Hi guys, I’m Jamie aka Tumblr user patientlights (left) and the girl on my right is Cassie (aka novator), we’ve been best friends for almost 2 years now and we actually met on Tumblr. She moved in with me all the way from Ohio to California on July 10th of 2013. We lived together for 7 months and on February 27th 2014 she had to go back to Ohio because of money troubles. It’s been so hard not having her here anymore and I know I wouldn’t be alive without her, but I know she’ll be back in may which keeps both of us going. So we just wanted to say hi and share our story. We both check out all new followers, so check out our blogs and maybe follow cause we’re hella rad and love making new friends xx

My mom bought two cans of pringles, one regular and one sour cream and onion. My roommate has a thing where she absolutely hates flavoured chips. So i put one of the sour cream and onion in the regular can and offered her one. Now he’s freaking out cause she doesn’t understand why she tasted a funky pringle i’m laughing so hard jfc



Hiya guys, these are our House Party Tour tickets from the 20th in San Jose. Thing is, we didn’t get to go. After almost $200 dollars and waiting all night for the tickets to go on sale, our ride bailed on us, leaving us at home on what should have been on of the best nights ever. I just moved to California with my bestfriend and we were so excited to get to see all of our heroes on stage. The guy that was supposed to take us acted like it was all fine until the night before, so we didn’t even get a chance to resell them or find a bus route. :/ Anyways, All Time Low is one of my favorite bands and seeing them would have made my life. I’d kill to meet them and you clicking that link can help. Please reblog and spread the word, I’d be eternally grateful!



Okay hi guys as you all know, Cassie and i have been friends for over a year now and we met on here. She lived in Ohio and I’m in California, the hardest thing is having your best friend 3 thousand miles away where you can’t comfort or hug them. There were so many times we didn’t think we’d make it. There was a point where i was getting ready to say my goodbyes to my family and friends because i thought i was going to end it all. What we always held onto was that one day she would be here and we would go to shows, and meet our heroes and everything would be better. Well, after 3 shitty jobs and begging my mum to let her come live with us, it finally happened. She got a plane ticket and now she lives with me. The only thing is, the tickets in the picture were for Last week, and guess what. We didn’t get to go. Our ride lead us to believe he would drive s but he didn’t and we had no other way to get there and it was too late for bus tickets. So now we finally have a chance to meet our heroes together. The ones that made it possible for us to be together now. The ones that kept us alive. All we need you to do is click and share this photo. It would mean so much to us. You have no idea. So if you would please just click the link and reblog this photo there’s a chance we could be meeting all time low. Please Tumblr, Please. Make this happen for us.


Excuse my ratchet but this was literally our last skype call before meeting. A year and i’ve never hugged my best friend and now in the morning she’s coming to live with me and we were tearing up cause she had to hang up so she could leave for the airport like it’s just sksdjfllkfjasldkfj;l

Important Announcement

As you guys know me and my best friend Cassie have been living together for the past 7 months. We met on Tumblr while she still lived in Ohio almost 2 years ago and we instantly became close. If you’ve been following me long enough you probably remember us saving up, and doing tinychats from our own states, waiting for the day we could meet in person. Well that day came July 10th 2013. We finally met and we cried and it was amazing, along the way we’ve had many fights and have not always gotten along. It’s frustrating constantly being in such close quarters to the one you love sometimes, there has not been a day for the past 7 months that we were apart for more than an hour really. I can’t stress enough that Cassie and I are still best friends. Through all fighting and mean words (mostly by me) we still love each other, probably more than ever. I need her like she needs me and that’s never going to change, but tomorrow February 27th Cassie is getting on a plane and moving back to Ohio. It’s not that we don’t love each other or that we want it. It’s just money has become really tight and getting a job around here is extremely hard. She has a job lined up back in Ohio an will be saving up to come live out here with me again in our own place. I would go with her to help save up and so we wouldn’t have to be without each other but someone has to stay in California and get us settled into a new place and what not. I stress the fact that it’s only temporary and she’ll be coming back this summer, but i just thought we should let you know so you weren’t suddenly blind sided by the fact that she’s not here anymore.