Hello my Fellow Nevermets! or Wemetonlines (i realize some have met =P) 

i hope you are having a great day reading those Texts, IMs, and Emails from you sweethearts. Remember to let them know how much you appreciate them and that communication is key to every relationship. Though us onliners tend to perfect the skill a little better! 

One Step At A Time!

Source: Long Distance by *Skirtzzz on deviantART

Relationships are stronger when you actually know the other person. What makes them laugh, what makes them tick. Sometimes we form these intimate bonds without realize what we have done. We then strive forward, for a bright future know that it is possible that there will be troubles and problems down the road. We find comfort in the cliche and cheese and daydream about when the distance will be gone

*mentally kicking myself about the coriness =D*

Unexpected Connection

In 2010 I met him online through a mutual friend. She thought we had a lot in common and would make good friends. I was with someone at the time but I figured someone else on my friends list wouldn’t go astray. I never had any thoughts of it being anything more than a friendship. My relationship at that time broke down unexpectedly and I had a big upheaval in my life.  Things were very difficult for me yet he insisted on being there regardless. For someone whom I was only just introduced to, I never expected this kind of support. No matter what happened he was there. We’d chat through MSN and then moved to Skype. Things grew slowly and even though I resisted given how crazy my life was he continued to pursue. 

Everything changed in December of last year. He sent me a gift, something very simple but extremely thoughtful. It was from that moment that I realised exactly how he felt and it wasn’t just a passing fancy. I resisted because of the distance. 5000km and two timezones was a big thing. The time, not so much but the distance was something I’d never ever managed successfully. The difference here is that everything started online. It’s coming up to a year from the receipt of that thoughtful gift that changed my mind. I never ever expected to be here. I’m hoping to meet him early next year.

No Longer Nevermets

This is a photo from our first meet-up with lyrics from one of my favorite songs, “Impossible Soul” by Sufjan Stevens.  I can say without a doubt that the weekend we spent together was the best weekend of my life.  To those who haven’t met their SO yet, it’s worth the wait.  1300 miles separate us, but I’ve never been more comfortable than when he was in my arms.  I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us :)