Safe Word is Devil’s Snare Chapter 20

“You didn’t miss much,” Hermione told them, unaware of the way Ron’s eyes widened at her declaration. “It was lovely, of course, but hardly a celebration. Felt more like a Ministry Ball than a wedding at times considering half of the guests ended up mingling and discussing politics. Good champagne, though.”

“Great champagne,” Neville added with a grin. “And good company.”

Hermione laughed, remembering running into poor Dennis, his hair in disarray and lips swollen pink. “You wouldn’t believe who we literally ran into during the reception when—”

“Wait … what …” Ron began. “‘Mione, you went to Malfoy’s wedding?”

She looked up, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment that came automatically, though she didn’t even know why. “Oh umm … yes. He’s … we were invited,” she simply said, reaching out and taking Neville’s hand for support, knowing already that Ron’s issues with Malfoy were practically bred into him from birth, and no amount of explaining could make him see sense when it came to the family of former Death Eaters. “I actually was able to speak with the Head of the D.R.C.M.C., Remus,” she said, turning the conversation away from Ron entirely. “He’s asked me to put together a proposal for a Wolfsbane Humanitarian Project that he’ll consider taking before the Wizengamot.”

Remus smiled kindly at her, and Tonks leaned across the table and kissed Hermione’s cheeks. Everyone carried on with various conversations while Ron sat there, jaw hanging open in shock.