Modern style Hunters Wall by Urbanmasquarade

Tzachi Nevo is the designer, who founded Urbanmasquarade, an Israel based design company that creates modern, decorative wall decor masks from wood.

Their latest Series is called Hunters Wall and is a modern, animal protecting, humorist interpretation of wall trophies. They fit well in an office or a living room as well as a kids room.

Guardati intorno, chiunque sia seduto in questo caffè, in questo momento è seduto anche in un altro posto, nella sua mente, con qualcun altro. Accanto a ogni coppia che vedi qui di fronte alle candele, c’è seduta una terza persona che uno dei due immagina. Che uno dei due è costretto a immaginare per poter rimanere seduto.
—  Eshkol Nevo, Neuland

anonymous asked:

Vanya, how could you ever develop feelings for Nevo? Besides killing off your entire species, he's hurled the world into mass chaos, claimed himself the "new god" of it, and forced you to work for him- helping him raise childlike versions of those he slaughtered for his own gain. How could you stand the thought of being intimate with him? How could you ever grow to welcome that after all he's done to you, your kind, and your world?

“…I have asked myself this very question many, many times, and wrestled with all the disgust and conflict it brings within me.”

“Consider my position, a long-lived puppet whose strings are pulled by random chance and the people’s will, and the only adult of my kind left. All of us, the children included, are or will be beholden to such things. Nationkind are not entirely masters of their own feelings, or free will. They never have been, and they never will be. They are held sway to public opinion, and for better or for worse, are pushed in that direction. France, when he was still alive and the world still made sense, had once called it ‘the wind in our sails’.”

“My home city, my heart, is Novgorod. It is, and has always been my capital, and has been largely spared Nevol'nik’s ravages in part by my stubbornness. My people, in turn, have begun to enjoy the relatively light hands he lays upon my capital city. He spares its monuments, he makes no attempt to change its religion. The generations that knew life before have started to die away, and the public has started to, by and large, accept him and the kind autonomy he has given them. They know nothing of my begging and pleading on their behalf, but their opinion still sways mine. They only know how easy their life is, compared to others.”

“I have never been able to parcel out which is my own feelings, and which are those pushed and prodded by public opinion. …I have loved before, with every fiber of my being. I have loved others of my own accord. Those sensations, those feelings, they were mine alone.“

“…my feelings towards him, however, are muddled. I cannot clearly define what is mine, and what is not. Night after night, I am bedded by a murderer, and night after night, I am left with the conflict such actions bring me. I am tired of puzzling on them, and chasing away the disgust with excuses. What do I feel for him? I may never know. At the very least, I keep him calm, and the children benefit from his leveled mood.”

“Of course, I will never forget, nor forgive him for, what he did to the rest of my kind, but there is an inherent loneliness to nationhood, and being the only adult left only exasperates that feeling. A few hours of companionship is just barely enough to chase it away. …Whatever his feelings about me are, I am certain they are just as complicated as mine.”


today in extremely self-indulgent AUs: Oblivion Anastasia AU (in which Martin is Anastasia, the Hero of Kvatch is Dimitri, Mankar Camoran is Rasputin probably, and this may or may not have all been just an excuse to draw Martin in Anya’s outfit from the “Journey to the Past” musical number because honestly what a Look™).