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I have just seen a picture of Johnny Gargano when he was a kid and his face is so round and chubby and adorbs.

Edit: oh, it’s from this video WWE posted asking superstars their favourite Kane moments.  And oh GOD it’s been twenty years since Kane debuted what the fudge.

Hogwarts Houses as: things i do at 3am

Gryffindor: dancing while blasting music on headphones

Hufflepuff: eating popcorn while watching Adventure Time

Ravenclaw: refusing to put down book until finished

Slytherin: random twirling/braiding of hair + skincare™

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I read in some fanfic somewhere that Frank and Alice hid little Neville in a cupboard and silenced it and locked it so that the Death Eaters wouldn't find him cuz they were smart aurors and it's just become my personal headcannon and it makes me a bit less sad.

That’s still terrible. Just thinking about it makes me a a little teary.

In other news Harry James was probably sleeping in cupboard by that point, too, so they had that in common.


Let me tell you something about Neville Fucking Longbottom. Not only does he become a sexy motherfucker after his years at Hogwarts, but look at how in his first year he’s scared to death about standing up to three of his best friends. Now, he can talk shit about Lord Voldemort right in front of him without a stutter. Most people can’t even say the guys name without flipping the shit, but Neville just tells Voldy that he will to die in vain and doesn’t fucking flinch while he’s at it. And how did this happen? Why? I think that Neville’s gran had her panties in a wad about what happened with Alice and Frank, and I’m not saying that she shouldn’t be upset about it. The Death Eaters fucking destroyed their lives. But I think Neville’s gran was overprotective and kept him sheltered, that’s why he’s so awkward and introverted in his first few years. But once he realized what the Death Eaters really did to his parents, once Voldemort came at large again, and once he realized that he could do something about it, that motherfucker hopped right on board and got out his wand. Neville Fucking Longbottom people. He went from a stuttering introvert to a fearless sexy beast. You go gurl.

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do you have any lily evans headcanons?

oh, gosh. I have so many.

let’s do this:

  • she’s bisexual
  • her and james potter are a bisexual power couple
  • she’s ace!! 
  • also, bipolar
  • has a thing for quidditch players. and you’re like, duh she dated then married james potter. true, but she also dated emma vanity and marlene mckinnon. and by the time she started dating james, remus was like….you have a TYPE and it’s JOCKS and it made him wheeze-laugh for 5 years
  • modern! lily evans has a giant crush on Furiosa from mad max
  • canon! lily evans has a giant crush on Princess Leia 
  • (modern! lily evans also has a crush on General Leia, as well. and she’ll throw down with fanboys who try to talk about how carrie fisher aged instead of APPRECIATING her for the GIFT she is) 
  • she has a wicked sense of humor. like, she only unleashes it around her close friends. and unlike james, she’s the one most likely to be hanging back with remus cracking jokes and making him laugh so hard he doubles over instead of being in the forefront showing off
  • she loves to sleep in. james sometimes has the enthusiasm of an oversized puppy and loves getting up early for quidditch practice etc. and she’s like…..literally let me sleep get away from me you awful man don’t talk to me until after 10 am thank you 
  • she absconds with articles of clothing from her favorite people. when they graduate she still has the sweater she stole from marlene when they dated in fifth year. emma’s lucky green socks (washed of course). etc.
  • She’s the science project aunt!! let’s imagine a happier modern au world where she helps bby neville with his science fair project and absolutely SPANKS the competition bc she’ll be damned if her godson doesn’t do well with snape presiding over things thank you kindly