How It Should've Ended
  • Harry:Nimbus Firebolt Potter, you were named after my first two racing brooms both of which, quite frankly, treated me better than Snape ever did
  • Harry:Now you know why you're named after racing brooms and not my bullying professor who was obsessed with your grandmother
Figuring out the Voldemort AR

What facts do we have about the  differences in the Voldemort AR?

1. Voldemort and The Augury rule the world.

2. Snape is alive.

3. Ron and Hermione are the remains of the resistance (along with Snape).

4. Ron and Hermione are not a couple.

5. Cedric became a Death Eater after his humiliation in the Second Task.

6. Cedric killed Neville, preventing Neville from killing Nagini.

7. This led to (or contributed to) Harry’s death and Voldemort’s triumph.

So, in figuring out this world we need to think about how those facts came to be. (Please do not use this post as an opportunity to complain about the Cedric plotline/the script in general. This is a post for filling in the backstory, you can complain about the script elsewhere. Thank you.)

SCORPIUS – There was a stolen Time-Turner. I stole a Time-Turner. With Albus. We tried to bring Cedric Diggory back from the dead, when he was dead. We tried to stop him winning the Triwizard Tournament. But by doing so we turned him into an almost different person entirely.

SNAPE – Harry Potter won that Triwizard Tournament.

SCORPIUS – He wasn’t supposed to do it alone. Cedric was supposed to win it with him. But we humiliated him out of the tournament. And as a result of that humiliation he became a Death Eater. I can’t work out what he did in the Battle of Hogwarts – whether he killed someone or – be he did something and it changed everything.

SNAPE – Cedric Diggory killed only one wizard and not a significant one – Neville Longbottom.

SCORPIUS – Oh, of course, that’s it! Professor Longbottom was supposed to kill Nagini, Voldemort’s snake. Nagini had to die before Voldemort could die. That’s it! You’ve solved it! We destroyed Cedric, he killed Neville, Voldemort won the battle. Can you see? Can you see it?

I can see it, but it had to be more than that. A lot more. Snape is alive. Voldemort let him live, which means Voldemort never believed that Snape was Master of the Elder Wand. So there had to be other changes in the timeline, changes that went back as far as HBP, the astronomy tower, and Dumbledore’s death.

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But imagine Harry and Neville being those two teachers with a friendly rivalry going on like, they are constantly badmouthing the other to their students and shit like that. Neville would write stupid messages on Harry’s board for him to see when he came into class. I had two English teachers my senior year of high school who would just pop into the others classroom while they were teaching to claim they were doing it wrong it was hilarious.
Just Harry and Neville being super close friends as teachers and having fun doing it

honestly this is how all hp character moodboard are:

Harry: that snitch in a jar pic, stag antlers, glasses

Ron: crown, that gryffindor banner pic (you know which one), something chudley cannons related, a rat

Hermione: books, cats, a feminist pin

Neville: the sword, cacti, sweaters

Luna: just like….psychedelic pastels and her spectrespecs

Ginny: flannel, bloody knuckles/knees, a pin or patch with a swear on it, broomstick

Fred and George: fireworks (especially the big W), artsy pic of two redheads, marauders map

Draco: snake, tailored black suit, ink

That’s literally it

  • Harry:Hey Neville, how are my kids doing at Hogwarts?
  • Neville:*flashbacks of James in detention for wandering the corridors after curfew, Albus in detention for being caught with his hand down Scorpius Malfoy's pants, Lily in detention for punching a boy who said girls are weak*
  • Neville:Haha, just peachy! No worries, Harry!

Neville Longbottom who grew up with parents who were tortured into insanity

Neville Longbottom who was raised by a grandma who didn’t always appreciate him

Neville Longbottom who argued with the sorting hat because he didn’t think he was brave enough to be in gryffindor

Neville Longbottom who stood up to the only friends he had for the good of gryffindor

Neville Longbottom who feared his professor more than anything else in the world yet still went to his class every day

Neville Longbottom who watched one of his professors use the same torture curse that was used on his parents

Neville Longbottom who found out that same person was one of the people that tortured his parents

Neville Longbottom who joined Dumbledore’s Army

Neville Longbottom who went with Harry to the Ministry knowing what dangers could be there

Neville Longbottom who finally got his own wand and was able to excel in school for the first time in six years

Neville Longbottom who helped fight Death Eaters when he was only a sixth year

Neville Longbottom who was beaten brutally for refusing to hurt others

Neville Longbottom who led rebellions in Hogwarts when the Death Eaters were in charge

Neville Longbottom who everyone looked up to in that last year of Hogwarts

Neville Longbottom who fought in the battle of Hogwarts

Neville Longbottom who killed a horcrux

Neville Longbottom who went on to teach his favorite subject at Hogwarts

Neville Longbottom who was gryffindor through and through