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The Wedding of Fareeha Amari and Doctor Angela Ziegler

Pharmercy Appreciation Week Day 6: Wedding. @pharmercyappreciationweek

A/N about translations: Because I can’t speak German or Egyptian Arabic, expect some wonky translations. On the Subject of Egyptian Arabic, the translation to English was, well, let’s just say, off. As in, I have no idea what the heck is going on there. So I put the approximate English pronunciation, followed by the actual way to write the words. See the end A/N for actual translations.

“I promised you a special stream today, and I am here to deliver!” Hana exclaimed, talking into her phone. “Are you prepared to get up close and personal with Overwatch? Of course you are. And today, you get to attend a wedding.” She turned the phone to face Fareeha standing next to her. “And here’s the lucky bride-to-be. Well, one of them anyway.” Fareeha looked at the mirror, observing Hana as she broadcast a behind-the-scenes view of the wedding. Hana wore a three-piece suit with a pink tie, her bunny logo emblazoned in the center. “Hopsotch23 wants to know who the lucky lady is. Care to say who, or do you want to keep it a surprise?”

As Fareeha turned her head, Satya pushed it back into place. “Don’t move,” Satya ordered as she continued to perfect Fareeha’s hair. Satya was also wearing a three-piece suit, though her tie was blue and her jacket was currently hanging next to the door, next to Fareeha’s dry cleaning bag.

“They know who it is,” Fareeha said.

Hana waited a moment before nodding. “Yes they do. PharahIsBae wants to know if you really want to do this.”

Fareeha cocked her eyebrow. “What was that name again?” she asked.

“Just answer the question,” Hana said with a smile. “For your fans.”

Fareeha started to nod, Satya quickly holding her head still. “I’ve never been more sure of anything.”

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EXO SCENARIO: Whispering dirty at reaunion.

Smutty of course. Thats me. All the time. SMUTS FOR LIFE. e.e

Chanyeol: _____, come closer. *Grabs strongly your thight* This skirt is too short. *fingers you and you try not to make a sound or face* I can’t wait to be on bed and eat the fuck out of you.

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Suho: ____, *whispering really low and close* I’ll make you mine tonight. Over, and over again.

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Tao: *touches your lower part, gets really close to you to tell you something* I cant wait for dessert. e.e i’m actually dead right now.

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Luhan: *breathing heavily & whispering low in your ear* I cant take this anymore. *puts your hands on his lap and goes higher*

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Lay: (at a wedding rehearsal) *as you are dancing close to each other, he gets even closer and whispers with a sexy voice* I’ll make you cry out of pleasure tonight, jagiya. Get ready *licks your ear and gives you the look*

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D.O: (At an Exo reunion) You were watching sexy Kai lips when you hear a soft breath  from Kyungsoo before whispering in your ear* Babe *holds your hand* remember me something. *touches your lower part with anyone seeing under the table*  Who’s your oppa?

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Baekhyun: *looks at you, gets closer with his mouth open. Breaths sexy as hell before whispering* The fact that you dont have any underwear is killing me ____. *licks your ear *

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Kai: *whispers with that manly voice* Everyone is looking at you, but what they don’t know *puts his hand on your lower part, and starts rubbing your g-spot* I’m the only one who can have you.

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Chen: *neverminds the people with cameras staring at you and starts liking your ear and neck* You know what I will do you with this? I hope you are ready.

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Xiumin: *As you were eating, your fork fell in the floor and you went to pick it up. Going up you accidentaly touch a little too high on his thighs. He comes closer and whisper* You will have to repair that little accident there jagi.

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Sehun: *licks his lips as he sees you eating your ice cream kinda messy* If the guys weren’t here, you can’t imagine the mess i would do in that beautiful mouth.  Sorry this gif is life and death itself.

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The path unfollowed

I had been planning to skip on writing a post this week, after all it’s not like I’m one for regularity or consistency. It’s been a dark and frightening week for so many, too many, with global ramifications. This afternoon I went to see Arrival which is a film I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I won’t lie, I cried for about an hour afterwards. I can’t help but feel that it was scheduled to be released into a brighter world, a more optimistic week, but it is a wonderful and moving film and, honestly, the film that we need. Right now. Everyone should go and see it and open their minds and their hearts and just enjoy a film that both engages and challenges. I feel like, maybe, it will at the end of 2016 be a quiet sister-film to Rogue One. Time will tell. 

More importantly, and relevantly, it is a rare film that acknowledges motherhood and the importance of it it, the importance of connection. Even amongst politics, first contact, and the seeming threat of the end of days. Which leads me (tenuously) to the actual subject of this week’s post (which will be a short one): 

A long time ago - a long long time ago - I got an ask on my main blog that I never got round to answering, asking about the parallels between Padme’s Mustafar costume and Leia’s Boussh disguise. The similarities between the two costumes and scenarios are undeniable. Both costumes are worn by these women when they undergo a personal and dangerous mission to try to rescue the man that they love - one from falling over the brink into the darkside, one from imprisonment - a fun inversion of the Rescue the Princess trope. Neither mission goes entirely to plan, both women are stripped of their autonomy for greater or worse. But unlike her mother before her, Leia is ultimately and eventually successful in rescuing Han Solo from Jabba’s clutches.

L & C: Boush sketches by Nilo Rodis-Jamero, R: The completed costume from the archives

Somewhat notoriously Boushh, like Boba Fett before her, was a Joe Johnston creation. However, whereas Boba Fett was fleshed out from a rough helmet sketch by Ralph McQuarrie, Boushh was first explored in 3D by Johnston before any design pinned down. Using model kits, odds and ends and scraps from the costume and manufacturing workshops, a maquette was built around an artist’s model that was then passed on to the costume department. Due to this unusual prototyping approach, it meant that the influences in the design itself were primarily internal. The underlayer of a kimono, the wide belt called back to those same Japanese influences seen elsewhere in the franchise with Obi-Wan, Yoda and Luke, transposed into hardy suedes, leathers and rubbers. The quarter-circle cape was a nod back to Boba Fett placing her firmly within the galaxy’s underbelly:

‘It was supposed to be a different kind of bounty hunter. there were a bunch of them in the palace.’ 
Joe Johnston, p. 125, Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy

The helmet shape was so other, that it took extensive building and reshaping to form something that could be comfortably worn by a person, nevermind taken off easily on camera. 

L: Sketches by Iain McCaig ‘The red is in her hair because it’s the end of the film, and i thought she might be going after the bull [Anakin] -
Iain McCaig, The Art of Star Wars Episode III R: The final costume.

The costume worn by the heavily pregnant Padme to go after Anakin on Mustafar went through some vague conceptual explorations, before falling on this design. It is neat and simple, arguably elegant, a galaxy away from the complexity of the Boushh disguise, but it is obvious that it was used as a key influence. The suede fabric and colouring directly parallels the Return of the Jedi costume whilst making it something new. The front panel and sloped hemline echoes the under-kimono and fall of Boushh’s cape, whilst creating an empire-line shape that could potentially enable to Padme to continue the concealment of her pregnancy. Padme’s sleeves are an unembellished take on Boushh’s studded sleeves encasing her hands. 

L: Replica WWI Nurse’s uniform. C: 1916-1918 Women’s Motor Corps of America uniform. R: Thimister Spring 2010.

While following the narrative symmetry of echoing Leia’s future in Padme’s present costume, there was also space to introduce a fashion element and historical element. This is especially evident in the leather detailing of Padme’s costume, the crossed belts holding a particularly military influence: echoes of cape suspenders, which were commonly worn by British nurses during in WWI for security when working, and Sam Browne belts which were a key component of military uniforms from the mid-nineteenth century and were adopted into some women’s uniforms as a statement piece. Sam Brownes in particular have appeared several times in fashion iterations, both in the lead-up to WWII, and again in high fashion in the ‘70′s, ‘90′s and noughties. In this cases, its appearance was more often than not a statement of protest against war and militarisation, even whilst set against military cuts. This point of protestation, quiet rebellion would not have been out of character for Padme as she is set to fight for the democracy that is crumbling around her, but equally it is a statement of strength and defence as she goes to save her husband from himself.

Some things run in the family.
This is also a rare live action costume that was translated into TCW, in the season episode An Old Friend. The costume was altered slightly to include a darker suede overtunic, which is possibly to explain alterations made to Padme’s preexisting wardrobe as she began to show. 

Drawing a direct line between Leia and Padme was a great opportunity to show character and explore both personal and wider stories through costume, and served to deepen the emotion of Padme’s actions in Revenge of the Sith through those future echoes. The differences in these two costumes show how radically the galaxy has changed, the changes in scales and tactics, the differences between the two women’s role. Padme’s mission to rescue Anakin failed because she was on the edge of dying hope, a galaxy falling apart, and because she was alone and isolated. Leia danced with disaster and hope was nearly lost, but she had already lost so much and had a team of friends to save her and save Han. Leia’s disguise was cobbled together (though i believe in the old EU stolen it was stolen from a preexisting bounty hunter), Padme’s was a product of fashion. Ultimately these two woman shared a determination, a hope, and a mission in the face of all odds. The connection between the two women gets lost so much both in fandom and in canon, so these moments of highlight are always notable. Like mother like daughter.

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olicity prompt: Oliver and Felicity have been dating in secret, but something significant (bad or good) happens that makes Oliver stop caring about secrecy, so he kisses her in a very public way.

She’s been held at sword point, nearly dosed with liquid insanity, survived a flipped van, and even swung through the air only to crash through an inordinately high building window. 

But none of those things had her sitting in the back of an ambulance, batting away paramedics that buzzed around her like nettling mothers. 

To be fair, the only reason she’s never ended up in the hospital is because she has a team behind her that can fix near anything in the human body; she really, desperately wishes this was one of those times. However, when one’s cab is struck - high speed - by a moving van, one tends to need medical assistance, but dammit, why is it always her? She’s been what she considers a liability before, and now she’s adding “random acts of everyday mayhem” to her long list of reasons not to allow her out of her apartment. 

And then she hears his bike. 

There is no mistaking the low growl amongst the general chaos of the clogged intersection, and her heart stops while her fingers tighten on the grey blanket the paramedics had insisted she wear. Why him? How does he always know? If it had been Dig or Roy, she would have been relieved to see them coming, but it is him, and she doesn’t know how to deal with it. 

Sure, they’ve been together - dating? courting? going steady? - for a few weeks now, and they have both put in the effort to keep knowledge of that fact from prying eyes (their team of misfits excluded). No one in the general public knew of their arrangement, and she knows he needs to keep it that way, at least until the company issues are ironed out. There is a bit of a bite to their situation, regardless, as she wishes she could thread her fingers through his while they walk down the sidewalk (which they never do), or kiss his cheek as they part from a cafe. 

But as she watches him skate past yellow caution tape and ruffled officers, she feels a sense of nervousness like never before. 

If he is here, then people might talk. They might ask questions as to why the former CEO of a multi-billion dollar company is rushing to the side of his once executive assistant. They are trying to keep things under wraps and yet here he is, striding up to her with that look, the one he gives her in situations just like this (well, maybe not just like this).

The paramedics attempt to shoo him away, but he brushes on by them and begins to look her over, forget the fact that she keeps protesting her (mostly) uninjured state. He is having none of it, of course, so she begins her rambling, cut through with worry that what if someone saw them so intimate and what if people ask questions and what if they-

She is cut off as his lips meet hers in a valiant attempt to halt her babbles. 

His broad hands are threaded through her mess of hair, and they tilt her closer even as her neck protests (she can’t bring herself to mind). His lips are soft but urgent, and she feels the sting of a cut on her lower lip, its presence fading as her paranoia falls away. 

This kiss is different. 

Nevermind that it is in public, in front of gawking lookers-on and loads of people with cameras; nevermind that it is taking place in the back of an ambulance that smells of iodine and plastic. This kiss is different because he isn’t holding himself in check. They have kissed before, sure, but it is always so hesitant, as though he isn’t sure yet if he should drag her further into his broken world (she’s told him he’s being stupid). 

And they touch, but never with fire, and he sleeps with her - well, not sleeps sleeps with her - when the demons get too much to bear alone. They are together, but he keeps them apart, and that distance has begun to ache in places she’s thought long forgotten. 

He is kissing her now as though he was terrified to lose her, and elated to find that she is still here. 

When they break apart, and her senses finally come back to her, she can suddenly only stare at the multitude of pedestrians and their phones, all videoing the intimate moment. She begins to chatter again, trying to prompt him into saying something, anything to these people, but all he seems to be doing is smiling at her. 

Smiling, and smoothing his palm over her flushed cheek. 

That stops her long enough for him to get a word in. 

“You’ve always been my girl. I think it’s time for them to know how lucky I am.”

He grins that frustratingly adorable grin again, and she can’t help but think he’s right. 

He’s a damn lucky man. 

Roman Reigns was talking about The Shield getting back together and he says it’s gonna happen and he said that he hoped no one filmed that and THEN HE POINTED AT ME AND SAID “NEVERMIND, SHE HAS A CAMERA” AND SMILED

I was taking a picture actually


Nate Maloley Engagement Imagine

Today is my birthday and Nate is on tour. He told me he wasnt avle to get off tour with the Jack’s. Good thing my mom flew all the way out to L.A for my birthday.

I was getting ready to go out to dinner with my mom. I really truly just wanted to stay in go on skype and watch chick flicks with Nate but no I have to go out. My mom insisted. Since it is my birthday my mom bought me a dark red dress that came to my thighs and tied into a bow around my neck. I put on some black heels and my dress. I curled my hair just the way I liked and did my makeup.

“Penn dear are you ready? We have a reservation!” My mom yelled to me at the top of the stairs.

“Yeah just hold on for one minute!” I went ro my jewelry and pulled out an infinity necklace engraved with Nate and I’s names on it. I smiled in remembrance from the romantic night. I smiled and turned out my light. I walked downstairs to see my mom looking at her watch. She was wearing a black dress nude colored pantyhose and black heels. Her hair was pulled back into a sock bun.

“Mom, Is it too much?” I ask feeling a little over dressed.

“You look like the most beautiful girl in the world! Now lets take a picture!” She said. She held out her phone to me. “I’m no good at selfies honey. Bare with me and take one for me.” She said. I laughed and took some serious and funny. I handed her back her phone.

We went outside and hopped into her Honda CRV and drove off to our dinner date at someplace called Azumi. I looked it up its a really expensive sushi place. I wasnt paying attention and the car stopped suprisingly at a park.

“Um, is the sushi place in a park or..” I asked. She chuckled slightly.

“No, Penn just follow the path and you’ll get there trust me. Now go! You wont regret it.” She said and headed back towards her car. I headed towards the paved path. I walked for about a good 2 minutes until I saw ballons on a bench. It read.

“Penn you look stunning in that dress. Even though I havent seen you in that dress you always look beautiful to me. Oh by the way it’s Nate. Anyway on your birthday i have a suprise for you. Do you remember this bench? Well its where we met. I sat right next to you. Do you remember what I said? I said what is a beautiful girl like you doing all alone at a park in the summer at 6:00 pm? You looked at me funny with those light brown eyes that sparkle every time i tell you, you look pretty or when i sing you a song. Those dimples that make your cheeks so cute. When you blush my legs get all like jello. Your smile. Dammit that smile. You could kill someone with that smile. Its so contagious just thinking about makes me smile. This is like what a million pages long? Anyway turn your phone on and i hope you brang headphones. Put in the headphones and put on Often by the weekend. Go to youtube it should be on my youtube page and listen to it. Keep walking down the path. Love you Penny!”

I smiled at the note. My face is probably extremley red but hey he makes me like this all the time. I turned on my phone plugged in my beats buds and went to his youtube page and started playing the video.

“I love sleeping all alone
This time around bring your friend with you
But we ain’t really going to sleep at all
You ain’t gonna catch me with them sneak pictures
In my city I’m a young God
That pussy kill be so vicious
My God white, he in my pocket
He get me redder than the devil ‘til I go nauseous.” Nate sang. I felt my legs go all jello knowing it was all for me.

The song and video ended. I looked up to see pictures of me and nate together throughout the four years of us being together. I saw the note tucked under a ribbon on a present.

"Hey beautiful Nate again. Just wanted to remind you to bring a jacket. Oops too late. Anyway I remeber you stealing my jackets so remember how I never let you touch my Omaha high school sweatshirt. Well open the present love. Dont forget to keep walking down the path babygirl.”

I put the note in my clutch and opened the present. I saw his omaha sweatshirt neatly folded in the box. I felt so overwhelmed knowing how much he loved this sweatshirt. I put on the sweatshirt because it suddenly got really cold. It smelled like him. It made me miss him like crazy.

I walked until the path came to an end. I saw a red carpet lead to a car. I walked up to the car. Matthew Espinosa stood there with the door open like a gentlemen. I hugged him as he let go he slipped a piece of paper in the sweatshirt pocket.

I went into the car. I put on my seatbelt. I was really thirtsy so i popped open the mini fridge to find the only drink was champagne. I mentally groaned and took it out and started drinking it. I took it out.

“Like the drink selection I see. Babe you know you cant deny it. I know how thirsty you get ;). Anyway these past 4 years 2 months 5 days 2 hours 34 minutes and 56 seconds has been the best years of my whole life. Now look at the screen that Matt the gentleman will now provide just say the words Nate is a sexy fucking daddy. Love you Penny.”

I chuckled at the last part and randomly said “Nate is a sexy fucking daddy.” I giggled as Matt shook his head. A little screen came down. I saw Jack and Jack.

“Hey Pennsylvania!” Gilinsky said as I chuckled at my name he gave me.

“We wish we could be there for your 19th birthday! Sorry we booked a show on your birthday!” Johnson said.

“You jacks have you seen my last clean pair of socks?” I heard Nate say in the backround. He came into the frame. He looked straight at the camera. “Nevermind. Hey princess you look beautiful.” He said and winked. He then left the frame.

“Anyway we cant give you your gift in persin so kindly pause this video and tell Matt the gentleman to give him our present to you.” Gilinsky said.

I paused the movie and tapped matt. He gave me a flash drive. I chuckled. And unpaused the video.

“We know you dont have your laptop so thats why when you get home you can look at it!” Johnson said.

“We love you Pennsylvania! See you soon!” They said in sync. The video ended and so did the car ride. I saw my dance studio. It said “Angles and Lines Dance Company” in big red glowing letters as i stepped out of the car/limo. I saw a trail of rose pedals leading towards the door. I walked in and saw the receptionist Ashley. I took off your sweater and placed it on a hanger and went into Studio A. I saw my friends and relatives with a few of my famous viners i am friends with.

“Penn this song explains you and Nates relationship. What better way to show you then to show you what you do and dance to it.” Jess said. My mom pressed play on the cd player as “I Wish You Would” by Taylor Swift started playing. My guy friends started dancing to the beat. Then the girls took over. The capable relatives that werent old started dancing. I laughed. Everyone was dancing in the end. At the end of the song I saw a familiar face dancing. I stood up straight after leaning in the doorway. It was Nate dancing. He made his way to the front. It made evey good sense in me not to go up and run into his arms. The song ended and I clapped.

“Penny, I love you ever since I met you when you were 15 in that park. When you were writing down choreography for the schools musical Grease when you were Sandy. Well now I guess I’m Danny. You’re the Bonnie to my Clyde. The Tris to my Tobias. The Ginny to my Harry. What I’m trying to get at is, if you werent in my life I probably still be searching for you. So Penny.” Nate said. He suddenly got down on one knee. I was almost in tears. My hands covered my mouth as he pulled out a small black box.

“Mari Pennington Boatwright, you’ve already gave me four years of happiness, will you now give me eternal happiness and marry me?” He asked as he opened the bow to reveal a ring with a small diamond on it. It looked like my grandma’s but updated.

Tears were flowing out of my eyes by now. I couldn’t speak so I nodding and gave him my left hand. He got it out of the box and slipped it on my ring finger it fit perfectly. I wrapped my arms around him and engulfed him into a hug and started crying. I realeased and pulled him into a makeout session. I heard someone unclear there throat. I pulled away and held Nates hand as my relatives clapped and came to congradulate us.

This was for the beautiful and lovely Penn 💕 or aka magcon-omahasquad ily ❤️

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It Hurts Because It Matters - Chester See Oneshot ft. Grester/Charyn


Okay so I just re-watched the love chat Chester did in 2013. He had done the VMA fashion review with Grace right around this time on the same day of the live stream and the different sides of him… it was a stark comparison to say the least. He was in such a raw state that it inspired me? I wanted to write him in a mess of different emotions. I just keep wanting to write about a vulnerable Chester and that always seems more likely to occur at night, I don’t know why. The next one will definitely be more happy and more Grace. This was technically before romantic Grester so this is under the idea that they do get together in the next year. I don’t want to fully list this under Grester because he was in an in between state that can’t be identified as any solid feelings for Grace. He was just not in the best emotional state, I felt. This was what I got from it. It’s from Chester’s perspective.

If you want to watch what I’m basing off of…:

Chester See’s Love Chat thing

Grace’s VMA Review

This is purely fiction and Chester, Grace, and Taryn are all great real people that I don’t wish to offend.

I was one of those people who wore their heart on their sleeve. I let mine dangle on a thread these days, or rather what was left of it. It’s been, what, two weeks, three? A few days? I didn’t know, I didn’t keep track of time; all I could do was watch where my foot would land as I took my next step because I couldn’t bare to glance behind me nor did I wish to stare ahead. I was perfectly fine stagnant in where I was at the moment, wallowing in pure heartbreak and whatever emotion that was wrapped along with it. In a way I didn’t want to get over her but it wasn’t like I could go back in time either.

Nevertheless I didn’t discard work. I still went to the sets of Camp Takota and Side Effects. I still attended meetings in a feeble attempt to not completely lose it. Feeble. It described my laughter and smile. However, I was grateful to be spared the moments out of myself when I did step into characters. I did my best to bury my fatigue and shattered emotions and I did pretty well, no one seemed to really notice. By doing so I felt like I was constantly acting.

My mind was a mess; some nights all I wanted to do was sleep, sleep until it was over and other nights my mind thought of all the things I’ve wronged and could’ve done right in the relationship. As if I could will it to make a difference. Either way the thought of her never left my side, it obscured my focus.

Grace, whom I played opposite in her, Mamrie and Hannah’s movie, was coming over to film a video. She was one of the few people that honestly made me laugh genuinely and forget for a few minutes. She’s the kind of person I could enjoy watching for hours no matter what it was about because I loved her personality in them.

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