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Whatta Man

For the Drabble Game can i do Jooheon with the song ‘Whatta Man’ by i.o.i?

Disclaimer: I don’t own gifs/ images used.

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Jooheon had always considered himself a good person, really. He hardly tells lies, and when he does, they’re to make people feel much better. He cares relentlessly about his members, and he never actually punches the dog that barks constantly during stupid hours of the night - however tempting.

But when he laid eyes on you for the first time, he wondered what Godly figure had decided he was worthy of such an angel. Maybe that was the alcohol talking, but he had decided you were the most beautiful being he had ever seen in his entire existence and he existed.

The room almost felt hotter with you in it, the alcohol tasted more sweet on his tongue. The bar was full of people; pretty girls, his band mates, gorgeous men, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from you.

Your friend nudged you, directing her eyes towards him. You looked at him. He decided that your full profile was even more delicate and romantic. He imagined walking over and sweeping you off your feet like any good prince in a fairytale. Instead he smiled at you from afar, hoping his stare was inviting and not intimidating.

Before he could even think of getting up to go and talk to you, you had already stumbled over. His lips curled at how adorable you looked even though you were clearly already heavily under the influence of the intoxicating liquid.

“Hey, are you doing okay?” He asked, reaching out to place his palms around your lower arms so you could stable yourself from falling.

“I’m fantastic, actually.” You told him, slurring a little at your words. He chuckled.

“Here, let me help you onto a stool.” He got down from his stool so he could wrap his arms around your waist and hoist you onto a stool that was backed against the wall so you’d have support for your back. Once you were safely in the seat he called the bartender for a glass of water.

“Water?” You enquired. “You straight edge?”

“No, but you’re going to have a killer headache tomorrow unless you take care of yourself now. I think you’ve probably had a lot to drink.”

“Way too much.” You agreed, laughing.

“Any reason why?” Jooheon questioned .

“Boyfriend cheated on me so my friends decided I should come out and get drunk. I feel good now, but the alcohol is only numbing the pain for a while. All the emotions will come flooding back tomorrow.”

Jooheon found himself wondering how anyone could cheat in the first place, nevermind on someone like you. “Your asshole of an ex isn’t worth your time.”

“Whatta good man.” You smiled, shoving his shoulder lightly.

“What do you mean?” He asked, smiling.

“You. you’re a good guy.”

He smiled, “I could take good care of you.”

You laughed, sliding over your phone. “Punch your number in, will you?”

He didn’t need telling twice.

Scary Movie

Requested: Hii, i was wondering if you could do one where y/n and shawn goes to see a scary movie even though she’s terrified of horror movies. y/n gets scared but she trys to hide it but shawn notices. so shawn pulls her close to him and she hides her face into his shoulder/chest. if that makes any sense 😂. thank you also i just wanted to say i loveeeeee your writing!



“Baby,” You say, tugging on Shawn’s hand while you’re both standing in the line to purchase your movie tickets. He turns his attention to you, so you say softly, “I don’t know if this is a good idea.”

You see the disappointment in his eyes, even though he won’t show it on his face. You immediately regret what you said and take it back. “Nevermind.” You tell him. You know that he’s been looking forward to watching this movie with you ever since he found out he’d be home right around the time it was released in theaters. Shawn’s always been a huge fan of horror movies, and you’ve always been terrified of them. Normally you try to avoid watching them, but knowing how much he loves them, and how much he loves getting to watch them with you by his side, you’ve given in to seeing this one with him tonight, and it isn’t fair for you to back out now. 

“You sure babe?” He questions, sensing your hesitancy, “We can just watch something else.” He offers.

“No, I want to watch it,” You reassure him. You’re just being dumb about it. It’s something that he’s been wanting to watch for a while, watching it with him is the least you can do. What is love if its not sitting through two hours of a movie that terrifies you just because the person you love wants to watch it and really wants you by his side when he does.

Fifteen minutes later, you’re sitting in the theater, with popcorn and redvines that Shawn bought for you. You’re trying not to freak yourself out because the movie hasn’t even started. “Are you okay?” Shawn asks you over the previews.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You respond. He intertwines your fingers with his as the movie starts.

Twenty mintutes later, you’re definitely not feeling so fine. Shawn’s hand has been securely in yours since the movie started, but now, you’re almost climbing on top of him in an attempt to be closer to him, hoping to use him to shield yourself from the fear you’re feeling. You know it’s just a movie, but you can’t help the way you react to horror movies and anything scary in general. Hiding your face in Shawn’s chest, you can feel him chuckle lightly at you. He wraps his arm around you, making you feel safe despite everything. You shut your eyes tightly, and you’re about to bring your hand up to your ear that isn’t pressed against Shawn’s chest because you don’t want to hear the sounds from the movie anymore, but before you can, his large hand gently presses against your ear muffling the sound, almost like he read your mind. You manage to relax into him despite the horror on the screen.  

The next thing you remember is being lightly shaken awake, “The movies over, babe.” Shawn says into your ear. And you open your eyes, suddenly realizing that you’re still in the theater and you must have fallen asleep. You stand up and stretch before gathering your things. You walk out of the theater hand in hand, “Thanks for coming with me babe, I know you didn’t want to.” He tells you. 

You just laugh, “I’m sorry I fell asleep.” 

He squeezes your hand, “I’m just glad you came.”

Got7 reacting to their S/O’s medication making them super excitable

Requested by; anon

BTS version; x

Super weird, but a reaction (BTS or Got7, either’s fine) to their girlfriend’s medication making her super…excitable (if ya know what I mean) pleeyuz!


“Did you take your medi-, never mind, I don’t even have to ask. Get off the couch, it’s not a trampoline or anything, you nerd! You’re being funny, but don’t break the couch! The others will murder me!”


“Okay, calm down you. Let’s go out for a run before you break down the entire dorm or break Coco in half, Mark and Youngjae would kill the two of us. Ah, I love seeing you excited and happy.”


“You on your medication? Uh; nevermind, you are! Want to go out and do something? Want to workout? Want to sing? Dance? Let’s dance! You always wanted to learn our dances; now’s the chance, you cutie.”


“Taken your meds? Come here and let’s watch a movie, I’m not letting you go out alone after last time. I still can’t believe you came home with a cat because you found it ‘too cute to not take with you’!”


“Why are you giggling? What are you planning? Oh god, Coco? Where’s Coco? Thank god, let’s go out for a run and let’s take her with us, to get your energy level a bit less because I don’t want Coco in a Superman-suit again!”


“How about we go and annoy the others? Like we always do but this time even worse? Let’s prank them; oh god, you’re already getting things ready. Hold up and let’s think this through!”


“Uh, you’re being really excited, something happening? Wait, I’m confused, why are you laughing? What are you doing? Oh right! Your medication, you scared me for a second there. Want to dance now?”

  • Naegi: *comes home with all the members of SHSL Despair* Kirigiri-san! Look what I found! Can we keep them!?!
  • Kirigiri: *spits out coffee* Naegi! Go put those back where you found them!!!
  • Naegi: .....I'm keeping them.
Chapter 3: Tied Together

cr to jungkook-gifs

College AU!Jungkook, Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1.1k+ 

Summary: The name tattooed to your wrist was always your destined to be partner, whether you liked it or not. It was nothing new to anyone and though the results may be shocking, everyone still lived with it. What you didn’t expect was that you ended up with your ex-best friend, Jeon Jungkook.

A/N: I am so sorry for never updating this series. I am not very creative and I am horrible at writing a lot.

   Previously in Chapter 2: You heard the light jingle of the doorknob and your eyes turned into saucer plates. Quickly, you ran towards the bathroom as quiet as possible and waited for the person to disappear. Thinking that the person was gone, you slowly unlocked the door, but then a voice called out.

   “Is anyone in there?” Someone asked. You looked at the door in shock and immediately re-locked it.

   “Uh-uhm, yeah!” You yelled. “I am just fixing something, sorry.”

   “Okay. Well, I need the restroom, so please hurry,” The person said. You let out a sigh and fixed your appearance. You opened the door and looked down, making sure to hide your face as much as possible. “[Y/N]?”

   You stopped dead in your tracks, still keeping your head down.

   “[Y/N], don’t play dumb with me,” they said. “I know it’s you.” Suddenly, the person took their fingers and lifted your chin up and you were met with a pair of stern eyes that were owned by none other than Jeon Jungkook.

   “Oh, Jungkook,” you choked out. “Sorry about that. I was just fixing up in there.” All of the confidence which you had the other day had drained from your system. You felt like a mouse which had an eagle ready to capture it and take it whole. You hadn’t noticed how Jungkook was inching closer and closer to you until your back had hit the wall.

   “What are you doing here, [Y/N]?” Jungkook asked. “I thought you wanted to leave me?” You saw a smirk stretch across his face and you felt blood begin to boil in your veins. You were still incredibly scared of him and you wanted to leave as soon as possible.

   “I-I did,” you stuttered. “I did, and I still do. Now move.” Your hands began to tremble again. You looked up at Jungkook and analyzed his features. He was dressed in a simple white shirt matched with a black bomber jacket and ripped skinny jeans. His eyes stared directly into yours as you looked at him.

   “No,” Jungkook replied. “I don’t have to move if I don’t want to.” He pulled his arm up to the side of your head and rested his palm on the wall. “Answer my question and I’ll let you go. What are you doing here?”

   “I am here because of Sunghae, happy? Can I go now?” You lied. Jungkook’s eyes wondered over your face, searching if you were telling the truth.

   Laughing he said, “Don’t bullshit with me, [Y/N]. I know that’s not why you’re here.” His other hand grabbed your wrist. You watched as his hand wrapped around your wrist, gulping down hard. “Maybe you are hiding something… Perhaps it has to do with your wrist?” Your eyes widened as you snapped your wrist out of his hold and stared at him, eyes shaking.

   “Why must you be like this, Jeon Jungkook? You’re always trying to play games and it annoys me so much. Why can’t you just leave me alone like you did last time?” You exclaimed with your heart beating rapidly. Jungkook looked at you in shock, but quickly changed his expression.

   “I can’t leave you alone because I miss you,” he stated. Your eyes widened as you let his words process through your brain.

   “Excuse me?” You said. “What did you just say, I don’t think I heard you correctly.” You tried to calm down your ragged breathing while analyzing Jungkook’s features, searching for any signs of him lying. Jungkook stared at you as well, not knowing what to do.

   “You know what? Nevermind,” he muttered out, dropping his arm down to his side. “Go back downstairs, [Y/N].” Leaving you speechless, Jungkook walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. Your heart was shattered. It felt like someone was squeezing on your heart, wringing out every ounce of love and hope you had.

   “Why am I so fucking stupid?” You asked yourself, walking down the stairs and into the living room. Looking around, you found Sunghae on the floor with a couple of other people playing spin the bottle. Sensing that you were near her, she looked up smiling at you, but slowly noticing that you looked upset.

    “Hey, [Y/N]!” She said while getting up and walking towards you. “What happened to you?” You pressed your lips together and looked at her with glossy eyes. Sunghae frowned and pulled you into a hug, slightly understanding what was wrong. “Let’s get out of here.” She said, waving goodbye to her boyfriend and exiting the door with you.

   After arriving at the dorms, Sunghae walked you to your dorm and told you to rest because you both didn’t have any energy to talk. As you finished up your nightly routine, you turned on your phone to see if anyone had texted you. Sadly, there were only notifications from people you followed on social media, so you turned it off. You laid back on your bed, letting out a sigh. Why are things so complicated? You thought. You stared at the ceiling, slowly dozing off and into a deep sleep.

   The sound of your alarm woke you up and you opened your eyes slowly, then stretching your arms to grab your phone. Once you got up, you groaned at the obvious puffiness of your eyes. You ruffled your hair irritatedly and hopped in the shower to relieve your stress. Quickly, you left the dorm room and speed walked towards your class. The day went by smoothly and you were careful not to run into Jungkook or anyone close to him.

   In the afternoon, you decided to stop by the tea cafe to write your essay for class. Opening up your laptop on the table, you waited for your order to be called. As you were typing away, in the corner of your eye, you noticed someone staring at you. You lowered your head a little and continued to type away.

   “Chamomile tea, order 78!” Someone at the register called. You looked up from your laptop and got up from your seat, receiving your drink. Sipping from the tea, you stood still, your eyes wandering around the cafe. You looked at your seat near the window, then towards the area which you felt someone staring at you. Once you looked in their direction, a person’s head went down. You tilted your head to try and see the person’s face, but they had their hood on and their face was hidden. Sipping your tea, you approached the ominous person.

   “Excuse me,” you said. The person had no reply and so you tapped their shoulder. “Isn’t it rude to not answer to someone who is talking to you?” You raised an eyebrow at the person as they slowly looked up at you. You sighed, immediately identifying who the person was.

   “Sorry, [Y/N],” he replied. “Didn’t mean to be rude you.”

BTS Reaction: Idol Girlfriend Drums, Raps, and Dances


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Jin watched with a mesmerized gaze as the words quickly spilled out of your lips. He had no idea about your hidden talent until you and your group came out with your debut, which he was now watching. He knew you could dance, but he had no clue you could rap and play the drums like you did for the debut. He was surprised to say the least, but very excited and pleased with your skill.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your fanfiction and I'd like to ask you for smth: could you please write a little story where modern Sonic meets boom!Amy or backwards? Sorry for grammar - English isn't my first language.❤

So, I’ve done something before very similar to this! :D but I’ll write a new one xD (cause I can! lol)

And thank you! Don’t worry about your English, it’s just fine ^u^


Tails accidentally opens a portal to another parallel universe. Getting excited about it, he doesn’t notice Eggman slowly sneaking in with his robots; and while the team gaze deep into the vortex-swirling portal, he pushes them in!

Down, down, they go! Before Amy pops out of a watery wormhole, crashing through a waterfall and flailing as she hits the surface of the small watering hole below.

Coughing, she swims her way over to the bank, and tries to rest a moment as she wonders who pushed them all in.

Boom!Amy is now on her own, going through this rainforest without a single clue where she is.

“It’s fine. I’m fine.” She rubs her cold arms as she tries to comfort herself. Looking up, she shakes her head and pouts, acting as though she’s not afraid to be on her own.. in a strange… new world.

There were floating rings like she was used too, and taking a few, she continued along a path before seeing a checkpoint crossing in the distance.

“Ah! Finally!” she happily ran off, running into rings along the way as she sped along the trail through dashboards.

A few steps behind her, a figure walked out with his feet bringing up dust from the trail… the foot screeched to an animated halt with a sound effect common in this world.

The shoes were red… with golden buckles as the figure saw the missing rings… and knew someone must be ahead of him.

Amy, at first, tried to figure out how to move passed such a large distance of a gap, peering down and then wishing Tails were there.

She frowned, before hearing a buzzing sound and quickly pulling out her hammer, looking around her.

“Robots!” she cried out, seeing them just hang… motionless in the air.

“Huh?” She was confused why they weren’t attacking her.

They suddenly lifted their heads up, looking like big, hulking metal spinners as they started firing at a blue-…


“Sonic!” Amy cried out, thrilled to see her friend so-

He spun into the robots, landing on the other side, before turning around, smiling, but folding his arms as he raised an eyebrow.

“…W-where’s your…” she pointed to where his bandanna usually hung, before realizing this…

This was an alternate universe Sonic!

“A cosplayer? Way out here?” he teased, before noticing she looked too much like Amy to be a phony..

Modern Sonic smirked and leaned his head forward, not seeing a threat in her, but deciding to play along with whatever was going on. “A new outfit? Slimmer than usual… what happened to your design? Strange…” he lifted himself up, putting a hand to his muzzle as if seriously pondering this.

It was true he was curious, but he wasn’t in the least taking this serious.

“Maybe you’re a robot Eggman designed?” Sonic took on a playful stance, tilting his head to see if she would react to his suggestions.

“Wha? No! I’m Amy! Amy from another universe!” She threw her arms down and shouted over the distance.

Sonic laughed. “You sure do sound like her!”

“That’s because I- Oh, nevermind. Look. I’m looking for MY Sonic. He’s a little taller with a brown bandanna! Oh! And Tails! He’s got googles on his head and a belt…. like so.” she motioned her arms around to gesture what she was talking about, almost as if playing charades.

Sonic found this amusing, and stuck a leg out as he tipped the toe up a bit, listening to her and silently making fun of her acting out the objects she was describing; chuckling slightly.

“Also! Knuckles has-” she was wrapping the ‘imaginary’ bandage around her arms before seeing him trying to hold in a snicker.

“…Grr… You’re making fun of me!” she hollered at him, before picking up her hammer from the ground and starting to walk off. “I don’t need this! Hmph.”

“H-hey! Where you goin’? I thought you weren’t done explaining how funny you look!” He continued to tease, racing up along the edge of where she was till the island broke off and he had to skid to a halt.

He cupped his hands over his mouth, making the sound travel farther. “Don’t go! I’ll help you find your same-universe friends!”

She was surprised he was trusting her, but even more surprised by his friendly wink when she looked back to see him placing his hands on his hips; charmingly.


She felt awkward.

He had insisted carrying her, telling her it was faster as he stretched out.

He wasn’t sure what she was so weirded out about, but could definitely tell as she jumped out of his arm to battle, swinging her hammer at ranges from other robots from his arms, that she wasn’t the Amy he knew.

He was more used to having her just sit tight and when he let her down, start fighting, not so much take action while still in his arms!

His mouth formed into an ‘o’ as he watched her fire her hammer at another robot, before gripping it again as it came back to her.

“You’re pretty nifty!” he complimented, as she looked back to him and proudly swung her hammer around in a circle.

“I try~” she winked to him.

He smiled, seeing some familiarity with the subtle flirtation.

He then looked around, “I still don’t see your friends though…”

Amy grew saddened, looking around as well.

He then shrugged, “Oh well. Maybe they fell out of that portal thingy near Tails’s place? Hungry?” he tilted his head.

She wasn’t used to such a considerate Sonic, and nodded, blushing slightly in her awkward way.

“O-oh, um.. t-thank you. That sounds like a good plan.” she nodded, having already dried off but something nice and yummy in her tummy wouldn’t hurt!

Getting to Modern Tails’s place, he was baffled by her story, asking about specifics from his Alternate Universe’s machine; but she could only remember some minor details.

“Sorry… I really can’t remember much.” she looked truly apologetic, but also awkwardly taking in all his bombarding questions.

Sonic had looked to her funny, and she shrugged, stating silently that her Tails was just a little different…

“This is amazing! But of course, let’s make sure you get home and back with your friends first.” he nodded, and took out his Miles-Electric, hooking up wires and placing them on her forehead and arms.

Her eyes widened as she stopped eating a moment from the bowl of food he had given her as he started placing them around him, and then bent down to dig into a tool box.

“If you’re really from another world, you’re magnetic field should have a different polarization then us.” he got up, smiling in a perky manner. “Say Ah.” he put a device in her mouth as she felt the force push her back slightly, and turned to Sonic.

He shrugged with a weak smile, as if saying, ‘This is OUR Tails…’.

“In simplified terms, you basically have a different frequency pattern than we do. So if I can isolate it, I should be able to create a location device for it in my Miles-Electric!” He showed off his invention, then leaned forward a little to her.

“…Can your me do that?”

She shrugged, still having the device in her mouth.

He pouted, leaning away.

“All you two ever do is shrug at one another.” Tails commented, looking to Sonic, putting his hands full of wires and gadgets to his hips, suspicious.

“What are you two communicating that I can’t follow..?”

“Stuff.” Sonic shrugged.

Tails looked to Amy.

“Swhuff.” she shrugged again, having her words muffled.

The two looked to each other and smiled, tilting their heads back in a pleasant notion while Tails groaned and continued his research.

After a moment, Tails’s experiments were done and they began hunting the teams down.

They were shocked by Sticks, having been captured by one of Eggman’s robots.

Shadow had a run in with Boom!Sonic, who had attacked him, thinking him evil or somehow responsible for putting him in this mess.

Knuckles and Knuckles… met?

They both thought it was a reflection.


I don’t know.


It’s Knuckles.

Tails was found by Cream and Vanilla, who took him in, worried he had lost his memory somehow before the team showed up.

Having everyone, they were headed back to Modern Tails’s place. The Tails both got busy working together on the machine, seeming like long-lost brothers.

“Could you pass me the-” “No one ever gets it when I ask for that!” “Dude, I don’t want to leave! Tell me more about the different forms your X-Tornado can do!” “Sure!”

“Hey, no distractions!” Boom!Sonic warned, “It’s all fun and games till Meh Burgers deal coupons expire before you even get them.”

Modern Sonic made a odd face, and that’s when Boom!Amy approached him.

She rocked on her heels, being curious about him. “So… You… Like burgers?”

“Dunno.” he smiled to her, “I like Chilidogs way better though.”

She giggled, making Boom!Sonic’s ear hone in on the sound, and turn his head around.

He grumbled with folded arms, seeing them getting along so well…

“Well, of course you do. You’re Sonic!”

Boom!Sonic looked forward, making a grumpy face as he muttered to himself some insults about how that statement wasn’t completely true. He felt he was the ‘better’ Sonic… but never stated it.

Something made him intimidated by the other universe’s Sonic, he didn’t know why though.

“So, what’s the ‘Amy’ here, like?” she leaned on a table, using the bunny ears and being cutely friendly as he happily turned to give her more attention.

“She’s a lot more impulsive.”

Amy’s face dropped.

“But just like you, she’s gotta pretty smile.” he winked.

She grinned, lovely. As though her heart was melting inside.

Boom!Sonic double-taked, before getting annoyed and stepping in between them, waving his arms around.

“Alright, alright. That’s enough chit-chat! The Tails say they need some more materials to make the machine. I say we go!” He stuck a thumb up to himself, and looked to Amy.

The gesture made Modern Sonic raise an eyebrow, before smiling as if knowing what the other Sonic was supposing..

“Right! I’ll carry Amy!” Modern Sonic walked over, quickly with the intent to get the other jealous, and scooped her right off her feet.

She blushed, as was his intention, as Boom!Sonic grumbled, fire in his eyes.

“Put her down!”


“She’s not yours!”

“Well, no. She’s not anyones.”

Amy’s heart literally fluttered as she lightly swooned and dipped in his arms.

He watched her and smiled, thinking she was playing along.

The two Sonics had a race for who gets to take Amy, but Modern Sonic let Boom!Sonic win. He stated that two Amys would have been a hassle anyway.

The two departed as Amy remembered why she liked her Sonic better… Unlike Modern, Boom!Sonic treated her with great consideration, while Modern Sonic seemed to only notice her when it seemed he was up for it; or it mattered too.

Heading home, Amy wrote about her experience, but Sonic still seemed pretty hot-headed about her repeatedly mentioning him.

“What? Think he’ll come here and sweep me away?” She teased, kicking up her feet as she closed her book.

“Did he say that!?” Boom!Sonic flung around, growing paranoid as he ran around her home, shutting her binds and locking her doors, leaning against it. “She’s not here!”

She laughed, “Oh, you.” she rolled her eyes, giggling before going to hang out with him and team some more~

(Way AU, but I hope you enjoyed it :3 Slight jealous!boom! lol)

My Little History with Jashi

So I started Season 5 of Samurai Jack, like everyone else. When I saw the daughters of Aku, and how they focused more on Ashi in the beginning. I thought to myself “They’re going somewhere with her.” Not now. But I’ve seen enough shows to see how this goes. 

Anyway, I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed when I saw all the daughters get axed a couple of episodes later after encountering him. I guess a part of me was expecting more development within the girls. Mainly Ashi, considering how they focused on her at times during her training. But after seeing her “die”, I was just like “Oh well, guess I was wrong. Shame really. Wanted to see where they would go really.”

But then Episode 4 came out and was “Oh, fuck no, nevermind, she’s still alive we’re good.”

And thus began the… Bonding(?)…Development(?) Honestly I didn’t know to call it. What type of relationship do you call it when you try to get along with the person that just tried to kill you last episode? Anyway, as they interacted I found it funny how Jack trying to get Ashi to open up. While Ashi just kept giving Jack a glare. (Which I dubbed the constipation look. Lol, Damn it BnH XD) Anyway, throughout the episode. I didn’t really see anything between the two. At least not at first. But sometime throughout the week, I figured, “Eh lemme indulge my curiosity” cause my crackship mind was at work and I honestly wanted to see what Tumblr had to offer. 

When I got on Tumblr, I was kinda surprised (Though thinking about it now, not really) to see that there was a bit of Civil War going on as to whether or not Jashi should be considered Platonic or Romantic. The argument being Jack is literally 50 years older than Ashi. Despite his lack of aging. Oh yeah…forgot people would consider that a bit of a problem. But the hate for it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would. At least in my opinion. 

To be honest, I didn’t really ship it either at first…Okay that’s not necessarily true. I DID, but again that was my crackshipping mind at work. Plus I found their interactions cute at times wherever possible. But unlike most people. I was amongst the few that was completely with wherever Jack and Ashi’s relationship went. Be it Platonic or Romantic. I was fine with the end results. 

But then Episode 6 came out.

…Can I just take a quick moment to say how much of a Cinnamon Roll/Bae Ashi became that one episode? Seriously, having her meet the people that was helped by Jack over the years. And her realizing what she should finally do. It just touched my heart legit. And seeing her convinced Jack not to commit suicide did it for me. And apparently I wasn’t the only one. 

Imagine my surprise when a few days after Episode 6. I get on Tumblr today and find a lot more Jashi ship pictures. As if majority of people had an overturn on their views. Who knew that all it would take was one simple episode to change the fans’ minds. 

Don’t know if I ship Jashi seriously now…Oh who am I kidding? I probably do. But one things for certain. I love how closer the two have become. Regardless of their relationship status. 

Hamilton Reincarnation Fic

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Characters: Jefferson, Hamilton

Summary: Jefferson is not sure how exactly how to ask Alex if he remembers his past life without seeming insane.

“Are you seriously just gonna walk out of here without asking me?”

Thomas froze, a hand on the edge of a bookcase. Outside, the busy, rainy, city day crashed around them and was completely oblivious to the legends tiptoeing around each other. Inside, the quiet of the library forced both Thomas and Alex to keep their voices down. It was the only way to have a conversation without yelling at each other, they’d found.

Slowly, Thomas turned back. He raised a single eyebrow. “Ask… what?”

Alex snorted, shrugged obnoxiously, and leaned back in his chair so that only the two back legs touched the floor. “Nevermind, man. I’d… well, I assumed you actually had a purpose for meeting with me here.”

“Besides the school project.”

“Uh, yeah.”

Thomas rolled his eyes and walked back up to the table. “Look, kid. I don’t like you. I don’t want to spend any more time with you than is positively necessary.”

Alex stuck his tongue out (such maturity) and thumped his front chair legs down suddenly. “I’m not a kid, and we’re the same age.”

Thomas glared at him. Alexander Hollins.

Formerly, Alexander Hamilton.

Formerly, his sworn political rival.

Formerly, a royal pain in the backside.

No, scratch that. Continually, a royal pain in the backside.

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  • Three Founders lose Slytherin in Hogwarts:
  • Gryffindor: I've looked all over the grounds, and in the men's rooms.
  • Hufflepuff: I've checked all the Classrooms.
  • Ravenclaw: I've checked all the towers and large area rooms.
  • Ravenclaw: What about?...nevermind.
  • Gryffindor: What about what?
  • Ravenclaw: It's silly...but what about the girls bathrooms?
  • Slytherin: *frantically running from out of nowhere* I'M HERE! I'M HERE! Noo need to go looking for me in the girl's lavatory! Right here! Hello! Nothing suspicious about my whereabouts as I am standing here now!
  • Hufflepuff: Found You!
  • G + R: Really?
  • Hufflepuff: Hufflepuffs are great finders.
  • Slytherin: Well let's go with that.

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I love Steven the Dragon, who collects mysteries. Seriously, is there anything more perfect?! Like, I have never even thought of that and it is brilliant, yes, love it as much as I love all of your other stories so far, so glad I found it :D Also the superhero stories- Madame Science is spectacular. Like, for one thing, her assumption that of course Scott will date her once she's no longer a villain! Nevermind the fact that he doesn't know it's her! Do you have any other stories with her?

Steven the Dragon is such a beautiful person! Poor Raoul doesn’t quite know what he’s getting into, playing cat and mouse with him!

As for Madame Science, she got quite the shock when she realized that just because she quit being a villain didn’t mean he’d go out with a lady who, for all intents and purposes, he’d never met before!

My next short story collection coming out is going to be Parent Points in March! After that, I can’t decide whether I’m going to do a witch story collection, or a superhero collection! Either way there will be more of Madame Science eventually :)

Steven the Dragon (X)

Madame Science (X)

Parent Points (X)

I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 34/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 33

“You’re gonna have to tell me how this isn’t bad, Nick,” you snapped, “because all that I can see here is how you manipulated everyone to get your way!  Again!”

“I did this because they needed the push, and he needed to step away. ”

“Oh, I’ll give you a push.  I’ll push you off the goddamn roof!”

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Can you do a mark watney x reader where the reader is his wife and he comes home and meets his 8 month son and she tells him that she named it after him! - @frootdollhouse

A/N - okay so it says you’ve deactivated but i thought id post this anyway, also from how long he was on mars the baby would be closer to a year and half to two years so i’ve altered the ages a bit, also the timeline may not be entirely accurate in matching up to the film/pregnancy but call it creative license

You didn’t know what to do. Your husband had left for Mars only two weeks ago and you just found out that were pregnant. He would still be in space when you gave birth, it wasn’t as if he could come back now even if he wanted to.

He was stressed enough going to live on another planet for a month nevermind having to deal with the thought of you pregnant at home.

You hadn’t been to the doctors yet, maybe the test with two glaring pink lines was wrong. Maybe.

Nope, you were pregnant. One month along.

Mark was in space.

It was still the first trimester, lots of stuff could go wrong. You could just keep it to yourself until you were absolutely sure everything would be fine.

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Ricky Horror/Reader


Perhaps it was the way the slammed door, making the whole house shake, or maybe it was the way you heard him mumbling to himself, but from the moment you heard your husband walk through the front door, you knew he was angry. With a frown and a sigh, you pushed yourself off the rocking chair you had set up in the nursery. Even though you knew he wasn’t in his best mood, you felt butterflies come to your stomach. You made your way down the stairs, and into the living room where your husband, Ricky, was already busy tearing through the drawers.
“Honey?” you called out to him. “What’s wrong?” you asked, waddling towards him. He continued to rifle through the drawers.
“It was the guys in the studio. It’s like working with a bunch of middle school boys. I swear I’m the only adult in the band. And I tried to make your ultrasound appointment, but Chris wouldn’t let us leave until we got something done. Now we need to-” he stopped when he turned around and saw you. It was like all the anger melted from his face. “Nevermind,” he smiled softly, leaning in to give you a kiss. There were those butterflies again. They always happened when I saw Ricky or thought of him. After a soft, warm kiss, he squatted down, bringing himself eye level with your pregnant belly. “How are you, blueberry?” he asked softly to the baby inside you before placing a gentle kiss to the top of your belly. Blueberry was what you two jokingly called the baby. It was apparently how big the baby was when you found out you were pregnant.
“I picked up the cake from the bakery,” you told him, a small smile spreading across your lips.
“Did you cut into it yet?” he asked, looking a little nervous. Suddenly, you felt the butterflies again. they came more and more often lately.
“I wanted to wait for you.” You had ordered one of the cakes that was either blue or pink depending on the babies gender, and you two had finally decided to find out the gender.
Ricky went into the kitchen, pulling out two small plates and forks for the cake as well as a large enough knife, handing it to you so you could cut it open.
“You cut it,” you nervously said, passing the knife back to him.
“Okay,” he said, equal parts of excitement and nervousness showing on his face. “One. Two. Three!” he said, quickly cutting into the cake. You held out the first plate as he plopped down… a blue piece of cake.
“A boy?” Ricky asked excitedly.
“A boy!” you confirmed, just as much excitement filling your voice. There were the butterflies again. Your hand flew to your belly, hoping to help the nervous jitters relax.
“Are you okay?” Ricky asked you, placing a protective hand over your stomach, “Is the baby kicking?”
“No. It’s just like butterflies. It’s been happening when I get excited. Mostly when I see you,” you giggled a little.
“You know,” Ricky started, “I was reading up on one of those pregnancy books.”
“Aw. You were reading a book for me?” you cooed.
“Yes. Now listen. I read that sometimes, when the baby kicks, it feels like butterflies.”
Then, I felt it again. Ricky’s hand was still resting on my belly, and he must have felt it too, because suddenly the biggest smile spread across his face. “We’re gonna have a boy!” Ricky smiled, jumping up to kiss my lips again. “Now. Who wants some cake?”

[SCENARIO] Jeonghan when his GF is sick...

Request from: carrot anon🥕

Prompt: Y/n caught a terrible flu & Jeonghan knows the perfect way to take care of it.

Ello friend! Weeeee Jeonghan is really flooding up our inbox!!!
& I sincerely apologise for the burst of gifs??? I feel like I need to stop using them to explain my scenarios HAHAHA but I find that it’ll be easier for you to imagine because you can “see” how they’ll look like/react? Idk if you understand me but HAHAHA nevermind :’-) ENjOY!

junnie :>

Jeonghan | Jun

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Jeonghan when he finds out that you’re sick…

  • He has a busy schedule but him being him will drop everything when he finds out that you’re sick
  • So you decided to hide your flu from him so that he can focus on whatever he’s doing
  • And when he found out that you’ve not been feeling well the entire day, he’ll be a little extremely upset…
  • You got caught when you opened the door for him and you sneezed right in front of his face
  • “I’m sorry Jeonghannie, I didn’t want you to worry…”
  • (As the eomma of Seventeen, you will definitely see his motherly instincts experience his motherly nagging)
  • He would ramble on for about an hour about how worried he was and how you should’ve called him etc. (p a r a n o i d)
  • And when he realises that you’re still listening to him instead of resting, he’ll be very annoyed and internally starts blaming himself
  • Marches you into your room immediately
  • Throws 500 layers of blankets over you, tucks you in and strokes your hair to help you sleep
  • And when you do, he will boil chicken soup for you (because unlike Jun, Jeonghan knows what he’s doing)
  • Being the mother that he is, Jeonghan will check in on you every 3 minutes or so just to make sure that you’re still in bed and that you didn’t do anything stupid
  • (Anxious boyfriend, ESPECIALLY when you’re sick)
  • When the soup is ready, he’ll wake you up by gently shaking your shoulder
  • “Y/n, get up. Come eat.”
  • “I’m not hungry”
  • “You’re not going to get better if you don’t eat
  • Without letting you reply, he’ll help you out of bed and into the dining room
  • He’ll sit beside you to make sure that you’re eating
  • Because he finds joy in simplicity - Just looking at his girlfriend eating the food that he makes will immediately put a smile on his face
  • “That’s my girl
  • *Pats your head*
  • Feeds you your meds
  • Before doing the dishes, he’ll help you back into your room + throw another 5000 blankets over you
  • Joins you in bed for a cuddle when he’s done
  • And since lips are out of the equation, he’ll resort to giving you tons of nose kisses instead
  • “You’re going to get sick too if you keep this up”
  • (insert sassy Jeonghan here) “EXCUSE mE, you didn’t tell me that you were sick so you don’t have any rights to tell me what I can’t do now”
  • (Which earns him a cute pout from you)
  • “Thank you for taking care of me and loving me”
  • “Don’t say that, jagi. It’s my duty. Besides, 누구애기?” (‘nugu aegi’ which means ‘whose baby are you’) [Kudos to you if you get it 😏]
  • “Jeonghannie’s 애기” 💖

[Credits to respective gif owners]

Party time / Dr. Chilton

Originally posted by black-lodge-gatekeeper

REQUEST: Hi i’m so glad you decided to do prompts again. Could i please ask for , 41 and 44 with frederick chilton if you can? Thank you so much by @kjs-s

A/N: I hope you like it! Sorry, I’m late for Chilton appreciation day ^^

41. “Not sure if you could tell, but I’m not exactly a people person.”
44. “This is awkward.”

Warnings: Awkwardness, embarrassment, social anxiety, mentions of injuries, party

“This is awkward“, Frederick quietly said to himself while he fumbled with the head of his cane. This party was a disaster - well, not for everybody else, as they seemed to enjoy themselves but for him it was socially devastating. He was standing in between groups of people whose ecstatic chatter sounded through the big room. He didn’t know who to talk to and he felt like everybody noticed and their laughter was on his behalf.
He only came because of you. Not that you invited him, but you mentioned this event the last time you talked. So he took all his remaining courage and showed up.
He began sweating as he looked at the clock. It has been 15 minutes he’s been standing there by himself and he didn’t know how much longer it was acceptable for him to do so, without becoming the awkward guest that everybody talked about.
But he came for you and he would never forgive himself, if he left before you came. Such an opportunity might not come again, your small job at the institute was done and soon he wouldn’t have an excuse to talk to you anymore. He needed to stay, needed to see you and if that meant he had to step out of his comfort zone and make an idiot out of himself, he would do that with his head held high. Not to mention that it wouldn’t be the first time people made fun of him.
“Dr. Chilton!“, your cheerful voice and the gentle hand you placed on his shoulder nearly made him fall over. “I didn’t know you would come, what a nice surprise!“
He turned around to face you and couldn’t but smile. You were beautiful, he’d never seen you dressed up like that.
“M…Miss Y/N!“ He didn’t know how to greet you, since you didn’t offer him a hand, you just rested your perfect palm on his upper arm and he was very aware of your touch. “The host is an old friend of mine and since I’ve been close by, I thought why not.“ He shrugged to accentuate his words but it only made him loose balance for a second. You were there quickly and prevented him from falling over by placing your other hand on his other arm.
Frederick gulped. You were so close.
You furrowed your brows. “I didn’t know you knew Sharon. How could I have missed that?“
He didn’t have a backup plan, if you found out it was a lie. Suddenly his collar felt a little too tight. “Eh, w…well…“, he tried to come up with something witty but looking into your sparkling eyes, he completely lost his words.
“Nevermind, you can tell me later!“, you said and smiled again. He felt relieved for the moment, although it was more like a short delay. “Or Sharon can tell me, have you seen her? I just arrived!“
Frederick could just stare at your enticing lips and what doom came out between them. Your mouth was the light and he was the deer that got caught and would soon get crashed by a car. The sarcastic voice inside his head told him the car accident sounded more alluring right now.
“I…I lied“, he admitted in a panic reaction.
You took it as some kind of joke and laughed. “What? What did you lie about?“
He took a deep breath and noticed you slightly stepped back but your left hand still rested on his body. Under all his pathetic lies he was still a psychiatrist and he knew that meant you at least felt sympathy towards him. He decided to follow through. “I don’t know anybody here.“ He swallowed. “I came to see you.“
You stared at him, your wonderful lips slightly apart. “Well…“, you started and Frederick felt like fainting. He wanted to escape this awful situation and run away, but then he thought about his cane and how pitiful it must be to watch him pace. He couldn’t even disappear without making a fool out of himself.
“That’s pretty cute“, you said, only a little cheekier this time.
He felt his heart drop. Never in this world he thought you could actually find it cute. Pathetic, creepy - yes, but cute?
Frederick noticed he was bluntly staring at you. He quickly coughed and smirked insecurely.
“I must admit“, you laughed and he could tell you came a little closer again. “I never thought you were the party type. At least I’m not, I nearly didn’t show up.“
“Not sure if you could tell, but I’m not exactly a people person“, he confessed and playfully shook his head while adjusting his tie.
Your following laughter finally gave him the confidence to ask what he came for, although he didn’t think he would actually do it. “I…I was wondering, if you’d like to go out with m… me!“
You blinked. “Like, right now?“
Fredrick cleared his throat. “I’d like to take you on a date“, he repeated himself in case you didn’t fully understand.
“Alright“, you beamed him a smile. “How about I take you out now? The night is still young… and you get the next turn?“
He shortly shut his eyes to process what you’ve said. When he looked at you again, you were standing a little apart and had a questioning look in your eyes. “Sounds delightful!“, he finally said and offered you an arm, which you took immediately. He never thought he could feel so lucky.

Fantasy Sentence Starters - Archery Edition

“Draw back, find your target, and then fire.”
“Mind that bowstring doesn’t get wet.”
“This takes more strength than I thought it would.”
“You’re almost out of arrows.”
“I’ve been trying for hours and I can’t even hit the target, nevermind the mark.”
“Hey! Watch where you’re walking!”
“Alright, new plan. Find me a crossbow.”
“Think you can check the tension on this?”
“Your stance is all wrong. How are you ever going to get better if you don’t work on the basics?”
“Screw it. I’ll throw knives instead.”
“We’re firing into the wind here.”
“Archers! Cover me!”
“I swear I have no idea what I’m doing.”
“This? I found it. Watch me make an idiot of myself trying to shoot it.”
“Have you any idea how hard it is to fire arrows while mounted?”
“See, I told you you could do it.”
“That was a difficult shot.”
“The tips are poisoned, so be careful.”

Here’s a line I found to be particularly interesting:

EB: a distaction, perhaps? 
EB: nevermind.

I can’t seem to figure out what John means by “a distraction” though..

Well, first off he’s making a SBAHJ reference.

The suggestion is that a preoccupation with fate and causality might distract you from something that is more important, just like Sweet Bro got angry about socks while Hella Jeff stole his car and drove it into a lake. Or like how Vriska stepped on tons of D4′s and blamed it on bad luck instead of cleaning her room.