Draco Malfoy: Secret Affairs part 2

A/N: I got a few requests for part two of this & honestly I really wanted to write it. I was never a Draco girl until I wrote this, I always wondered what’s the big deal? but damn now I find him HOT ;) sorrrrrry lol.

Part One: HERE

It’s been a few days since Draco and you fought, every time you saw him around the school he’d look away angrily or storm off. You and Harry decided to go to the ball together, as friends, as you really didn’t want to go with someone else, and didn’t want to get involved with anyone else.

Harry was the only one who knew about Draco and you, you didn’t tell anyone else. All your friends were picking up on the change in your behavior though, you were often times upset and hid in the library. Harry always found you and did his best to cheer you up, but it never really helped.

It was hard enough seeing Draco, but it was even harder seeing him with Pansy. That’s right, ever since you both got into that argument, he’s been walking around with Pansy on his side, they were holding hands, flirting, and all over each other.

The night of the ball you got ready with Hermoine, she wore an elegant pink and purple ombre gown. You curled your hair and wore a sparkly dark red mermaid gown with sleeves that fell off your shoulders, the dress had a short slip and the bottom half was transparent with a intricate pattern of flower and petals drawn on it.

You smiled in the mirror, you felt beautiful in the dress you picked it out especially for Draco. You frown remembering he wasn’t your date. Hermoine appeared in the mirror behind you, “Y/N you look stunning…” she admired your dress in the mirror, “but why the long face…” “nothing…” you fibbed. 

“Alright lets go, I’m sure Harry is waiting for you… in the common room, but I’ve got to run I’ve got to meet Viktor before we go to the ball,” she explained as she scurried out of your dorm. 

You look in the mirror one last time, checking your make-up and hair. You didn’t know why you were making such an effort, it’s not like you were really excited about the ball, if anything you were nervous about seeing Draco with Pansy, you didn’t think you’d be able to handle seeing him with her. It made your blood boil just thinking about it.

Suddenly you hear a knock at the door frame and turn to see Harry dressed sharply smiling at you. “Almost ready?” he asked, “you look amazing,” he said and you blushed.

“Thanks Harry, you don’t look too shabby yourself,” you tease. “Try not to look so down, you wouldn’t want me to think I was boring you or anything…” he joked, “I’m sorry Harry, I just don’t want to see Draco at the ball, I’m really nervous…” you explained and bit your lip. 

“Why wouldn’t you want to see him, let’s rub it in your face, you look amazing, he’s going to be so jealous!” Harry tried cheering you up, and you smirked at him. “Come on lets go, we have to be there in time for the first dance,” you nod he takes your arm and leads you to the ball room. 

Nervousness was the theme for the night, your heart was racing, and a million thoughts raced through your head. Harry lead you to the ball room, and shortly after it was time for the competitors and their date to have their first dances. 

The whole time Harry nervously guided your through the dance, while you reassured him and laughed when he made mistakes. You and Harry had a brother sister relationship, there was never anything more than a close friendship between you, and that’s how you liked it.

The whole time you danced you felt as if you were being watched, like someone was staring a hole through you. At one point, Harry spun you around, and you saw Draco Malfoy, standing alone in the crowd watching you. He looked somewhat taken aback, and maybe a bit sad.

You looked around to see Pansy, and to your surprise saw her on the arm of another Slytherin, not Draco. 

You felt Harry come to a halt, and you quickly snap your attention back to him. “I want to go check on Ron, I’ll be back?” he said you nodded and Harry sauntered away to go find his friend.

You stood on the dance floor waiting for Harry to come back.

A hand touched your shoulder, and expecting to find Harry you turned around with a smile, but much to your surprise stood the same blonde, grey-eyed boy, who told you he didn’t want to go to the ball with you, dressed in the finest robes and looking handsome as ever.

“Draco….” you whispered dumbfounded, Draco swiftly took your waist and your hand gently, and started leading you into a waltz. “What are you doing?” 

“Y/N.. you look lovely tonight….” he complimented ignoring your question. You twisted your lip, not sure of what to say. “Draco, what do you want? aren’t you embarrassed?” you snarled still angry from before. 

“Y/N…. I’m an idiot… I love you so much, and I don’t know why I said the things I said, and I was a fool to be embarrassed to have such a lovely girl friend, I don’t care what anyone thinks,” he spoke confidently, and you felt your heart flutter with his deceleration.

“Draco, I love you too…” you blushed looking down at your feet that moved in sync with his. Draco moved closer, and you felt the heat radiate onto you, you looked up and his lips found their way to yours. He kissed you gently, and it was like everyone’s judging eyes disspeared. 

Your eyes open, and you move your heads back, both blushing and smiling like idiots. 

Quickly your attention is diverted when you hear someone off the dance floor yelling, “BLOODY HELL!” your eyes find Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. Harry smiled and winked when you met his eyes, while Hermoine and Ron stood mouth agape shocked at what they just saw.

Now everyone knew, you and Draco didn’t care what anyone thought. No more secret affairs.

I LOVED WRITING THIS!!! Guys I was never a Draco girl but……. askjofhjof he’s so hot…….