neville fangirling

I was on a plane, coming home for thanksgiving (guess who has a whole week off of school? me.  best week ever) and the guy next to me was reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  And because I am terrible at talking to people, I couldn’t strike up a conversation with him.  Instead my whole inner monologue was something like a fangirl freaking out like–it’s the best one even though it destroys your soul.  have you read it before?  can we bond over hatred of snape?  aren’t you in love with Remus John Lupin and his lovely chocolate soul as he helps Neville Longbottom overcome his fears because that’s the best flipping chapter of the book.  And then he folded the page down to mark his place instead of using a bookmark the heathen and i had to refrain from whacking him over the head with my own book.

Unfortunately I think he caught me staring at his book like the creeper socially awkward fangirl I am.  

  • Me: wow I can't even understand why we get dress coded for showing our shoulders. There is absolutely nothing sexual about a shoulder, like honestly who looks at a shoulder and goes 'damn' that's completely ridiculous
  • Also me: *writes three paragraphs in fanfic of shoulder lust*
Lost moment in Harry Potter and the phoenix order

*In the prophecies room*

_Woah - I said.

All those, balls that keep shining had different names on it, but there was only one name for half of them.

_ That Percy Jackson isn’t a lucky guy - Neville Whispered.


Pictures from the Celebration of Harry Potter including some of the Q&As and also the costumes from the Warner Bros. Studio tour!