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Tagged by: kapten-krok
Name: Michelle
Nicknames: Shell
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: straight
Height: 5.5 
Favorite Color: pink :)
Time and date at current moment: 2:28, Feb. 1, 2015
Average Hours of Sleep: 8+
Last thing Googled: team names that start with D
One Place That Makes Me Happy: Disneyworld
How Many Blankets Do I Sleep Under: two/three
Favorite Fictional character: (I have a lot, but probs Peeta)
Favorite Book: I really like The Winner’s Curse series, & THG, & Harry Potter
Favorite Animation: Avatar the Last Airbender (tv), or The Little Mermaid (movie)
Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones
Favorite food: Shepherd’s Pie
Last Movie Seen in the Cinema: Into The Woods
Dream Vacation: South Korea, or a tour in Europe
Dream Wedding: Disney themed, or old fashioned (like ball gowns)
Dream Job: history prof. or writer

I’m going to tag: thepeterpangeeksecond-st4r-to-the-rightyouarea-codfishneverlandconfessionsthathiddenkissyour-biggest-pretendwhobeyoutocallmegirly, & anyone else who wants to do this :)

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I was tagged by @darkpeterpanouat

Name: Camila

Nickname: Cami, Cam, Panda (don’t mind the last one, long story)

Star Sign: Leo

Gender: Female

Height: 5′5

Favorite Colors: Skyblue and blue, basically everything that has blue on it

Time Right Now: 19:31pm

Average Hours of Sleep: 6 or 7 hs more or less

Lucky Numbers: 2, 8, 16

Last Thing I Googled: literally “Dan Howell memes” don’t judge me

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: It’s summer here where I live so none or maybe 1, you know just to keep supernatural things away.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Peter Pan / Merlin / Chuck Bass / Daryl Dixon / Winchester brothers / Michael Scofield / Damon Salvatore / and many, many others…

Favourite Books: The best of Agatha Christie / Personal Demons / Maze Runner

Dream Job: Writer

What Am I Wearing Right Now: Bunny t-shirt with a short.

When Did You Create Your Blog: A year ago maybe

Current Amount of Followers: 2,777

What Do You Post About: Peter Pan Imagines

Do You Have Other Blogs: Nope, just this one

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: during the last month, it was the 8th of January

Who Is Your Most Active Follower: @starstruckdreamlandeagle (btw I love you)

What Made You Decide To Get A Tumblr: The idea of sharing you guys the both things I most like, writing and Robbie

Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis: Only the day after I post a good imagine, everyone likes to request by that moment apparently

Why Did You Choose Your URL: Because I really needed OUAT to bring Pan back 





















I wasn’t into Peter Pan that much when I was younger. I only really fell in love with him when I was around 13, and now I’m 16 and completely obsessed. But I think that’s when we need him the most. We start to understand that maybe growing up isn’t  as fun as we thought it would be. The teenage years are when we start to wish we could stay young forever. We want to fly to Neverland, escape all our responsibilities, and never grow up. When we’re little Neverland just sounds like a fun place to be, but now it sounds like the perfect escape, and I would give anything to go there.

Submitted by hangloooseyo.

I have been dating a guy for about 6 months now, I told him about a month ago about my ongoing obsession with Peter Pan that began when I was a little girl. Halloween night, he showed up at my house at about 9 o’clock dressed in a Peter Pan costume that he put together himself, tights and all. Apparently the night that I told him about it, he planned this idea and told my family, his family, and basically half of the school, and they all kept it a surprise. It was one of the greatest moments of my entire life. 

Submitted by kill-the-machines.

About a week ago, my English teacher was mad about students not studying for tests and misbehaving in class. She yelled “GROW UP, OKAY?!”  and had went to every student in the class, making them say “I will.” I  was fighting back tears because I was imagining what Peter Pan would say. Vowing to never grow up is the one thing I stand for,and she basically took it away.

Submitted by the-last-joanne.

It bothers me when people complain about how peter pan tattoos are all the same. I just happened to like the one with Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael are flying, and it is placed behind the left ear. And it is an insult to me to say its not original, peter pan was my childhood and I think it is a beautiful tattoo. I’m not getting it for style, I’m getting it because peter pan means the world to me.

Submitted by anonymous.