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I just got an idea.  Let’s try this out, fellow fic peeps.  Post the following:

1) Something oldA blurb from one of the first fics you’ve ever written.

2) Something newA snippet from something you’re currently working on, or from the last thing you posted.

3) Something borrowed-  A scene or section of dialogue from another writer’s story.  Maybe something that inspired you or resonated with you. (Credit the writer and link to it if possible, please.)

4) Something blue- C'mon, you know you’ve written a really gut-wrenching bit of angst at some point.  Let’s hear the saddest or angstiest thing you’ve got.  Alternatively?  Tell us about the last time you described the color blue. 

Tag whoever you can think of and get to reblogging.  All fandoms/fanships welcome!


She stood there, her skin buzzing everywhere Logan touched, and she waited.

nevertothethird’s I Know That Face (X)

nevertothethird asked:

FINAL ONE (because I really want to write me Logan x Veronica stuff) which you can, of course, ignore: Logan x Veronica, #8 (roommates AU) or #28 (knocking on the wrong door AU). OKAY?

8. Roommates AU, Logan/Veronica

Answering a roommate wanted ad on Craiglist had been a risk, Veronica would be the first to admit that. Her dad, Wallace and Mac had all tried to talk her out of it.

“What if he’s a serial killer?” Wallace had demanded.

Veronica had replied, “Just as long as he cleans up. Do you know how hard it is to sponge bloodstains out of carpets?” Wallace had not been impressed.

If she hadn’t been in such desperate need of a place to stay, she probably wouldn’t have chanced it - but when the apartment you had lined up fell through and there were only 72 hours before your new photojournalist job started, it made a girl willing to take a risk.

A month on, she still wasn’t sure whether or not it had been a risk worth taking.

She didn’t know what she’d been expecting from her new roommate, but Logan Echolls was not it. Generally, he was fairly easy to live with - he cleaned up after himself, always offered to include her if he was cooking or, more usually, ordering out, and Veronica couldn’t deny that she didn’t exactly mind occasionally catching him wandering about the apartment without a shirt on. But as a person he had a way of snarking and needling that got under her skin and annoyed her.

Like the smirk he was wearing now as he stood in the doorway, watching her with a kind of incredulous amusement. “Are you baking?”

Although she had only known him a month, Veronica was fairly certain that Logan Echolls was the only person in the world who could make her want to hit him just for saying hello.

“You seem surprised.” The best way to respond, she decided, was not even to look at him but to carry on rolling out the cookies she was making.

“Well, I didn’t think you were the Betty Crocker type.”

Veronica flicked him a glance. “Shows what you know. Cynicism and snickerdoodles are a match made in heaven.”

“Clearly,” Logan grinned.

And wasn’t that just the worst part, that he could be completely frustrating and utterly charming at the same time. For the life of her, Veronica couldn’t figure out how he did that. And perhaps that was why he annoyed her so much; most people she had figured out in seconds. Logan managed to keep her guessing, and she wasn’t used to that. It put her off balance.

So she settled for swinging a wooden spoon at his hand as he reached for a blob of cookie dough.

“No touchy." 

"Alright alright. So,” he hopped up on to one of the high chairs by the kitchen counter and rested his arms on the work-top. “Any other hidden depths I should know about, roomie?”

Veronica shrugged one shoulder. “Of course. Don’t we all have them?”

“Not me. I’m as shallow as I seem.”

“Oh, okay, so that was some other roommate I saw leaving milk on the balcony for a stray cat?”

“Ah. You saw that, huh?” He flashed her a lopsided, sheepish smile, like a kid caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar (clichéd as that was, Veronica couldn’t help thinking it was an appropriate metaphor at this particular moment.)

She nodded solemnly as she slid the first tray of snickerdoodles into the oven. “Yes, yes I did.” 

“Okay, you caught me. I like stray animals, and you bake snickerdoodles. Not very good cynics, are we?”

Veronica was surprised to see him lowering his walls of snark and charm. She was even more surprised to find she genuinely liked this side of Logan. There was a softer twinkle to his brown eyes, one that was warm and open, and it made her want to keep talking to him and trading witty one liners. 

“Nope. You and me, we’re marshmallows, Echolls,” she said, using one of Wallace’s old nicknames for her. 

“Marshmallows? I don’t know, personally I see myself as more of the chocolate-covered nougat-y type …”

And just like that the smooth charmer was back, the walls so firmly back in place that Veronica had to wonder if she had imagined the glimpse of the boy underneath. She boy she could see herself liking and, well, stupid and reckless as it might be to even think it, more than liking.

“You have a really high opinion of yourself, don’t you?”

Logan just winked at her. “Well, I mean. You’ve met me, right?”

“True. I suppose you have to think highly of yourself, no one else is going to.”

“Oh, you’re cruel, Mars.” But there was laughter in Logan’s eyes as he jumped down from the chair. “You also have flour on your nose.”

Before she could move he had leaned across the counter and gently brushed the offending flour away. His fingers were warm and slightly callused, and the feel of them against her skin sent a pleasant shiver down Veronica’s spine.

“Night, Mars.”

As Logan disappeared into his room, Veronica realised he’d used her distraction to swipe some of the remaining cookie dough.

No, she didn’t yet know if this was a risk worth taking. But boy, was it going to be fun finding out. 


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Thanks, again. You all are true fandom friends. 


“You just did it again,” he whispered, brushing a strand of hair away from her face.

And sometimes words were good too.

- I Know That Face by nevertothethird

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PART TWO OF THE NANNY AU. AND LOGAN HAS A COLD. So he calls off, and Veronica and Caitlyn go over to his house and make him soup. OR SOMETHING. Basically…give me more nanny!Logan.

“Alright, Kit-Kat.” Veronica pushed her sunglasses up on to her head and looked down at her daughter, who was clutching her hand tightly. “You ready?”

Caitlin nodded solemnly, her blonde ponytail bobbing up and down and her blue eyes bright. “Yep!”

Smiling, Veronica turned back to the door they were stood in front of and lifted a hand to knock. This was slightly more difficult with a brown bag in the hand that wasn’t holding Caitlin’s, but she managed to rap smartly with her top knuckles.    

It was a few minutes before the door swung open and that brief time stretched on interminably, each second marked by a nervous thud of Veronica’s heart against her ribs. It was ridiculous, but she had begun to realise there was little point in trying to fight the flutter of butterflies that seemed together whenever she was about to see –

“Veronica? Caitlin?” Judging from Logan’s sleep-bemused expression, they were last people he had expected to find on his doorstep.

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MAKEOUT MONDAY!! I’m determined to make this a thing. Beautiful work as always.

Ah, Makeout Monday.  

Oh it’s on, Suzanne.  It is on.  It can join:

Throwback Thursday

nightlocktime’s Fighting Friday

And the lesser known

Teasing Tuesday

Woobie Wednesday

Snarky Saturday

And of course a favorite of VM fans, Smoldering Sunday

(Thanks to nightlocktime and fponthedl for the gifs) 

A Marshmallow Thank You

Dear Tumblr Friends,

Happy new year! I want to send out a quick message to thank the VM Fandom for being so welcoming to newbie marshmallows like me. I’m a relative latecomer to the fandom after discovering the series just over a year ago. When I finished watching season 3, I experienced Logan Echolls withdrawl like none before. One thing led to another and I eventually found myself on Tumblr, discovering the likes of:


You guys are my happy place. Thank you for being so smart, funny, talented, insightful, shocking, and absurd.

In honor of this fandom’s fabulousness, I made/wrote a little something for you. (You’ll have to excuse the brevity. I am not, not, not a writer and hoping someone else may want to run with it if you are so inspired.)

Have a LoVely new year, Marshmallows!

p.s. If I didn’t mention you specifically, it’s probably because I haven’t discovered your blog yet. Shoot me a message or follow if you want to connect!

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FINISH one of the unfinished, do a prompt, then cry

You’re just not making this easy on me at all, are you.

nevertothethird replied to your post “Do I do this vmficrecs challenge or continue to stare at my dozens of…”

I am in favor of whatever leads to less sad tears.

Booze and Vicious, it is! :p

And I can see the replies on my selfie but tumblr or xkit aren’t letting me respond so imkait nlh03 teenagegumshoe THANK YOU for the compliments on the hair/lipstick/inaccuracy of my attractiveness. Thank you <3

nevertothethird asked:

Because this part made me tear up and I AM NOT a crier while reading person. Explain yourself: "Hold your horses." He said. "Hey, look at me like you did that day when we sat by the Kane's pool with our feet in the water." Veronica felt as if she had been punched. She looked hard at her shoes concentrating all of her energy on preventing her eyes from welling up with tears. She'd become a pro at it by now. She'd never let Logan see her cry before, she wasn't going to start now.

Okay, I think that’s towards the beginning of the story, and they’re about to head in to a restaurant.  

That pool scene.  They were babies at the time, it lasted at the most twenty minutes, and there’s zero dialogue, but yet, it’s caused damage for years to come. 

They perceive it so differently.  

There’s Veronica, who scoffs at the idea of soulmates or love-at-first-sight, but yet, her connection was instantaneous and strong.  And sitting next to him that day, she’d experienced an implicit sense of ‘this-is-a-thing’, or 'we’re-about-to-be-a-couple’, so when Logan got up and did what he did, it devastated her.  And it niggles at her even years later, not just because of the rejection, but because it makes her doubt her instincts.  

And then there’s Logan.  Logan is dramatic and emotional, and LOVES intensely.  But he feels like he’s alone in that regard.  Because everybody - young, old, and grossly inappropriate - finds him sexually attractive.  That’s a fact of life, like having brown hair and brown eyes.  But nobody actually loves him, they just want to get physical.  So he experiences this magical moment with this girl he’s already ridiculously crazy about, but has no reason to believe she’s feeling more than a passing physical attraction to him.  With his recent experiences, he feels tainted and filthy, and not nearly good enough for V.  And with crap parents like his, his love role models have to come from the movies.  Like Casablanca.  Love is sacrificing your own happiness to improve HER quality of life.  

So what was a moment of heartbreak to Veronica, was Logan’s hero moment.  

And bringing it back to the scene you described, they’re about to go do their fake!engaged thing in public, and Logan’s trying to get Veronica into character, because engaged people generally don’t scowl at their fiances like they’re insects.  

Logan brings up the moment when she had looked at him the way he always wanted her to, but to Veronica, it’s a slap in the face.  "Hey, remember that time I led you on and then rejected you, humiliated you, and made out with your best friend.  On your birthday.“  To her, he’s minimizing her pain.

To him, he’s just stupid and clueless.   

What's the darkest and fluffiness fic you've come across in your fandom?

For me (in the Veronica Mars Fandom):

Darkest——-Finite Erasure (aka: the fic that shall not be named)
Fluffiest——-A Life Extraordinary (aka: Never-ending story part deux)

Neither is my bag at all, because I loathe both dark!fics and directionless fluff.

The first one literally gave me nightmares. A day does not pass that I don’t wish I could unread it. Don’t get me wrong, the writing is exquisite, but OMG is it harrowing. Avoid like the plague if you have a weak stomach, run toward it like the wind if you enjoyed the Saw movies.

The latter (I know this is super-popular, so please don’t throw rotten fruit at me!) kind of felt like a huge waste of my time, because I kept waiting for the actual storyline to happen and it never did. The quality of writing is good, but the plot…it just kind of goes on endlessly forever and ever without ever building to a climax. I’m convinced that Kristen Bell will be on her deathbed and the fic will still be chugging along like it’s got nowhere to be anytime soon.

nevertothethird asked:

How was your friend adventure? My dash was a lot less enthusiastic in your absence :)

aaahhh!! you’re sweet for asking. :) my friend adventure in philly and nyc was INCREDIBLE. i miss it and my friends so much!!!!! i finally got to meet and hug and hang out with some of my favorite people, and the entire trip was just a ton of fun. we’ve all been having withdrawals ever since and we’re already planning our next trip.

and since you and i know each other through our shared love for logan/veronica, i’ve gotta talk about the specific things we did related to them.

first off, this is shelby (imalicewhite) and me. our close friendship started because of logan/veronica and fanfiction about six months ago. that’s all you need to know.

because imalicewhite and i are ridiculous (but also fabulous!!), we made our friends go with us to a food emporium in nyc, which is where logan and veronica meet up (AND MAKE OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS) in the infamous fic, a strange new story every time by gyzym. we had a moment in the only aisle that matters.

one night we laid in bed and read all of waypoints by machaswicket together - and made our friend shelbi read it too (she loved it!).

speaking of waypoints, shelby booked us a hotel that was in long island city aka where veronica lives in that fic!!! so when we were walkin’ around that area, we were talking about v’s life there and the thought of logan visiting her at some point in the waypoints universe, etc. and oh my god. like i said, we’re ridiculous.

we also visited LOVE park in philly!! which i like to call logan and veronica park. this only makes sense.

when we weren’t out exploring the city, we managed to watch (and scream/cry about) both the veronica mars movie and plan b!!! REUNITING AFTER NINE YEARS!!! SEX AGAINST A PILLAR!!! THE LONG WAY HOME!! COME BACK TO ME/ALWAYS!!! SWAY!!! GOD YOU’RE A PEST!! we looked like this and this when we watched everything. we watched the pilot and the wrath of con as well. IT WAS ALL SO EXCITING. !!!! (those photos were taken by shelbi aka our best photographer. she even got a video of us watching sway which is the most important video to ever exist, possibly.)

honestly, we talked and cried about logan echolls and veronica mars and logan/veronica often. our friends were saints for putting up with us. the only vm things that we didn’t see while we were together were a yellow xterra and navy sailors. BUT WE WILL. someday.

this recap doesn’t do the trip justice at all, especially since it only talks about the l/v events and we did A LOT more than that, but yeah. it was all amazing and one of the best weeks of my life. thank you again for asking about it!!

nevertothethird asked:

I made one of my friends start reading Finnikin of the Rock and was SO EXCITED to talk with her about it. Then she told me she only got halfway through because she just wasn't into it. I had to shake myself out of staring at her with wide eyes and a dropped jaw.

I do this weird thing sometimes where I look at reviews of things that I like so I can be extremely joyful in a shared excitement with the reviewer or yell “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THE BEAUTY” if they give a negative review. And Finnikin seems to be the kind of thing that people either really like or are super not into. I can kind of understand not liking it because it’s character-driven fantasy, which means it might not suit either people looking for fiction with strong characters or people looking for fantasy, but at the same time, it’s so good how can you not love it?!

I think I’m probably going to have a bit of a problem with this once I get into the field because it’s really not professional for a librarian to recommend a book to a patron and when they say “oh, I tried that one and didn’t like it,” end up responding “well, you’re foolish, please get out.”

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I firmly support your right to love the pilot-orange-plaid shirt. I ship Logan and that shirt. (The orange pants on the other hand…)


Is this true, people? Because I love him in cargo pants! There are only two pairs of pants I don’t like Logan Echolls in, and one is the orange pants of doom and the other is the camo pants, and even that second pair only gets a slight shrug of “maybe you could have done better, kid”.