Warmth (Draco x Reader)

Description: Draco and reader being all cuddly as autumn approaches.

Genre: fluff

warnings: Severe Fluff

Taken from my wattpad, cutesneeze

Despite the rain, wind and cold, Hogwarts is beautiful in autumn. The trees lose their leaves and create a blanket of warm colours on the ground. Autumn always mean wearing my Hufflepuff scarf and long cardigans, indoors and out. It means being curled up in front of the common room fire with hot chocolate and a good book, but best of all it means cuddles with my boyfriend, Draco.

I walk hand in hand with Draco through the court yard. The wind is making our scarves flutter. It’s colder than normal and I can see our breath in the air when we speak.

“It’s freezing!"He complains and I huff.

"You have the warmest skin ever so don’t even complain,:"I joke and he rolls his eyes before answering.

"I am normal temperature, you are just cold-blooded ,"he jokes but lifts my hands to his mouth and blows warm air into them.

"I can’t help that I’m so cold,"I giggle and he grins, taking my hand again and we walk together to the Hufflepuff dormitory .

He sits on my bed as I change out of my cold clothes and into a soft hoodie. He looks freezing.

As  he shivers a bit, I throw him a pair of  joggies that I must have "borrowed” from him last week and one of my oversized hoodies. He smiles gratefully.

“Wait, aren’t these  mine?"He asks inquiringly, holding pair of joggers up. I blush slightly

"Maybe…” I say and he gives me a suspicious look before putting them on with out further questions.

A minute later I dive bomb onto my bed and curl up under the covers.

“Still cold?"Draco asks and I grin.

"Just a wee bit."I giggle as he slides under the covers with me and  I turn to face him. His nose is red and cheeks rosy from the cold. He looks at me with his perfect grey eyes and smiles.

"You look so pretty,"He says adoringly and making my cheeks go red.

"Not as pretty as you."I say and he laughs before placing a soft kiss on my nose.

"You are the cutest person in Hogwarts, (Y/n),"He says with a cheeky smile that could warm me up just by looking at it.

"Well I must say that you are the most charming person,"I say cheerfully and he just laughs again.

His arms wrap around my waist and pulls me closer to him, I can hear his heart beat in his chest.

Then he kisses me,  his lips moving softly and sweetly in sync with mine. I’ve kissed Draco many times now but the feeling always surprises me like the first time. Its warm like his soft hands that  now cup my cheeks, and the kiss is kind like his heart that makes everything I love about him warm as well. Right now the Draco I’m kissing is the Draco I have and will always love.No matter what.

I’m imagining the epilouge but with Neville’s kid instead of Harry’s.
  • Sensibly Named Child:Dad, what if the hat puts me in Slytherin?
  • Neville:Then it means you really are a Slytherin. Do you have any idea how hard I begged to be a Hufflepuff? How hard I argued with the hat against Gryffindor? And you know what, it turns out the hat was right and I pulled the sword out of the hat and killed the snake. It's a magical hat and you're an eleven year old who thinks Axe works to attract girls. You know nothing, listen to the hat.

I had a thought: Neville’s greatest fear was Snape. And for ten months of every year for seven years, he went back and faced that fear over and over and over again. It would be like tossing Ron into a nest of spiders every day. Or pitching Harry against a Dementor every day. Neville went back for Potions every time, never skipped out, never ran away. Kid was braver than anyone ever noticed from the very beginning, even before he started standing up for himself.


“The odd thing is, Harry,“ he said softly, "that it may not have meant you at all. Sibyll’s prophecy could have applied to two wizard boys, both born at the end of July that year, both of whom had parents in the Order of the Phoenix, both sets of parents having narrowly escaped Voldemort three times. One, of course, was you. The other was Neville Longbottom.