“See, Wallace. Piece of cake. Told you we’d make the flight.”

Wallace shook his head at her. “You’re never boring, Veronica Mars.” He wrapped one arm around her shoulder and gave it a slight squeeze.

“Hey, Fennell, you trying to get fresh with me?”

At the front of the plane the flight attendants had begun their safety demonstration, but Wallace and Veronica ignored them, instead talking softly amongst themselves. Wallace looked at her with a look of concern that Veronica didn’t appreciate. “How you feeling about heading home?”

“It’ll be fine. I mean, it’s only been a year. Not like I’m the prodigal daughter or anything.”

“I’m just saying that somehow I managed to visit my mom three times in the past year, and this is your first time back.”

“Are you saying you’re a better son than I’m a daughter?”

“I didn’t say that. Did you hear me say that?”

“Shut it, Fennell.” She threw his travel pillow forcefully into his chest. “And take your travel pillow.”

“See, this is why you have to sleep. Otherwise you get all cranky.”

I Know That Face by @nevertothethird

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Something old, something new...

I just got an idea.  Let’s try this out, fellow fic peeps.  Post the following:

1) Something oldA blurb from one of the first fics you’ve ever written.

2) Something newA snippet from something you’re currently working on, or from the last thing you posted.

3) Something borrowed-  A scene or section of dialogue from another writer’s story.  Maybe something that inspired you or resonated with you. (Credit the writer and link to it if possible, please.)

4) Something blue- C'mon, you know you’ve written a really gut-wrenching bit of angst at some point.  Let’s hear the saddest or angstiest thing you’ve got.  Alternatively?  Tell us about the last time you described the color blue. 

Tag whoever you can think of and get to reblogging.  All fandoms/fanships welcome!

VMHQ Round Robin Story - Update & FAQ!

Our round robin campfire tale at VMHQ is shaping up great and we’re SO excited! Here’s a list of all the writers who have committed to writing one big, crazy improv-style story together thus far (in no particular order).

@bryrosea, @susanmichelin, @starlightafterastorm, @elliebear75, @ghostcat3000, @nevertothethird, @disdainfullady, @mysilverylining, @nicemom93, @leuberpwnage, @nikiiwi@beezlebobble, @heavenli24, @happilyshanghaied, @darlinginmyway, @cheshirecatstrut, @marshmallowtasha, @kmd0107, @dbsavmlvr, @leuberpwnage, @salt-watery, @missismess, @brittany4824

(PS: If you think you’ve signed up and you’re not tagged above MESSAGE US AND LET US KNOW, PLEASE! We don’t want to miss anyone!) 

Signups are still open! If you’d like to join in, get in touch with us by dropping a message in our ask box or by messaging one of the librarians directly by Friday, April 28th. We’ll need either your tumblr user name or an email address, so that we can get in touch with you! 

Read on below the cut for a FAQ explaining how the story process will work and answering all the questions we’ve received.

When does the story begin? 

The first installment will be posted on Saturday, April 29th. (We had so many awesome writers sign up that we decided to start a week earlier than originally planned.) With our current roster we should be posting well into September, so settle in for a fun ride! 

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*ok i cheated bc i used images i have saved to my “personal” board on pinterest which is like…the same thing 

tagging: @halsteadss, @imkait so now she’s tagged twice and has to do it, umm i’d tag ruby but idk what the heck her url is, same w ari like i know i just changed my url but y’all gotta stop changing urs, OH UM @organasxx nailed it 

nevertothethird  asked:

I have so many more!!! So, just pick the ones you like: James/Lily and #22 or #39

22. Two miserable people meeting a wedding AU, James/Lily

As a rule, Lily didn’t like weddings.

She liked the idea of them; she liked the concept of marriage, of finding someone you wanted to spend the rest of your life with and then solidifying that commitment, celebrating your love with family and friends.

In practice, they just reminded her that even if she did find someone she wanted to marry her family wouldn’t be there. Watching ecstatic brides being walked down the aisle by their fathers and or grooms’ mothers sobbing with happiness just made Lily think about how her parents were gone, and the sister that had she had played at weddings with no longer spoke to her. All in all, most weddings just gave her the desire to get absolutely, thoroughly drunk.

But when her best friend asked her to be a bridesmaid, how could she refuse? So she turned up and put on the dress (thankfully a pale green that matched her eyes and didn’t clash with her hair), plastered a fake smile on her face and tried not to look as if she would far rather be curled up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and a good book.

She drew the line, however, at Marlene trying to set her up with one of the groomsmen, who had been sending her lascivious grins and winks all through the ceremony. So when the speeches were over and everyone was distracted by the bride and groom taking to the floor for their first dance as husband and wife, Lily slipped outside to hide in the hotel’s garden.

As the cool shadows washed over her, she let out a breath she felt like she had been holding all day. Then something moved in the corner of her eye and she swung round, her shoulders tensing and her heart beating fast in alarm.

“Sorry! Sorry.” A figure stepped out of the corner into the light of the windows, hands held up in a conciliatory gesture. He was tall, with black hair that looked like it had been vigorously attacked with a comb but still refused to lie flat. Lily couldn’t quite make out the colour of his eyes, set behind rectangular glasses, but they looked dark. “Didn’t mean to startle you.”

“It’s alright,” Lily shook her head, relaxing a fraction. “I didn’t realise anyone else was out here.”

The corner of his mouth quirked wryly upwards, and it occurred to Lily that this stranger must have been hiding much as she was. She wondered why.

“Didn’t much fancy being in there. I’m guess you don’t either? You didn’t look very happy during the ceremony,” he said, surprising her.

“What makes you say that?”

“You were smiling but it seemed … forced, I s’pose. Like you were trying to be happy instead of being happy.”

She wasn’t quite sure what to say to that. She wondered if her smile had been obviously fake to everyone, or if he had just been paying particular attention (that idea set her stomach fluttering, slightly to her annoyance; it would be highly ironic if she fell for someone she met at a wedding). Before she had to formulate a reply, though, he added,

“I’m James, by the way. James Potter. I’m the groom’s third cousin twice removed or something like that.”

“Lily Evans. I’m a friend of the bride,” she said, taking the hand he was holding out to her. His grip was firm and warm. “So why are you hiding out here?”

He shrugged, running a hand through his hair and making it even messier – though that seemed to suit him more. “My dad had to work, so I’m here to keep my mum company. I don’t really know anyone else so it’s just kind of … uncomfortable. I’d rather not make awkward small talk, so I’m being a miserable git instead. What about you?”

Glancing down at her feet, she did her best to make her reply light and airy; she didn’t particularly want her first conversation with a cute guy to be about her deep-seated family issues. “I’m just … not a wedding person. I mean, I’m happy for them, of course, it’s just not my thing.”

“Oh …” A quick look upwards showed that James looked more confused than anything else.

“Besides, I think they’re about to start a conga line,” she added.

That made him grin, a grin that was wide and bright and charming. It reached up to his eyes, and was the kind of smile that was infectious; Lily felt her own lips curving upwards almost involuntarily. She was suddenly very glad that she had agreed to come today, despite previously feeling like she would rather have been anywhere else.

“Well then. I’ll guess we’ll just have to be miserable gits together,” James said.

Still smiling, Lily nodded. “Yeah. I guess we will.”


She stood there, her skin buzzing everywhere Logan touched, and she waited.

nevertothethird’s I Know That Face (X)

nevertothethird  asked:

Logan and Veronica (duh!!) and #12 or #30. FLUFF FOR DAYS.

12. Writer/Editor AU, Logan x Veronica

Authors, Logan had discovered in his six years as an editor, were a funny breed of people. Most of them viewed their manuscripts as their children, fretting over them and fiercely defensive against any criticism - which was understandable, given the work they put into their writing, but when your job was giving criticism it made things a little difficult.

You had to know how to handle your authors. There were those that needed gentle nudging and lot of encouragement, to know that, yes, it’s okay to change what you’ve written, it doesn’t mean it’s not good, it just needs a little polishing. There were those that you needed to be straightforward with, that just wouldn’t get it if you tried to sugarcoat your criticisms, but you still had to be tactful with or they would just throw their entire 150,000 word manuscript into the fire (Logan’s colleagues still wouldn’t let him live that one down).

And then there were those that you had to drag kicking and screaming to the point of being ready for publication.

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nevertothethird  asked:

I have a fic you guys might be able to identify. I searched for hours for it the other day. It’s a S2 AU. V is with DK, but he’s barely in the story. All I remember is that Logan breaks into the Sac N Pac for some alcohol and maybe witnessed something. There’s lots of L/V hiding out from bad guys - at a house, and at the Camelot and at Neptune High (although it’s closed for the weekend). Weevil is a big part and I think there’s an undercover narq in the PCHers. - From mysilverylining

Dear friends and readers of Veronica Mars fanfiction (which is probably all of you…because obviously):

I know the above ask makes it look like one of the moderators of this blog actually asked herself and parkerlees a question. And yes, that is technically what happened.

But that’s not the full story! In a comment thread, mysilverylining mentioned she was looking for a fic. So…if her summary above sounds familiar, go ahead and reblog and respond! Even if you have more info to point us in the right direction.

Thanks, readers! We thank you, and we’re sure mysilverylining does too :)

nevertothethird said: But if it’s ‘meant to be’ it’s not manipulation. It’s romantic : : Pauses to vomit. : : Yeah, I don’t buy it either. Also, even Piz’s parents don’t think he deserves her.


veronicaecholls said: HE HAS A RADIO SHOW!!!!!!! QuirkY UWUWU loves it

who needs a personality when you have a radio show!!! ammiright ladies????


“You just did it again,” he whispered, brushing a strand of hair away from her face.

And sometimes words were good too.

- I Know That Face by nevertothethird

nightlocktime replied to your quote “Did Duncan cheat on Veronica with Kendall?!?!”

HE SO DID IT AND RT CAN’T MAKE ME THINK OTHERWISE!!! I don’t take the word of RT as credible when it comes to DK.

I know! The Boy waffled after the fact - I think he’s holding on to his Duncan like now out of some strange stubbornness - but the fact that The Boy likes Duncan and this is where his mind went means if Rob Thomas didn’t want this to be what we all thought, he definitely did it wrong wrong wrong.

parkerlees replied to your quote “Did Duncan cheat on Veronica with Kendall?!?!”

Honestly think that the TBTB “oh, no he would never do that” was a bit of retcon. He clearly did, but then they needed to make him *~* perfect *~* for his ride off into the sunset true love stories never die bullshit.

Exactly. All of the shit they put into place was to show how perfect Duncan wasn’t, and then they just left it hanging there, like a dozen loose threads that I just want to pull to see where they would have gone.

nevertothethird replied to your quote “Did Duncan cheat on Veronica with Kendall?!?!”

According to TPTB, no. But again…come on you guys! What else did you expect we’d think?!?!

The thing that actually convinces me is Logan. Logan is the indicator of how much time passed in the room before Kendall emerged; and Logan is the one who was concerned enough with what happened to try to obliquely alert Veronica. If Logan had been smirky or cruel, that would be one thing. But that moment with Logan is about as earnest as Logan lets himself get. And that’s more telling than most other things, because if he was trying to tell Veronica something and also trying to protect her feelings… Well.

If we didn’t have Logan in the suite for the entire duration, I would be like, “We don’t know how much time had gone by, and Duncan could have been just kicking her out.” Logan still could have come to the same conclusion, but it wouldn’t have held the same amount of weight. Because we don’t know how long Kendall was in there, but Logan sure as hell does - and he is not amused.

nevertothethird replied to your post “Y’all argue too fucking much. Also? Straight up insulting other fans?…”

Why can’t I stop giggling at this? For one, I am in complete agreement. For two, it reminds me of being on a road trip with my parents and fighting with my little brother in the backseat. You just threatened to pull the car over, and it was perfect.

LOL It FEELS that way a lot of the time, ya dig? I don’t even mind the debating but when generalizations and insults towards other FANS start happening is when I bow out. Stop making snide remarks, stop generalizing, stop trying to police other fans, stop trying to make people feel bad about their generally harmless opinions because they don’t match yours. Save your nastiness for your own blog and keep it out of the tags. I’ve been in many fandoms and some people take the fucking cake. Rudeness, I will never approve of and I see a lot of it from all sides.


nevertothethird replied to your photoset “you’re home to me Your Arms Feel Like Home by 3 Doors Down”

MAKEOUT MONDAY!! I’m determined to make this a thing. Beautiful work as always.

Ah, Makeout Monday.  

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1 What is (or was, if you’re old like me) your favorite subject in school? Literature, I love books.

2. What is your favorite band or singer that you wish more people knew about? Jarrod Gorbel (formerly of Honorary Title). His voice is so suited to his lyrics, heartbreakingly good.

3. What would your superpower be? Invisibility. I’d try to use if for good and not all for my pervy personal use.

4. Name a favorite TV show from your childhood. Happy Days. Yes, my age is showing.

5. What would you do if you won the lottery? I’d split it between me, my kid, and my siblings. I’d buy an apartment in Manhattan.

6. Name a book that made a difference in your life. This is going to sound weird but, Helter Skelter. It always fascinated me that this strange, little, horrible man was able to have these followers who would literally kill for him. He was nothing special, yet he’s the man behind the Tate/La Bianca murders. It should be read as a warning to others to always be careful about whom you trust.

7. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go on your next vacation? Tuscany and Venice. Friends who have gone have told me that I would love it.

8. Tattoos, piercings, both, or neither? My ears are pierced, just once. I have nothing against either. If they’re done well, I think tattoos are pretty cool.

9. Something about you that even your close friends would be surprised to hear. Well, the friends I’ve had for years know me pretty well. The friends I’ve made in the working world would be shocked to learn about all the things I did in my 20’s. When asked I always just say I’m thankful cell phones weren’t around back then.

10. What fictional universe would you live in if you could? Obvious answer would be Veronica Mars but, I would only want that universe if it would get me Logan. So, I’ll say Firefly.


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