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I don't blame trans women for the transition I regret. I blame the misogynistic, homophobic therapist who couldn't imagine that a woman could look or act like me and literally cited the toys I played with as a kid as a reason I must be a man. And she probably denied transition to trans women who weren't feminine enough, too, but it's clear you've made up your mind on detransitioners' experiences so nevermind.

do you get this confrontational with the overwhelming majority of detrans people feverishly committed to barring trans women from lifesaving healthcare and, like, the right to exist in public space–or just the women who are bitter about that?

but yeah, you’re one of the good ones. “not all detrans,” and so on and so forth

  • <p> <b>Newt:</b> I made this case so all my animals could live in a welcoming environment for them!<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Wow this is some advanced magic, how did you do it? Did it take a while?<p/><b>Newt:</b> No it didn't take very long.<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> And everything is segmented into different weather for each species with enough space for them to roam if need be. That's amazing. Could you show me how you did it?<p/><b>Newt:</b> *shrugs* The animals needed it.<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Right, but the magic you used...<p/><b>Newt:</b> *slight pause* The animals needed it.<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Right, but it must have been difficult.<p/><b>Newt:</b> The animals-<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Nevermind.<p/></p>
  • Inspector Megure: *arrive at a crime scene, see a dead body and start looking around* So where is he?
  • Random police officer: Where is who?
  • Inspector Megure: Edogawa Conan. If there is a dead body, he is bound to be around here somewhere.
  • Random police officer: Is this Conan person a potential suspect?
  • Inspector Megure: No. He is a 6 year old kid.
  • Random police officer: Why would a 6 year old kid be at a crime scene?
  • Inspector Megure: You'd be surprised. I'm working under the theory he is either an actual angel of death in human form sent to punish me for some pass transgression. Or the most prolific serial killer Japan has ever seen.
  • Random police officer: Inspector?
  • Megure: *sigh* Nevermind. What do you have?
  • Suddenly from just off scene: Arere?

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What do you think about the time where Touka suggest that Kaneki's life would be better without her in it? And compared to now where she seems to be waiting for something.

Well, she wasn’t saying that exactly; she was just saying that Kaneki would be better off in the Human World rather than the Ghoul one, and she felt the need to distance herself from him because she considers herself part of that Ghoul World (which is exactly, as it happens, how Kaneki felt in the second half of the first manga). Kaneki himself believed that to be the truth, but he was lying to himself.

The notorious lying chin-touch. Truth was that Haise could never suppress the existence of his Ghoul self in his mind, and so long as he kept on uselessly fighting it he could never be truly happy. Like the legendary king Damocles, his happy lifestyle was constantly undermined by the sword hanging by a single horse hair over his head at all times. He is a Half-Ghoul, and he can never find peace of mind without accepting both sides of himself. So both Touka and Haise were mistaken - Kaneki’s life needs to encompass both worlds, and Touka must definitely be in it. Even when he was trying to shut off his past, it was Touka who made him first want to remember it - an angelic face compared to the demonic one of the Ghoul in his head.

Also, now that we’ve seen Kaneki’s secret motivation (which was far healthier than I was expecting, way to go Ken!) it’s pretty clear that Kaneki’s current goal in life requires Touka’s presence.

As for what Touka’s waiting for, she’s waiting for the same thing we are! The Touken talk she was promised 15 chapters ago! But she’s got lots to do in the meantime wiping up the emotional mess from the Kureo Mado arc that has been festering for two whole mangas.

Still…soon, Ishida? Pretty please?