From Afar

Request: hi there love! do you think you could do something really fluffy with Neville and a ravenclaw? maybe they always see each other in the halls between classes or something and they hear things about the other and think they’re really cute until one year (maybe fourth or fifth year) the gryffindors and ravenclaws have a class together and the two of them end up spending a lot of time together and it’s just really fluffy and cute and adorable!!! thanks in advance!! and I love your writing btw :)

Was it bad to say that, although you’ve never formally met Neville Longbottom, you had a crush on him for a year now? You had no classes with him, but you passed each other by in the hallways all the time. Your friend from Gryffindor tell you about his improving courage and the usual fact or two. All in all, he seemed very sweet.

“Mate, you’re staring again,” Seamus Finnigan nudged Neville as they were chatting in the hallway. 

“What? Oh, I’m sorry Seamus. What were you saying?” Neville shook his head and diverted his attention away from you. 

“You’re always staring at that girl in Ravenclaw. Do you like her?” Dean spoke up as Seamus laughed at his remark.

“Guys, come on. Just forget about it. We’re late for class anyway,” Neville tried to change the subject and hurry his friends off to their next class. Little known to Neville that the schedules changed and all the Ravenclaws were paired with the Gryffindors this class. 

“Oh Merlin,” Neville muttered when he saw you sitting alone in class.

“At least their ties aren’t green,” Dean shrugged and took a seat next to Seamus.

You look up from your desk to see Neville standing at the door, looking a bit awkward. Thinking that this was your chance to get to know him better, you wave him over, much to his surprise. 

“Hi!” You greet him cheerily. “I’m Y/N. you’re Neville, right?”

“Y-yeah. Nice to meet you,” Neville seemed surprised that you knew his name, but didn’t say anything about it. 

All throughout class, you two talked and helped each other out. He was very sweet, just as you thought he’d be. You also discovered he was a whole lot more than what met your eyes or your ears. 

“I can’t believe we have a test this early already!” You sigh as you start packing your books. The professor had just announced a test next week. School had barely been in session for a fortnight!

“I know. It’s awful,” Neville agreed with you.

“Hey! I know! We can study together!” You suggest as the idea suddenly springs into your head.

“Really?” Neville seemed surprised. 

“Yeah, why not? Unless you’re busy, we can start tomorrow?” You ask. 

“S-sure!” Neville nods in agreement. You wave good-bye and leave for your next class, leaving Neville in a daze until Hermione walked by. 

“Are you alright, Neville? You seem a bit pale. Did someone come by and bother you again?” Hermione questioned. 

“I’m fine Hermione,” He replied quickly, glancing at you again. 

Hermione looked back and pieced everything together. She gave Neville a reassuring smile. “She seems friendly to me. I’m sure you’ll win her over.” 

Over the next year, you and Neville became really close friends, eventually leading to the both of you getting together. It was a miracle for the both of you. 

“Oh why don’t you jump into the pit you came out of?” You yell angrily at the group of bullies taunting you. 

“What’s the matter L/N? Are you bothered by the fact that you can’t beat us?” The bully snickered. You have just about had it and was ready to beat them over the heads with your book. 

“H-hey! Leave her alone!” Neville shouts from down the hall. He did his best to bravely walk up to the bullies. 

“Or what? What’s itty bitty Longbottom gonna do?” The brutes snickered. Neville was very angry, but you didn’t want a fuss. Whipping out your wand, you muttered a quick ‘Stupify’ at everyone until they’ve been knocked out. 

“I’m sorry you had to see that,” You blush and gather your belongings. 

“Sorry for what? You handled that better than I would have,” Neville shrugged and kicked around the floor. 

After deciding to chance it, you lean up and kiss him on the lips lightly. He smiles into your kiss and pulls you closer into him. As you two part, he speaks up.

“Um, Y/N. I’ve really liked you for a while now, so I was wondering…well maybe you’d…I don’t know..”

“Neville,” You interrupt him with a smile. “I’d be glad to go out with you.” 

He laughs in relief as you lay your head against his shoulder and pull him into another hug. 

The Longbottom triplets were a early Christmas present to say the least. They were two weeks early of their due date. Hannah had put to be put on bed rest with Maxine O’ Flaherty filling in at the Leaky Cauldron. The new Mrs. Longbottom was not to thrilled being couped up during the winter holidays, and her grandmother-in-law was nothing short of a whirlwind of emotions, which surprised Neville. 

Hannah was happy to have visitors as Harry and Ginny came with their youngest bundle, a girl they named Lily Luna. Luna and Rolf came bearing gifts, somethings to keep the nargles away. 

 Susan Bones and Megan Jones stayed over a night, reminiscing and joking as they used to do in their dorm. Ernest Macmillan, the triplets soon to be godfather stopped by with his fiancé Rose Zeller with basket filled with pumpkin pasties an odd craving Hannah had. 

Justin Finch-Fletchy and Zacharias Smith stopped to chat for a few. Young Luca Caruso who was continuing his wizarding career in Italy sent letters and gifts of congratulations.

 St. Mungo’s waiting room was filled wall to wall with members of Dumbledore’s Army and alumni of Hufflepuff and Gryffindor House. Iris was born first, a wide -eyed beauty named in honour of her late maternal grandmother, Hannah’s father shed tears of joy when he held his first grandchild. 

Next was Augustine which was later shortened to “August”, a boy with his hands raised high ready for the world. Many thought he would surely be named after his grandfather Frank but Neville turned to his grandmother and told her “my gratitude knows no bounds, thank you for everything.”

Last but not least was Bryony a bit smaller than her siblings but with lungs of champion, a name Neville and Hannah decided on together. Like the wild vines that grew outside the Abbott home. As small pretty flower but never to be underestimated.  


seriously though the Harry Potter universe is so beautiful because it is probably the only fictional world where I care with all my heart and soul for so many characters that aren’t just the protagonist and his or her sidekick like I can think of 20 characters off the bat that I would fight u over just to defend their honour

[Upon hearing the noise from the golden egg]

It was someone being tortured!” said Neville, who had gone very white, and spilled sausage rolls over the floor. “You’re going to have to fight the Cruciatus curse!”

Okay, but how can Neville identify the sound of someone being tort-

Oh God.

Oh God.


Neville remembers!

Neville Longbottom, the boy who had to be sent a Rememberall because he’s deemed forgetful, can remember the night that his parents were tortured!

friendly reminder that for harry’s first ever quidditch match neville, ron, seamus, dean, and hermione all made a giant banner that said ‘potter for president’ to surprise him. dean painted a giant lion, and hermione enchanted the letters to change colors (◠‿◠✿)

when harry saw it for the first time on the field “his heart skipped” and “he felt braver” ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Characters that need more attention

Regulus Black

  • he probably went trough hell when he began to realize his brother Sirius wasn’t so wrong, and had to see how neglected and despised he was must have scared him so much to do the same
  • but he did it anyway
  • he found out about horcruxes and tried his best to destroy the one he had found
  • he tried his best and didn’t give up until he died at 18 y/o
  • he was that brave and, yes, a slytherin
  • also can you imagine becoming a follower of the worst dark wizard and being around the meanest people, all against your will?

Andromeda Tonks 

  • she was a Black
  • she was part of a rigid family with very strong ideals of superiority and letting go of family traditions is a very hard thing to do
  • she fell in love with a muggle and fought for it despite all the hate she had to deal with
  • she was a member of the Order
  • she raised Tonks, a very comprehensive and kind woman

Nymphadora Tonks

  • she could use all the power she had to manipulate and trick people, but instead she used it to help people and make them laugh
  • isn’t this the sweetest thing ever?
  • she was kind, tolerant and hard working like a Hufflepuff is
  • she was only 7 years older than Harry and was a member of the Order and an auror
  • she understood Remus and loved him despite he was a werewolf
  • she loved him despite he was older, poor and didn’t love himself

Neville Longbottom

  • was raised under a lot of pressure by his grandmother and felt like a failure
  • he had it worse than having dead parents, as he could never get over it, because every time he’d see them, he would be remembered 
  • he was abused so hard by a teacher that Snape was the thing he feared the most when 13 y/o
  • was made fun of during most his life but he was never bitter about it; he instead chose to be so, so kind
  • instead of giving up, he worked harder to overcome everything, and he did it
  • he became the leader of Dumbledore’s army and fought for what he believed in, protecting the students and facing the death eaters, and, despite being a pureblood like they were, he didn’t see others as less than him
  • he stood up in front an army of death eaters and Voldemort himself to make a speech about how wrong they were
  • he began as the weak friend, and became one of Harry’s greatest allies
  • (this is what i call character development)

Remus Lupin

  • became a werewolf at such a young age, and had to face all the prejudice society had, a prejudice present even in his own parents
  • had no friends until the age of eleven and going to school was the best news of his life
  • he wouldn’t stop the marauders from bullying because he was afraid of loosing his friends, but regretted it
  • he was jobless and homeless most of his life, and yet he was the “best teach ever!” in Harry’s and most students opinion
  • he loved Tonks but hesitated to be with her because he wanted to protect her
  • he always put other’s needs in front of his, even if he needed it the most
  • he had all reasons to be bitter, but was a kind man instead
  • when he was finally happy, married with the love of his life and with a baby, he still went to war because he knew Teddy’s generation didn’t deserve to live in a world ruled by Voldemort


  • he was Harry’s first friend ever
  • always invited him for tea and biscuits, and even not knowing how to cook, he did his best so he could host them
  • he always cared about him and wanted to be sure he was safe
  • he loved the animals others called “beasts”, cause he could see the great things about them, and he knew how it felt like to be seen as monster when you’re not
  • he always saw the best in everyone
  • he was with Harry until the end

feel free to add