Production Schedule

So, this next month or so is going to be all sorts of FUCKED as far as the stream and the channel go, and here’s why:

Thief just released, and I intend to record it for my Let’s Play on our YouTube channel. So The Graveyard Shift and Pre-Gaming is going to be cut a bit.

I currently work nights. Next week, I switch to days for a training class I’ll be in for the next month. On top of this, I’m going to be given homework and assignments and… *shudder*Β group projects…So the channel and the stream will both suffer due to that.

After I finish that class, The Elder Scrolls Online releases. So there goes all of THAT spare time. And I’ll be going back to nights(hopefully).Β 

So, tl;dr: Our schedule is gonna be fucked for about a month, maybe a little more. But we are still dedicated to bringing you quality entertainment, all the time. We will stream when we can. We will record when we can.

We will endure.

We will survive.