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bir konu oluyor, bir mevzu ve insan kendisi olarak hemen bu kurulu topluyor her açıdan değerlendiriyor. konunun hitap ettiği duruma göre gerekli taraf savunuyor diğeri de eleştiriyor. bir nevi bir mevzuyu dava yapıyor, hakim oluyorsunuz yani.. sonra ona göre karar veriyorsunuz. bunu hissediyorum ve öyle güzel bir durum ki, çünkü 3 çoğunluk oluşturabilen bir sayıdır. 2'ye bir olmak gibi yani..

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Hurricane (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Originally posted by girlwithlandscape

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Way-Finder!Reader

Requested?: Day Two for my write-a-thon!

Prompt: Reader is a way-finder from Nevis and decides to take her best friend with her on a journey.

Words: 3000+

Warnings: Loosely Based on Moana, Storms, Adventure, Angst, Death



You weren’t always home.

Alexander knew how independent and adventurous you were. You lost your parents at a young age like he did. You two became the best of friends. You did everything together; eat, play, read, write, even go down to the harbor and mess with the fishermen and merchants. You were very tomboyish so Alexander didn’t have to worry about being too gentle with you. You were his best friend and he was yours.

But, he knew something was pulling you away.

You always loved the ocean. The waves crashing on the shore, the muddy sand between your toes, and the salty ocean breeze filled you with adventure and contentment. You wanted to travel and discover new places across the sea. Hell, you even crafted a Polynesian sailboat like the ones ancient voyagers once had. You had your heart set on the sea while Alexander had his set on the New World. He was leaving Nevis and making his island proud by going to New York and getting an education. You were happy for him, but you wanted him to come with you. You wanted Alexander to experience the sea and discovery with you. He was all you had.

It was three days after a horrible hurricane when you decided to leave.

The hurricane didn’t affect you. You were out sailing miles away from Nevis to even notice the hurricane. You saw the storm it brought but not the actual disaster. You returned a couple days later and once your eyes were set on the damages and what was left of your home, you knew you needed to get out of this place.

It was late one night when Alexander was shaken awake.

He sat up and rubbed his eyes looking up with blurry vision to see you. After his vision cleared, he saw you clearly. You were dressed in men’s clothes; a white shirt, cravat, breeches, tights, and boots. No coat or waistcoat. You had a large leather bag hanging around your shoulder. Another smaller bag was in your other hand. Your long beautiful frizzy curls were pulled back in a ponytail. You looked tired but determined over something.

“(Y/N)?” Alexander whispered in confusion, careful not to wake the other townspeople in the tent with him. “What are you doing so late at night? Why are you wearing men’s clothes?”

“I’m leaving, Alexander.” You said simply. “I wanted you to see me off. Also, I wanted to give you this.” You placed the small bag on the edge of Alexander’s cot.

Alexander shot up, now standing straight. “You’re what?!” He yelled-whispered.

You motioned for him to follow you. You led your best friend out of the tent, out of the city center, to the edge of the harbor, where your Polynesian sailboat waited, slowly moving up and down on the cold Caribean sea. On the boat was your father’s trunk, a suitcase, and a compartment in the floor that was used for food storage. The trunk and suitcase were strapped to the boat by a fishnet.

You stepped to the edge of the dock and hopped onto the boat. You steadied yourself by holding onto the base of the sail. You threw your leather bag into the food storage and closed the door. You then turned and looked at Alexander, who was watching you with disbelief.

“It was nice to be best friends with you, Hamilton.” You said, holding on the rope that controlled the sail. “I hope you’re able to go to New York and have a better life.”

“Wait a minute,” Alexander said, raising his hand to stop you. “You’re leaving? Sailing to sea until you’re dead? No, you can’t do that!”

You frowned. “Why not? There’s nothing here for me. You’re going to go off and fight in the American revolution or something. I need to find out what’s out there for me. I need to discover the sea, Alex!”

“No, you need to stay safe.” Alexander retorted back. “Come with me to New York and I’ll take care of you. I don’t want you to die, (Y/N)! You’re all I have!”

You raised your eyebrows. You never really thought about Alexander’s feelings. You knew he wanted to meet the prodigy known as Aaron Burr but you didn’t think he’d tried to stop you. You just wanted to get out of this sad little island.

“If you want me to stay,” You spoke, breaking the silence. “Come with me.”

Alexander frowned. “Excuse me?”

“Come sailing with me. Just for a few days. Then I’ll take you to New York and…”  You stopped and took a breath. “You won’t see me for a while.”

Alexander furrowed his brows and thought for a moment. You always made these promises and you always kept them. He has gone sailing with you a couple of times and you knew what you were doing. You were truly a way-finder like the Polynesian ancients once were.

“Okay.” He said. “But only because you’re taking me to New York. It’s better this way instead of scamming someone for a passage on a ship with strangers. Just let me get my things and then we can set sail.”

You grinned as Alexander ran back into town. You made sure everything was set for departure. It took about ten minutes before you saw Alexander come running down the dock, bag, and satchel in hand, a colonial’s hat on his head that was on the verge of flying away in the cold night breeze. He handed you his stuff before hopping onto the boat like you did minutes before. He held onto the sail’s base for dear life as you placed his bags in the storage compartment and sitting on the boat’s floor, taking hold of the sail’s rope and the steering rod. You tugged at the rope, making the sail release itself from it’s folded up state and the wind lurched the sailboat forward. Alexander yelped in surprise, his grip on the sail base tightening. You told him to sit down and he obeyed, sitting cross-legged around the sailing base. You just rolled your eyes at your friend. He was such a child when it came to sailing. But, you knew he never did it before. But one thing is for certain.

This was going to be a long trip.


It was day three of the sailing trip.

You were sure you were going to strangle Alexander.

It had slipped your mind that when you used to bring Alexander sailing, he had always got seasick. Now here you were, trying to drown out the sound of your best friend’s vomiting with whistling and soft singing.

Besides this, you shoved him off the boat multiple times because he wouldn’t stop complaining about the hot weather or the salty sea spray that was in his face every ten minutes. You were used to him being arrogant and complain-y but not when you’re trying to get his ass to the New World without killing you both or getting shipwrecked.

This was the longest sailing trip you’ve ever been on.

Alexander sat straight, wiping his mouth with your shirt. You took it off because it had gotten so hot, leaving you in your breeches and cloth-bounded chest. He slowly crawled back to his spot in the center of the boat. You met eyes and you smiled sadly at him.

“Forgot you got sea sick.” You murmured apologetically. “I hope there’s a cure for that in the America.”

Alexander chuckled weakly and shrugged. “I hope there’s a reason for you to stay in America too.”

You rolled your eyes and stood. You tied the sail-controlling rope to the steering rod and went to sit down next to Alexander. You rested your head on his shoulder, listening to the waves crash against the boat and to the birds calling as they flew by. You really liked this; the open sea, a calm swaying boat, and Alexander at your side. If you could, you’d keep Alexander on your crew permanently, him being your right-hand man as you discovered new places for the rest of your life. But sadly, he wanted to be in New York. He wanted to go to college and do something with his life. For a nineteen-year-old, he was very mature and smart for his age. You wished you could be that mature and smart.

“We should be pulling into New York Harbor in two days.” You said, slowly inching your hands closer to Alexander’s. “When we pull in, you’ll be on your way and I’ll find someplace to sleep for a couple of nights before restocking food and water and leaving for the open sea.”

Alexander shook his head and stood up, taking your hand and pulling you up with him. He held onto your hand and steadied himself by holding onto the base of the sail with his other hand. The sea breeze flew through his loose ponytail, making the ribbon come untied and fall on the boat’s floor, letting his dark locks fly free in the wind.

“I want you to stay with me,” Alexander said, his grip on your hand tightening. “I don’t want you to risk your life on this boat for the rest of your life.”


“I love you, (Y/N),” Alexander stated out of the blue, cutting you off.

You froze up, blinking. There was silence for what felt like hours before you spoke. “I-I’m sorry, what?”

Alexander furrowed his brows with a smirk. “I care about you, (Y/N). I want to be there for you and I want you safe by my side. I want… I want to marry you and take care of you and love you and make you the happiest woman in the world.”

You didn’t say anything. You weren’t expecting this kind of confession from your best friend. You wanted him to say he was staying on the boat with you, but instead, he just basically proposed marriage to you and asked you to stay in New York with him. You loved Alex back of course, but you were torn. Between a future with the man you loved and the call of the sea. You couldn’t choose. Not now.

“(Y/N)?” Alexander spoke, snapping you back to reality. “Please, say something.”

You took a step back, twisting and turning a handful of your hair, a habit you did when you were thinking. “I… I love you too, Alex.” You said softly but loud enough for him to hear you.

Alexander took a step closer to you with a goofy smile on his face. “So, does this mean you’ll-”

“I didn’t say that.” You stated, cutting him off, letting go of your hair and looking him in the eye. “I still want to think this over. When we make it to New York, I’ll give you my answer. Okay?”

Alexander frowned but nodded. “If that’s what you need. As long as you give me an answer when we reach America.”

You nodded and you walked away, sitting back near the steering rod and untying the sail-controlling rope from it. You grasped the rod in one hand and wrapped the end of the rope around your other. You focused on the sea ahead for the rest of the day. You glanced at Alexander from time to time. But, he stayed sitting cross-legged, his back facing you. Neither of you spoke.

When night fell, the world became colder. You tugged your shirt back on but didn’t button it. You pulled your frizzy curls into a bun on the top of your head with the ribbon that once held Alexander’s hair in place. You knew you looked tired but you didn’t care.

You just needed to think.


It was the howling of the wind that woke you up.

You sat up and blinked a few times. You looked around and saw the waves got rougher and bigger. Dark storm clouds filled the night sky. The wind was blowing and howling very badly. You couldn’t get the sail to stop moving back and forth. You lost your grip on the rope, watching it swirl and fly out of your grip. You needed to keep the steering rod in place or else the boat was going to tip over. What could you do?

“Alexander!” You called to the slumbering Scotsman.

He didn’t stir.

“Alex!” You yelled.

No answer.

Alexander-Goddamn-Hamilton!” You shrieked over the howling wind.

Alexander shot up and looked around, watching as the wind blew and the waved got rougher. He looked to the horizon and you could see him turn pale.

“(Y/N)!” Alexander exclaimed, standing up. “There’s a hurricane forming not that far from here. We need to get out of its way.”

You nodded. “Okay. I need to go after that rope that controls the sail. Come over and hold this rod in place.”

Alexander rushed over and grasped the wooden rod while you ran to the other side of the boat. The rope was just above your head. You could just jump and grasp it. So, you jumped off the boat and grabbed the rope, maneuvering your body through the air and around the boat until your feet were planted back on the boat’s floor. You tied the rope to the steering rod and guided Alexander to how to keep it from steering itself. You had your hands over him and slowly turned the rod to the right, making the sail move the boat towards the left. The hurricane was getting bigger and bigger, closer and closer. Sea water came splashing over the edge and into the boat. You saw lightning strike a few yards away, blinding you for a few moments. You needed to get this boat away from this hurricane. You then got an idea. You changed course and turned the boat around, making it sail to the right.

“(Y/N), what are you doing?!” Alexander cried when he realized what you were doing.

“I need to get us on course for New York.” You said. “We’re going the wrong way.”

“The hurricane is closer to us! We’re gonna get shipwrecked.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m getting us to New York.”

“(Y/N), we need to find somewhere to stop. Or at least get away from this storm.”

“But Alex-”

“Now, (Y/N)!”

Before you could do anything, a huge wave came crashing onto the boat, knocking you and Alexander overboard. You were almost crushed by the boat but pushed it so it didn’t turn over. You looked around the sea water and noticed Alexander, sinking lower into the water. You kicked your feet and grabbed him, pulling him up to the surface. But, just as you broke the surface, another wave crashed over you. You pushed Alexander back onto the boat and climbed on. You regain your bearings and took control of the boat. You kept to the east, knowing you were on course to New York. You needed to get out of this storm.

You kept glancing at Alexander. He wasn’t waking up. You felt a bad feeling in your stomach. Then, you rushed over to him. You placed your ear to his chest, listening to his low heartbeat. You began pumping his chest but nothing happened. You then placed your mouth on his, blowing air into his mouth then going back to pumping his chest. After a few minutes, Alexander coughed up water, sitting up and heaving water onto the floor. You then returned to the steering rod, keeping the boat straight.

You felt arms wrap around you from behind. You didn’t look. You knew what he was going to say. You didn’t want to give up. You needed to get him to New York. You need to get to America. You were going to be with him. You were going to stay with him.

“(Y/N),” Alexander whispered. “You can let go now.”

You shook your head. “I’m getting us to America.”

“(Y/N), please.”

“No, I’m not giving up. We’re going to New York. We’ll be together forever like we want to. Marriage, kids, all of that stuff. I want that with you, Alex. We just need to get to New York. Trust me.”

“(Y/N), we won’t make it out of this storm alive.”

“Yes, we will.” You were crying now. “Trust me. Please, Alexander.”

Alexander placed his hands over yours, slowly prying your fingers away from the rod. You didn’t fight him. You knew he was right. There was no way you could get you two out of this. There was no way for a sailboat to be saved. You need to give up. You needed to stop.

You needed to let go.

Alexander pulled you away from the rod, taking you with him as he walked backward. He spun you around and kept you in his arms, gazing into your tear-filled and puffy eyes. He cupped your cheek, stroking it slowly with his thumb. You didn’t stop him. You couldn’t move. You didn’t want to. The world seemed to move in slow motion around you. The world was silent, besides you and Alexander.

“I love you, my dear (Y/N),” Alexander whispered.

You blinked away stray tears and smiled softly to him. “I love you too, Alexander.”

He smiled back at you, leaning in and closing the gap between you, kissing you softly but passionately. You kissed back with just as much passion, wrapping your arms around his neck as he hugged your torso.

Then, the world resumed its catastrophe.

The hurricane crashed into the sailboat, splitting it in half, sending you and Alexander into the icy sea. You didn’t separate. You held onto each other, sinking lower and lower into darkness. You breathed in water, making you choke and gasp. Your body begged for oxygen but you kept breathing in water as Alexander did the same.

The last thing you saw and felt before you gave in to darkness was Alexander’s smiling face, his hands cupping your face, you do the same.

Then, the world turned black.

And just like Nevis, the voyage was forgotten.

And so were you and Alexander Hamilton.

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overall: who? / i hate them / i dislike them / kinda wanna fight them / they’re alright / i like them / i love them / *accidentally drops thousands of pictures of them*
opinion: again, who??? / the purest bean / cinnamon roll / who knows really / sinnamon roll / the problematic fav
otp(s): Jamilton & Hamliza (yes that order)
other ship(s): Lams 
#noromo ship(s): HamBurr, Hamgelica
crack ship(s): Madilton 
fav headcanon(s): Ham is fluent in Latin, French/Nevis Creole. He’s Pan af. Has a photographic memory. Overall genius with slight hypomania/ADHD. Former military. Unpopular opinion: goes from military and polices to political journalism. Doesn’t have commitment issues, more so is just horny. Would be the first to propose. Passionate af. Coffee addict. Isn’t a helpless manbaby, actually has a strict routine (military training) and knows how to push himself without crashing. I have a petpeeve when people headcanon Hamilton as not having his shit together. He might be disorganized in habits of sleep but I totally believe Hamilton has a work ethic like no other.  

Kızlar ben hoca falan değilim biliyorum dini girdiler falan yapmak haddim değil ama bu mesele biraz da sosyal bir mesele;
diyorum ki İslam dinin evlenirken kendi ayaklarınız üstünde durabilmeniz için bir nevi devletin size sağladığı o Sigorta var ya,hani başlık parası diye ailenizin sömürdüğü,bazen de düğün nişan masrafı için damat tarafınca el konulan,sizin izin verdiğiniz o miktar var ya hahh o işte sizin Dininizin yine sizin kadınlık,insanlık gururunuzu ayakta tutması için size sunduğu bir önlemdir,
İslam'a değil İslama çamur atanlara,Islam'i karalayanlara cevabınız olsun..
Bunlar nerede mi yaşanıyor?
Asırlardır Türkiye'nin göbeğinde,dört bucağında.

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I've never written a Hamilton fic before, but I want to, so I was wondering if you had any tips for good characterization of the characters in the play?

Avoid tropes that are 2D; give some flavor. Do research! 
i.e. Alexander speaking French with a Creole twang/ or speaking mainly Nevis Creole! Alexander also knew Latin :3 
John Laurens is not 100% pure cinna roll! 
Herc is actually not really part of the rev set so he can be more less more mature than the guys at times
Laf is not 100% a cinna roll

the musical gives a lot of fun (but inaccurate) stuff to play with but you can lean towards some historical things and play with that too. :o be respectful of POC characterizations. Don’t compare skins to food…please? Like eye color fine but if white character don’t really get compared to vanilla ice cream in most pieces don’t compare POC character’s skin to chocolate milk lol its cringy and borderline disrespectful 

Darker the skin the less likely you’re going to SEE a blush 
UHHHHHHH ASIDE FROM THAT???? I THink you’re good???


The Nevis Swing in New Zealand - apparently the world’s longest at over 120 meters. You’ll figure out what is happening towards the end


Great Britain: Branscombe, Bath, Edinburgh, Eardisland, Brighton, Broughton Castle, Castle Combe, Glen Nevis, Oxford, Eilean Donan Castle

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Scotland - Luss, Edinburgh, Eilean Donan Castle, Urquhart Castle , Isle Of Skye,  Edinburgh, Glen Nevis, Edinburgh, Isle Of Skye, Loch Torridon 

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