I think that Nevy was sort of… conscious about it, even if she didn’t know anything about a pact. Remember how desparate and urging Wrathia was in making Ava form a pact with her?

Now, look at the many times Nevy has been constantly repeating to Gil how much she wanted to fulfill their, “promise”. And how happy she looked when Gil was so close to fulfilling their “dream”

The same way Wrathia was happy when Ava completed her first step to completing the pact and going into her wrath and power

Ok so maybe not as abusive as how wrathia was but there’s a parallel here.

Now, let’s get to my next point, the rules of a pact. We all know what happens when a pact is not completed.

Now, like I said before, Gil was so close to fulfilling their “promise”. Close. But then Ava wrecked havoc on Titan headquarters, not finishing what they were supposed to do. And then Gil becomes a criminal because of it.

It’s just like Gil said himself:

“Attaining Paradise has been reduced to a wild fantasy”

Paradise, which is a key part that is needed for their “promise” to be fulfilled.

Now the “promise” can’t be fulfilled.

“A monster of a failure” Wrathia said. 

and we can already see the changes in Nevy.

And as if to confirm that they can’t fulfill the promise Gil becomes red listed and…

Nevy transforms into something unrecognizable. 


Omg, just omg. Michelle has outdone herself. Beautiful, Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL. Thank you holy mother Michelle for these blessed gifts and we look forward to future treasures.

I love the Vengess Ava one, it’s like ‘Ava Ire?’. I like the doubt that this is the same sweet girl we fell in love with. Is she still herself or an monster.

Reconsidering Nevy’s background

We apologise for dropping off the face of the earth for a short while there.

We’ve been considering aspects of Nevy’s character, and how there’s a lot we don’t know about her.  As a fandom, we can only really know as much about her past as she does at this point, but that certainly will not stop us from theorising.  And we were doing some thinking.

It’s a popular enough opinion that there was likely some form of love triangle between Wrathia, Pedri, and Nevy, wherein–long story made grossly short–Pedri falls in love with Wrathia and Nevy is left wanting; from our understanding, and our original thoughts, this idea comes from the hints and clues Michelle has been dropping around Gil’s crush on Odin.

In the same aspect that we expect Maggie to hopefully not fail her pact (whatever exactly it may be) with the Star-themed host, this panel seems to indicate some kind of love (likely unrequited) blossoming between Gil and Odin, all while Flaming Arrow slowly burns on in the distance.  And while, yes, a lot of the presented evidence points to the original theory involving some of Nevy’s past, recently, we’ve been entertaining a different idea.

As far as shipping goes, a popular trait has always been opposites attracting.  And, as far as that trope goes, it’s a bit strenuous to get much more opposite than fire and water.

We acknowledge these panels, but we do look at them a bit differently.  Yes, it could easily be seen as Nevy looking at Odin, being reminded of Pedri, and remembering being in love with him.  However:

She never specifies.  All we know is looking at Odin caused her to remember what it felt like to be in love, but beyond that, we can’t say much for sure.  Humour us for a moment: Odin being what triggers Nevy’s memory is more of an easter egg and/or hint that Gil will have feelings for him, and–while seeing Odin may still remind her of Pedri–her seeing Pedri’s host reminds her, instead, of when she was in love with Wrathia.

We know from Wrathia herself that they were somewhat close–they had to be.  When instructing Ava on what her next move should be in finding hosts after she discovers Tuls, Wrathia remarks:

Nevy is listed on a similar tier as Pedri, as far as Wrathia is concerned.  But–much like in the way that we might see reflected on their hosts–she may have regarded Nevy as nothing more than an indispensable sister in arms against TiTAN, all while Nevy craved more than that.

Another important aspect of Nevy’s character that we’ve noticed is her insistent desire to discover where she belongs, and where her place is in the universe.

She wants desperately to know where she belongs, and that she’s not just something to brush off.  Her sin is envy; perhaps, all while being in love with Wrathia, she envied her, and the life she had made with Pedri.  They knew where they belonged: with each other.  They were the rulers of a prosperous galaxy, and even had an heir to their throne.  Meanwhile, maybe Nevy stood by, seething in silent acceptance as we’ve already seen her do.

Something even more desolate?

As we know, Wrathia took her life to avoid being taken prisoner by TiTAN fifteen years ago, as suggested by Pedri.  With that information, and everything mentioned above, we can’t help but notice these: