I hate how Rowling made Hinny happen, because of how she made Ginny. What happened to the girl who covered her eyes at seeing violence at the Quidditch world cup and couldn’t get a date other than Neville to the yule ball? Now she’s ramming her broomstick into people and is Miss Popular. Rowling decided Ginny needed to be this beautiful, popular quidditch star before she was “good enough” for Harry and I call crap. She didn’t need all of that.

The Way It Should Be (Neville Longbottom x Reader)

Request: If you take requests other than Draco could you do a Neville imagine? I’m not picky but if you can like a fluff/smut sort of thing. tysm!

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS ISN’T JUST A DRACO BLOG. REQUEST OTHER PEOPLE TOO. PLEASE. So I decided to release the one shot requests in no particular order since I’ve gotten ideas for a few. But all will be out soon.

Prompts: none

Warnings: this is my first Neville Request so it’ll be a bit cringeworthy but I’m trying. Alcohol Consumption.

All the returning eighth years were grouped in one common room. There was no more houses for the eighth, only for seventh years and younger. It was the last Friday night before we graduated and went off on our own separate ways.

In celebration of out fast approaching graduation, us eighth years got together in our common room, finally regrouped in long-awaited house unity.  We all got out our photo albums, firewhiskey and the muggleborns brought their muggle drinking games, and just spent time reminiscing about our time here at Hogwarts and some got sad about our last year here, others came out about relationships, or other things.

We sat in a circle, playing spin the bottle and if we refused to kiss who the bottle chose, we had to tell a truth/ secret. It was Pansy’s turn and the bottle landed on Hermione, and much to out surprised, she kissed Mione, correction, attacked Hermione.

All too quickly, it was my turn. I spun the bottle and it landed on…Neville. My crush since third year. I don’t know if it was the firewhiskey or the newfound Gryffindor bravery, but I shuffled over to him, gently cupped his face, and kissed him. He kissed back, and for once, I had a tiny shred of hope, that the feelings were reciprocated.

Maybe fate was on my side after all. After a few more turns, everyone got up and just started dancing to the music. Neville and I got to know each other a little better. I knew he wasn’t just some shy, adorable dork. He wasn’t just a hero hidden in disguise. He was this down to earth, amazing guy with a passion for Herbology.

Neville found out that we had a lot in common. We both were gonna come back and teach as professors. I planned to become the new Quidditch Coach and he had been asked to be the new Herbology professor.

“Y/N, can I tell and ask you something and can you promise not to laugh?” Neville asked nervously. I gently squeezed his should “Of course.” I smiled reassuringly. “I like you a lot. Like since around 4th year. And I was wondering if maybe, you’d like to go out sometime?” He asked, taking a sudden interest in his shoes. “I’d love to Neville.” I started “But you can’t.” He cut me off sadly. “No, no, no, I want to, I just wanted to tell that I really like you too.”

His head shot up and he smiled, he gently took my face in his warn hands and kissed me passionately. He tasted of butterbeer and firewhiskey, and a hint of lime and mint. I pulled away smiling. I stood up on a table and whistled loudly. “I can’t believe I’m making a speech, it must be the firewhiskey taking over. I just wanted to say that I’m glad that with all of the people that I could’ve spent my eight years with, it was you guys. I mean, we are honestly the most bad ass group of students that Hogwarts has ever welcomed. So,” I took out my wand from my knee high boots and waved it around, putting a shot in everyone’s hand. “A round of shots to us!” I yelled. A chorus of “To us!!!” Was heard. We all downed our shots. Neville stood up with me and kissed my cheek. I smiled seeing Draco and Harry holding hands. Seamus and Dean were kissing. Ginny and Luna were cuddling. Everyone was happy.

And that’s how everything should. Happy. United. Free. Our journey from first year til now, was one hell of a ride, it had it’s ups and downs but, I gotta say, I’ll damn well miss it.

here-to-wreck-havok  asked:

A ship please! I’m a 5'2 female with long brown hair and brown eyes, but don’t let my size fool you, cause I can be dangerous. I love to sing and dance around (even though I’m not great), I suffer from anxiety and I use acting to help overcome it. I love sports and can be a bit “too aggressive” and competitive while playing games and such. I love to read and write and I love to look at nature, but mostly watch my crime tv shows. I’m also a very forgiving person. (1/4)

You also sent this information in as well:

If I don’t know you, I’m really shy. But if I know you I’m one of the most outgoing person you know. I’m sometimes socially awkward and I’m extremely clumsy also. I love Elvis and country music, and cheesy jokes and puns. When I get angry or sad, the only way you would know is my tone of voice, but I have a really high patience level too. I play the guitar and keyboard (well, I’m trying to learn how). My favorite subjects are DADA and Charms. (2/4)

I can be extremely lazy at times and I’m great at manipulating people without trying to. I try to be nice, but when you hit a sore subject or if you think your right when you are wrong, I’ll give you the silent treatment and give short remarks. I rarely have crushes, and if I do it’s on someone that I’ve known and have been friends with, and I usually crush on them without any hint that I like them. I hide my emotions really well, but at times I can just explode from bottling them up. (¾)

Also, I love to give nicknames and I would probably call you so many loving ones like; love, sweets, sugar, handsome and lover boy. I would like a Marauder Era and Golden Trio Era male ship and thank you for doing this I love you so much! (4/4)

Thank you, I love you too!

Marauders era:

I ship you with Severus Snape!

Severus would admire your inner danger and would love how you hide the ferocious nature you have like a secret weapon. Initially, Severus would be very embarrassed by your singing and dancing as he doesn’t like to draw attention to himself, but he’d secretly smile when no one was looking. Severus would have a policy that he was allowed to insult your dancing and singing and so help anyone else who dared to. Openly, Severus would admire how you manage your anxiety. As you’re both competitive, there would be a few clashes and arguments when you’d play games together, but you would both be perfectly fine afterwards. You would introduce Severus to crime TV shows and they would become his favourite thing to watch especially with you. Your clumsy trait would amuse Severus to no end; he would have to suppress a laugh every time he picked you up off the floor. Even though you’re both very private when it comes to your emotions, you would learn to be open with each other as you both know that you have to be honest with each other’s feelings; therefore, you have a no secrets policy in your relationship. Severus would secretly love the nicknames you give him, but would scold you in public with a smirk whenever you used them. Severus would always inject an element of romance in to your dates and would never fail to surprise you which you would love about him.

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Golden trio era:

I ship you with Neville Longbottom.

Neville would love your care-free attitude to your singing and dancing which is what would bring him out of his shell and make him more confident. Neville would always be there for you when you were feeling anxious; he would have a sixth sense about it (he would just know when you weren’t feeling your best or a bit nervous) and would hold your hand to comfort you. In return, he would know that you were always there for him when he was feeling the same way. Between the two of you, you wouldn’t have enough fingers to count the amount of times you had picked each other up off the floor from tripping. Neville would love your passion for music and your determination to learn and it would inspire him to go out and do something or learn something that he always wanted to. As with every couple, you would have your arguments and Neville would absolutely hate your silent treatment. He would always try everything he could think of to make you talk to him again from leaving messages on your mirror to sliding roses under your door. Neville would love the nicknames you have for him and would beam with a huge smile whenever you called him by them.

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The Famous Hats - Leonard Cohen Tour 2012
Photograph: Black and White Type: Archival Digital Print

Grammy winning songwriter, singer and pianist Sharon Robinson has worked and toured with Leonard Cohen since 1979. She co-wrote and produced Cohen’s 2001 album, Ten New Songs, named one of Rolling Stone’s “Top 100 Albums of the Decade,” and co-authored the Cohen classics “Everybody Knows” and “Waiting for the Miracle.” Her own songs have also been recorded by a host of artists including the Temptations, the Pointer Sisters, Ute Lemper, Aaron Neville, Randy Crawford and Don Henley.
Of Robinson, Cohen has said she has “…an eye as fine as her ear.”

You put a spell on me

read it on the AO3 at

by frenchkiss

Hogwarts AU, featuring an alive Auguste, kissing in the library, lots of tears, Neville Longbottom, a Quidditch match, the Yule Ball, a Ravendor scarf, and two boys who find each other in a place where everything’s a little bit magic.

Words: 44950, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
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On the Wild Side || Dylora

Pandora twirled around in her father’s chair. Neville hated sitting around for detentions, so he recruited his daughter to hold them in his place. She never minded. Unlike her father, she could keep entertained just with her own thoughts…for hours.

She stopped the chair from spinning and smiled at the one student sitting in detention that day. Surely her father wouldn’t mind if she broke the rules just this once, right? Besides, he never gave her rules in the first place.

“So,” she said, folding her hands in front of her. 

“What do you say we ditch this place? Live on the wild side, yeah?”



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by MagicMysticFantasy

After the war is finished at the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry and his friends are trying to put their lives back together even as they grieve for the ones they lost. Harry has been struggling to move on from the past, and has been dealing with nightmares and flashbacks. After attending a trial, Harry decides that the distraction he needs is to help rebuild Hogwarts, and thus begins a chain reaction that changes things for everyone.

Words: 8862, Chapters: 3/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

anonymous asked:

i like neville/harry bc like the whole neville cld have been the boy who lived, idk its like. destiny shit. and they're friends. which is important. super. also dean and/or seamus even tho i ship deamus. it would be healthy & cute

hmmmmm hmmmmm v tru indeed

I like to think that Rita Skeeter totally lost whatever renown she had after the war and so Harry and Ginny and the others like to pick up her stories for fun without worrying about the effect it’ll have on their image? Like Harry just idly turns a page every morning and goes, “Oh, we’re getting a divorce.”
And Ginny yawns as she fetches two coffee mugs and says, “Is it because I’m snogging Neville?”
“No,” says Harry, “it’s because I’m snogging Neville.”
And Ginny slams down her mug and says, “Goddamnit, Harry, let me have my affair in peace, would you?”