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-Alexander Hamilton

Lucky Man

- George Washington

Finally Got the Girl

Happy New Years


Surprise p.2

- Lafayette

Backstage (Daveed Diggs)

Backstage p.2 (Daveed Diggs) **

My Dear

- Thomas Jefferson

My Dear


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Never Been Better

Wouldn’t Change A Thing

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Now or Never

Now or Never p.2


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Trust Me

Not Letting Go

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I Love You



breeeliss  asked:

What's problematic about "I hate love you"?

buckle up people bc this is gonna be a long ride

before I start the one thing i wanna stress the most is that i don’t hate this writer. I think they’re misguided or they don’t know what they’re writing is wrong but i can honestly say that I don’t hate them. The last thing I wanna do is discourage a writer from writing especially because they saw hate for their fic or something but there’s a line you know? And the writer was actually pretty nice when I commented saying these things were wrong they told me they disagreed with my opinion and they did follow through with my request to add trigger warnings.

Speaking of triggers this rantish type post will include mentions of abuse so if you’re uncomfortable with it don’t read!!

  • I’m not gonna judge this fic on it being OOC. Because it is. Very. OOC. So OOC that my friends and I don’t even call the Adrien in that fic by his name. Because he’s not Adrien. At all. And Mari’s a little dramatic but im not gonna say a single word about that bc she’s being abused
  • Background for people who are reading this and don’t know what I’m talking about: Mari blows up at Adrien about the gum thing and then rejects him during umbrella scene and he turns into a demon because of it and decides he’d make her life living hell. He plays innocent pranks on her, they’re not that bad I guess. It gets bad when he starts manipulating her.
    • Adrien makes bad comments about her body. Very very bad comments. Like those things usually don’t make me uncomfortable but I honestly felt like taking a long hot shower to rid myself of the horrible things Adrien said. Not only that, but to everyone else in their class, he makes it seem like he has a crush on her. So while he’s tormenting her Mari is definitely crying for help and no one’s helping her because they all think he’s in love with her.
    • That’s not even the worst part okay. Adrien finds out Mari has a huge crush on Chat. And he’s Chat. So he goes to her balcony and sweet talks her and they make out. This is so beyond manipulative oh my god. Okay and outside of that because he starts making out with her he realizes he really likes kissing her which is why he starts “””falling in love”””? Which is so beyond gross he continues to go on about how much he likes kissing her every time he talks about how he likes her he’s reducing her to her body I can’t recall a single moment in which he’s talked about any other part of her but I digress.
    • HE DRUGGED HER. I think Chat drugged her with candy or something so she’d be asleep so he could do another thing:
    • While Mari is sleeping Adrien sneaks into her room. He brings a camera. He wraps his arms around her (also he’s not wearing clothing) and he takes pictures of them. The next day at school he shows the pictures to her and tells her he’s gonna send them to Chat if she doesn’t pretend to date him (Adrien). If you haven’t seen why this is gross I have no idea what you’re doing. Why he decides to fake date Mari i have no idea but it happened. He makes her make him lunch he makes her kiss him he’s grossly overprotective. Also non-con kissing did I mention that?
      • “First you’ll have to proof that you weren’t the one who invited me into your room, seduced me, stripped me of my clothes and who knows what else. You are hugging me here as you can see…” some proof for ya
    • Also he continues to make out with Mari as Chat and “””falls in love””” with her
    • CHLOE chloe was my savior she wanted him to stop being so gross but then she started saying things like ‘if you keep being horrible to her im gonna start thinking you have a crush on her’ and also plagg says this too and im so upset about it if a boy is tormenting you it does not mean he likes you it means he’s a dick and you need to talk to an adult and get help
    • I’m sure other things happen but we’re gonna head over to reVEAL
  • I don’t remember how reveal happened but reveal happened and mari was pissed (rightly)
    • Adrien cried. He cried. A lot. He was crying because he lost the love of his life. Like he was a mess. He was a Mess. and it was great I was really happy about it he doesn’t deserve happiness
    • Mari was a mess too but also he abused her so of course she was.
    • Alya found out Adrien was tormenting Mari and she FINALLY FELT GUILTY ABOUT NOT LISTENING TO MARI’S CRIES FOR HELP BLESS but then it goes downhill from there
    • Chloe sees Adrien being A Mess so she and Alya and Nino organize a lunch and invite both Mari and Adrien but they don’t know the other is coming which is no just no. Mari could have so easily been triggered. They were not being considerate.
    • I can’t remember what happened after that but Adrien tries to get Mari to forgive him. The writer’s main argument is that Adrien worked for forgiveness. I’ve read and reread this fic and I cannot name a single time Adrien gave a sincere apology. You know what he did? He turned the Eiffel Tower pink. Oh also Adrien got shot. “hey i got shot so maybe you should forgive me for doing horrible things to you :))))” Oh also he buys her gifts how great.
      • ALSO TIKKI: "Awwww he’s trying to apologize Mari. That’s probably why chat was spying on your balcony - to see if you got his box. Maybe Adrien isn’t that bad after all just like you said before this whole mess exploded. Maybe he was just confused" no no n o tikki noooo he abused her gifts don’t get you forgiveness
      • And Chloé makes this bullshit speech like ‘Adrien is warm and nice and this kind of life doesnt work for him like it does for me and it’s hurting him and I’m cold but he’s not he’s dying’ and I’m like????? Who cares???? He still did it???
    • Mari forgave him which??? no???? no no no no no no she would never

Now I think they’re heading into relationship land and it’s just so no.

I think I left out a few things here and there but that’s the gist of it. Basically this fic is teaching victims to forgive their abusers, teaching girls that boys torment you when they have a crush on you, and other awful things.

Before I requested it, the fic had no trigger warnings for abuse too.

There are so many good enemies AUs out there. Go read one of those. They’re cuter and Mari doesn’t get fucking abused.

Remember kids, abuse comes in many forms. Not just physical

Also????? kids read fics. 13 year olds read fics. I don’t know about you but I don’t want a 13 year old reading this and thinking this is what love looks like. There are kids in this fandom it’s a kid’s show.

OKay this was kind of a mess but yup that’s pretty much what it is.