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24 pages? wanna write my 4-6 page paper on australia’s history and government.

Uh, you can keep it :P  Also, if I have to write any more papers for a while, I think I’ll end up in a corner crying, haha.  Thank god I have no more paper writing for a while \o/

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Good job! What’s the consensus on sugar vs. artificial sweeteners? /curious

Thank you!  And, yay, I can share my knowledge here wisely ~ Nothing ~really surprising about table sugar: overconsumption-> bad, moderation->good.  The hardest part is that technically we’re only suppose to consume 6 ½ teaspoons a day (9 ½ for men), which actually adds up quickly thanks to all the sugar hidden in processed/packaged/fast food.  This only applies to table sugars, too; any naturally occurring sugar food in plants (like fruits/vegetables) is fine because you’re getting nutrients and your liver is better equipped to handle that.  

And, tbh, I came out of this more suspicious over artificial sweeteners.  I mean, technically, they are FDA approved for human safety, …but there is just so much bias and political agenda attached to them!  Sucralose (Splenda) was the one that had the least amount of political agenda attached to it; plus, it didn’t have the mile long rap sheet with medical studies.  So that one to me seems okay.  Aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal/That Ingredient In Your Diet Soda Pop) is one that’s basically only here because it got politically lobbied, but it’s also one of the more tested additives in FDA history.  So as long as you don’t have any side effects when you consume it, that’s probably okay in moderation (so I will continue on with my one diet pop a day habit).  I know saccharin (Sweet N Low) is allowed for consumption, but they have never been able to disapprove its connection to cancer.  It’s still allowed on the market because no one has ~directly proved a connection, but it’s just suspicious how studies keep showing if you give something saccharin that ~whoops, now cancer has just randomly showed up.  Plus saccharin basically was only kept on the market after Teddy Roosevelt threw a hissy fit, and Congress didn’t want a bunch of people angry at them in the 1970s.  Because obviously that’s more important than making decisions based on facts.

asdfjl I did not mean to write you a novel, I know I know, tl;dr, I’M SORRY (but you can see how I got carried away with this paper, right?!) 

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I hope you don't think that anything I've said is directed at you. I genuinely think it's great that people care, and it's obvious that you've done your research on the situation at hand. My posts are aimed more towards people who aren't taking the full complexity of the situation into consideration.

okay, I was kinda hoping you didn’t think anything I wrote was aimed at you, too c: And yeah, as much as I love that the thing is raising awareness, it’d be nice if people did do some more research. I sure hope there aren’t people jumping on just to look good, or anything.

I’m still a bit ticked, just because Kony apparently isn’t even in Uganda anymore… Anyway, I’m not sure. All I do know is that it’s one big confusing mess. I’m still looking into it.