The Plan!

Photo Project -

So, this is the plan everyone. 

You’ve probably seen nevershavethomas post but basically we need to remind Tom Hiddleston of how amazing we find him! We dont need his birthday or christmas to do this, you can share the love whenever. This is what you need to do;

- Simply send me a photo of yourself (a clean one, ladies and gentlemen!). Maybe with something that Tom has signed, or your favourite Loki t-shirt on or even with a famous landmark in your hometown (this shows that the love for Tom comes from all over the world)…whatever suits! Or, if you are lucky enough to have a photo WITH the man himself, that’d be even better.

- Include a little caption with your name, where you are from and just a sentence of what you want to say to him (if its a photo with him, then when/where you met him!) 

- With all these photos I plan to print them out and tie them all together in a great long chain (with the messages written on the back by yours truly) and package it along with a little present (open to suggestions for this one since its from everyone) to Tom himself! This will hopefully show Tom how many there are of us and how far across the globe he can find all of his fans.

- If you have any questions you can use me or nevershavethomas’ ask box! :)

Im sure he will be very very grateful.

So, send your photos to with the subject of Photo Project by June 15th. Get snapping!

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Loki comes …onto Midgard. A realm he despises.
Loki comes …for his new army. Humans, whom he finds so fragile at heart.
Loki came …with might, as he gallantly stood in his power stance.
Loki came …with such force, any minion listening to his voice on YouTube had little chance to save her ovaries or his testes.
Loki comes, for you.
Loki came, for all of Humanity.

source: nevershavethomas