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reasons why all fo4 companions are problematic
  • danse: likes country music
  • cait: somehow has an irish accent in the middle of post apocalyptic boston
  • hancock: literally calls you "bro" before even getting to know you like chill bro
  • deacon: isn't romanceable
  • nick: also isn't romanceable
  • codsworth: will put on a butler hat but just try giving him a monocle
  • maccready: never once says that he's "mac ready to get down"
  • x6: wears sunglasses indoors
  • piper: who needs so many pens. stop hoarding.
  • dogmeat: cries when getting hurt and it breaks my heart
  • curie: her pet molerats can give u that dumb disease which u can't cure unless u wanna be a dick and let the kid die which is why you have to reload like a billion times during that mission and that gets fucking tedious
  • preston: holds his musket wrong like son that laser's gonna burn your fingers off like this
  • strong: stop judging me for picking locks you absolute shrek

Ok, so this is something I thought I’d post on January 1 but I failed and idk if that’ll make sense now :/ Still WIP so it’s not like I’m showing you the finished… thing. I’m not sure if I post it, I’ll think about it, it has two versions but if I post it it would be the decent one lol. Nevermind  it’s half past 3 what do you expet I’ll whatever. Good night :)

something I didn’t notice about this scene in the library from Volume 2 until someone made a gif for it: instead of going back to reading her own book (like the good student she is), Pyrrha started reading Jaune’s comic before this nerd had to stop herself from laughing at team RWBY playing Remnant: the Game.

Pyrrha, you fucking rebel.

I now want to see Chibi!Jaune and Pyrrha having nerdgasms over X-Ray and Vav in season 2 of RWBY Chibi (assuming they’re all still at Beacon).


1. Heathens - Twenty One Pilots || 2. My People - The Presets || 3. Discord - The Living Tombstone || 4. Crazy=Genius - Panic! at the Disco || 5. An Unhealthy Obsession - The Black Robinson Symphony || 6. Smoke and Mirrors - Gotye || 7. Hatchet - Archive || 8. Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez

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