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Neville Longbottom 

“I’m worth twelve of you, Malfoy.” 

What if

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Warning: none

It was cold by the black lake but too many things needed to be discussed between you and Draco. What if we were able to go back to a simplistic time when being a house didn’t matter. Dracos question lingered in your head. You never said that being in other houses kept you from making friends but having feelings for anyone was different. What would people say if the Slytherin prince and the so called Hufflepuff angel formed a relationship. Being friends was already a secretive situation, being together would be even worse with the constant harassment from your fellow house mates. They were suppose to be your family and family came over relationships, right?

What if our parents weren’t such great friends? In all honesty, if your parents didn’t know or like each other as much as they do, would you and Draco even attempt to form a friendship? Your relationship had more or less been drilled by your parents since they wanted their two kids, opposite genders, same age, to get along. At this age it was now obvious they wanted to two together romantically but if they’re parents didn’t want this would they be trying to even see if this would work? You doubted your relationship with Draco since it was all because of who your parents were. You father came from a long line of slytherins, your mother a line of hufflepuffs. Both purebloods and extremely close with the malfoys as one of the longest pureblood families. But just what if that wasn’t that case?

What if you two were only doing this to make others happy? You knew this wasn’t the case but the long term could turn into you two only trying to please those around you. That idea concerned you little since knowing you and Dracos personalities, you’d end things if weren’t married. If you made it that far then you’d still be friends and would work things out to make everything comfortable for each other. The only ones you’d possibly be together to please would be your children if you made it that far in life.

What if everyone hated us? That worried you but if anyone around you resented you so much that they cut all ties with you then they really didn’t deserve to be in your life and getting together could help you both cut toxic people out of your lives. Draco may not be able to deal with so many people turning their backs on him. Majority of his friends hated you but you knew a few who respected you even with their sheer dislike of you. You knew you cut anyone out of your life if they couldn’t stand you being friends or in a relationship with a certain person. Being with Draco was a life long decision whether you’d get together or stay friends. You could take constant hate and possible abuse if it meant you had your life long friends by yourside but both of you knew life was hard in school and having people hate you would only make it worse.

More and more questions piled up and the negatives and positives were all possibilities, not absolutes. You’d only know whether it would work out if you took a leap and drove in.

Draco, whatever happens happens. And I’m willing to try if you really want this. You couldn’t think straight waiting for his response. You loved this boy almost more than you loved yourself which was terrifying but you’d live with that and nothing more as long as you had his friendship.

Screw the what ifs, I love you. His smile was enough, you laid you head on his shoulder and intertwined your fingers. Right now, what ifs didn’t matter, just this moment

Midsummer Feelings - Neville Longbottom | Harry Potter

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Pairing: Neville Longbottom x Female!Reader

Fandom: Harry Potter

Warning: None, just a cute and brave Neville.

Wordcount: 1265

It was midsummer 1997, and the sun was burning Neville’s skin. Only a few days parted him from Hogwarts, but he wasn’t excited as usual. After Severus Snape, his Professor and now Headmaster killed Albus Dumbledore, everyone feared to go back. The only person who could help them was Harry Potter, but a rumour had speared that he won’t come back for this year. It was Neville’s last year of school and he actually wanted to show everyone that he is a real Gryffindor. It was not an easy job because his grandmother got, even more, protective after Voldemort’s return. She may be one of the reasons why Neville was so insecure but they loved the each other deeply.

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-Anon request

Remus Lupin (Moony):  He would be horrified at himself and terrified for you and the child- fearing that he had condemned the pair of you. However, after the first ultrasound scan, he cried and accepted that it was all happening and that it really was wonderful.

Ron Weasley: Shocked at the sudden news, he would firstly be gobsmacked and speechless but then would process your words and cheer loud enough for students on the other side of Hogwarts to hear.

Harry Potter: Immediately excited beyond words, Harry would be thrilled and would swoop you up into a hug before disappearing to tell Hermione and Ron the brilliant news (and undoubtedly most of the school.)

Sirius Black (Padfoot): Although his reaction would take some time to come through against initial instinct to shriek loudly and then crack a joke, he would be utterly speechless but totally happy and promise you that he would definitely be there for you.

Fred and George Weasley: As they just come in a pair, they would both be present to hear your news and both equally ecstatic about the idea of having a baby. (‘Another mischief maker to carry on our legacy!’) Who really knows whose baby it is?

Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail): It would take some time for poor Peter Pettigrew to properly realise exactly what you mean because you couldn’t possibly be? Could you? Not with his kid? That was impossible! 'Oh my God…’

James Potter (Prongs): Delighted by the prospect of another potential Marauder, James would excitedly dance out of the room to tell the other Marauders as well as everyone he passes on the way because ’Woohoo!

Draco Malfoy: Draco would be terrified for you because of his parents and Voldemort but would do everything in his power to ensure that the two of you were safe. After everything was sorted, he would join you and love you with all his heart.

Neville Longbottom: The news would daze him and it might be some time before anything go through to him. But eventually he would process what you’d said and bumble about the place exclaiming to everyone in earshot, 'I’m gonna have a baby! I’m gonna have a baby!


Neville Longbottom x Reader

Part one

Warning: depression

You were stuck. You weren’t sure what changed but suddenly the days began to blend together. You smiled for your friends but not for yourself, each one forced. You began to draw less and less, losing interest in the one thing you not only did best but loved most. Everything was difficult, even getting out of bed and you still didn’t know why. Nothing in your life went wrong. No challenges had presented its self to you. No heart break or terrible news from home came, your emotions just disappear. There wasn’t any direct explanation until five months had passed and finally you need a tutor to help you get back to your place as number one of the six years.

Another unwilling day to get out bed left you to miss breakfast and make your way to the library. Your roommates noticed what was wrong but none of them were your friends. Majority of your fellow ravenclaws didn’t care for you. You were different but that had never bothered you. You noticed Longbottom sitting at a table stacked with books. Suddenly you wanted to go right back to your dorm and miss this whole day but you couldn’t be unkind to him of all people. You knew he was a sweetheart.

You sat down with a sigh. You knew everything that Neville was telling you but you still were getting questions wrong, not because you were spaced out but simply because you didn’t want them to right. Neville was disappointed but slowly began to realize something was wrong with you. The boy hadn’t spoken to you much since coming to hogwarts. You never knew that Neville loved you. Most people found it to be oddly obvious since he was calm and collected around but still caring. He treated you differently then others and actually checked on your mood each day to see if you needed some cheering up. That’s why he offered to tutor you. Something was wrong and things weren’t changing.

“Hey y/n are you feeling well? You seem a bit out of it today.” Neville had noticed over the course of the past few months your grades had decreased. He could you weren’t frustrated or bored with life, you just seemed to not be yourself almost as if you were a purposeless shell. He knew something cracked in you when you stopped carrying your sketchbook. “Yeah I’m good.” You gave him a sad smile as you looked back at your textbook. Everything here you already knew. You spent countless hours studying ahead of your level and had enough information to graduate and perform well as a professor here which was your plan. “You know I think we should take a break. We’ve been at this for four hours straight now.” Neville gave out a small chuckle. “Y/n I um noticed you stopped carrying your sketchbook.. did something happen..?”. “Nothing happened, I just don’t want to draw.” You not wanting to draw? That’s like Neville not wanting to deal with herbology. Slowly Neville went through the different mental situations and diseases that can occur in a person.

After thirty minutes you went back to work and two hours later nothing changed and you two stopped the session planning to meet again every Saturday for a session until your grades got back to were they were. You didn’t care. You went back to your dorm and slept. Not eating had become a regular occurrence. No one noticed or at else no one mentioned you getting thinner. You didn’t care if they did ether. It wasn’t going to change. Neville went to the black lake to ponder a plan to help you with your health. He spent several hours just trying to think of what might be wrong then he realized you seemed to be stuck. Depression. It can affect anyone, even the happiest people and leaves with a disinterest in things they normally loved. The only was you didn’t seem sad, just not happy. No other option made sense though unless something was going on at home that he didn’t know about. He walked back to castle for dinner comin up with different ways he could help you get through your disorder if that was what was wrong.

The next morning at breakfast Neville took a seat next to you. He noticed you didn’t eat anything and drink only pumpkin juice. “Hello y/n I was wondering if you were going to hogsmeade today?”. You ponder this. You didn’t want to leave the castle but who were you to deny Neville. “Depends… are you wanting someone to accompany you today?”. “Actually I was hoping we could get to know each other better so I can adjust my teaching methods for a more personalized approach for you.” Of course. That’s the only phrase that came to mind. For some reason it upset you slightly that this was Nevilles only reasoning behind getting to know you. You thought he was nice and after your session you had thought maybe how you’ve been acting could change with his help. Maybe one day you’d crack and he’d know what is wrong with you. Maybe… “Sounds like a great idea, shall we leave after breakfast?”. “That’s perfect” Neville said with a grin. “I gotta go over to the gryffindor table to check in with some people”. With that Neville got up but not before kissing your cheek swiftly. What the hell? Why would he do that? He must have done it by habit right?

You two walked through the cold to hogsmeade making comments about the snow, the weather, simple talk. You didn’t know what you were doing. You weren’t feeling any different then you ever were with any of your friends. You hoped Neville would be able to change you in some way but it just wasn’t going to happen. That’s what you get for having hope. This thought repeated over and over and over again constantly. You had began to put yourself down for your behavior which made you start to feel worse about your circumstances. You went into each store looking around but buying nothing until you came to the candy store. Neville bought several treats. You bought none. As you two walked out Neville suggested taking a seat after hours of walking around. “So y/n how are you feeling..?”. “Okay I suppose.”. “Are you sure?”. “Neville. Not to be rude. But why are you asking. Why does it matter.”. “I’ve noticed how you’ve been acting.. I thought it was a phase or something at home bothering you but after talking for so long.. y/n do you think you have a disorder of some sort making you feel this way..”. He was going to up front with you. There wasn’t a way to sugar coat figuring out if someone had depression or were depressed. You just had to ask. “Neville.. you’re asking me if I have depression aren’t you..”. You’d ponder the thought over breakfast that day after Luna came over to you asking how you were because you’d seem depressed lately. “Y/n I don’t you’d stop drawing if it wasn’t something like a mental issue. I mean you drew constantly when you were in the hospital wing after getting hit with that bulger in your second year.”. “You seriously remember that?”. Neville chuckled. “Y/n of course I do. Look I’ve been keeping an eye on you sense I met you. You’re a smart girl with a bright future. I’d be dumb to not try and keep you feeling as well as possible.”. “Neville.. I.. thank you.”. You didn’t know how to feel. This sweet kid had been looking out for. You weren’t sure if people like him existed in the world. People looking out for others happiness. It was a strange subject for you. “Neville.. I think I might have depression.. I’ll talk to my parents about meeting with a doctor.. I know medicines can help.”. “Just don’t lose yourself y/n”. He turned providing a heart warming smile. “The world needs someone as artistic as you to give us something to smile at.” . Nevilles hand fell on top of yours. A feeing of comfort forming over you. Maybe I won’t be so stuck anymore you thought to yourself….

Real - Neville Longbottom | Harry Potter

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Pairing: Neville Longbottom x Reader

Fandom: Harry Potter

Warning: None

Number of Words: 662

Neville was nervous. How could he tell? Well, his hands were shaking and his palms were sweating. He was used to feeling this, especially towards you. This could destroy his whole relationship with you, or take it to another level. Not sexually but romantically. He fell in love with you a long time ago. You, Y/N Y/L/N, a Muggle. First, his grandma was furious about him dating a Muggle but accepted it after she met you.

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But can you imagine Neville and Luna going to visit Neville’s parents at St. Mungo’s and Neville is nervous about bringing her there but he eventually agrees and Luna just sits at the end of their bed and gently speaks to them like everything’s completely normal and like they’ve known each other for years and she says completely irrelevant things and she tells them about how wonderful their son is and that they should be so proud of him and Neville just stands in the corner with a little smile as a tear rolls down his cheek and awe