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Six years ago, when I was still in high school, I was watching the Jeremy Sumpter version of Peter Pan in my bedroom. It had reached the part where he’s asking Wendy to come away to Neverland when I heard something hit my window. I was two floors up. Is it weird the first thing I did when I looked out the window was look up?

Submitted by anonymous. 

I’ve completely fallen for Peter Pan from OUAT. Even though he’s evil, I’m completely attracted to everything about him (looks and personality), and I get butterflies in my stomach and smile girlishly every time I see him. Sometimes I feel foolish for liking a fictional character, but he’s just so perfect to me (and for me). He’s my favorite of all the Pans, and I guess that says stuff about my personality (preferring a villain) but that’s just what I like, I guess. Peter Pan never fails, and I find that extremely inviting (ignoring his tragic end). 


Though it is what everyone wants and hopes for, and gets disappointed over, I’ve come to accept that Peter Pan may not come to my window. Instead, I’ll find my own way to Neverland and I’ll meet him there. Then I’ll tell him the adventure of how it happened. I feel like that’s more worth it than wishing away my life waiting for him to come to me. That way, I have something to strive for.

Submitted by  crystal-lillies.

When I was little, like 8 years old ish, I thought Peter Pan was real, and that he whisked me away to Neverland each night, but when he returned me to my bed he wiped my memory so that I wouldn’t tell anyone about it. I even convinced my little sister that the little bottle of glitter I had was pixie dust, and had her jump off of my bed post. When she tumbled onto the ground instead of taking flight, I told her it was because she didn’t have enough faith and trust. She and I are now planning on getting sister tattoos once she turns 18, and they’re going to be Peter Pan tattoos.

Submitted by thatoneauthorgirl.

I was not blessed with the best traits. To be honest I’m not “pretty” enough or “smart” enough. I always try my best to look good and I get compliments. Back in June I found out that I couldn’t walk to my own graduation because I haven’t passed my math proficiency and I feel devastated about it because all this time I thought my grades were going to bring me down. But in the end it was the proficiency that brought me down. That test was easy but I’m the only one couldn’t pass it. My family is so disappointed and I feel disappointed. I can’t stop feeling grief and burden and sadness. There’s honestly no future for me and I’m giving up. I have cried and stressed over homework and exams and projects only for what? In the end it doesn’t matter what your grade is. I am exhausted and should’ve quit high school. And I am in love with this one guy that won’t know I ever exist and it hurts because he’s in a band and girls over the world are falling for him. I am an 18 year old who loves Peter Pan and nobody knows the real reason why. Peter Pan gave me hope. It gave me this crazy imagination that someday a boy will take me away from growing up. And I know that soon I will be joining him even if I’m 18. I will be forever 18 . I hate the world but I don’t hate neverland.

Submitted by  96bitchin.

I grew up with Peter Pan, i’ve read the book thousands of times, i can tell dialogues from the movies by heart, i can sing every song featured in them and i’ve got Peter’s shadow on my door. He’s always been there but i’ve never needed him more than I do now. My dad died few years ago, my grandparents hate me, my uncle has a cancer and i can’t do anything because i don’t have money for a plane ticket to Australia and i’m mentally ill. The only think keeping me sane and alive is Peter Pan and i will never be able to say how thankful I am

Submitted by anonymous. 

When I was little, around three or four, I watched Peter Pan and automatically fell in love with him. I have always loved Peter. I have always believed in Peter. I use to leave my window open for him, when I was a child. I don’t want to grow up and forget the thought that Peter can possibly be out there, still searching for my open window. I saw Peter in the Magic Kingdom play, also when I was younger. I was VERY excited, but I never got to meet him and that breaks my heart to this very day.

Submitted by gabriellethelostgirl.