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There Is No Escape - Part 7

Note: The plot thickens! Just what is Pan up to? Don’t forget that if you would like to be added to my tag list just send a message my way :)

Peter Pan/Killian Jones x Reader

Words: 1561

Warnings: None.

Disclaimer: None of the gifs are mine. All credit is given to those who made them <3

Hours seemed to have dragged by since Killian had forced Felix into the island’s forest with him and his patience really was beginning to wear thin. There was no possible way they were still yet to find you. Yes this island was big but the pirate had been here enough to know where he was going….or at least he thought he had anyway. His brows furrowed in a mixture of both confusion and annoyance at the situation and although the younger boy in front of him couldn’t see this look on his face for himself he knew all too well he was getting annoyed.

The frequent jabbing of the sword into his back to get him moving was one clear sign of this.

Finding it all rather amusing the tall blonde didn’t even try to hide the laugh that escaped from him.

“What are you laughing at boy?!”

“Your stupidity….no wonder the boys all call you ‘codfish’ around here. They’re hardly known for their intelligence now are they?”

An animal like growl escaped the pirate as he reached his hook out towards the boy and drove the sharp end into the boy’s clothing – not to hurt him (just yet anyway) but to get a hold on him so that he could pull him in closer to him. When their bodies collided the sword went up to Felix’s throat and his lips forced themselves onto his ear.

“Insult my intelligence again boy and you will find yourself unable to speak again. Now….what do you find so bloody funny?!”

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All By Your Lonesome

Prompt: #6 from prompt list: “It’s just you - you’re all alone”

     You stalked silently trough the trees, your training coming back after all those years away. Everything seemed the same. Well, almost everything. It was day now. When last you traveled the island it was perpetually night time. It’s because he’s gone, you thought as you came to the old camp site. The island is at peace now. But you couldn’t help but miss it. The sounds of war and merriment. Of Lost Boys hollering and dancing to Pan’s flute.

     Walking further into the camp, you reflected on the times past. Your earliest memories of Neverland were your fondest, the ones where it was all new. Magic, mischief, and mayhem. And of Pan. The boy with forest green eyes and a hand offering acceptance. Smiling to yourself, you almost walked past it - Pan’s tent. You were never allowed inside when he was here. But now, you thought sadly, I suppose it would be alright. Your fingers touched the fabric of the burlap flap covering the entrance, fingers light as feathers. Were you ready? Do be near his things? To dig up old wounds? You shook your head, no one else was going to go in here.

     When you stepped inside, your senses were hit with a multitude of stimuli. First thing was the atrocious smell. A squirrel or two probably died in here. After that was the disheveled nature of the room. The holes in the ‘roof’ shone like stars and leaves covered the ground, mattress, and every other flat surface. You sighed, you had a lot to go through.


     About half an hour later, you’d found the source of the smell -it was actually a dead rabbit, not a squirrel- and searched most of the bookshelves. Now you sat cross legged on the bed looking through a box you’d found under the bed. There were small things in it, a blue ribbon, a tattered corn husk doll, and what looked like the remains of a post card now mostly faded. As you reached the bottom, you found something else: a thimble tied on a piece of yarn. You laughed to yourself. I guess all the stories ARE true. For purely selfish reasons, you slipped the makeshift necklace over your head and let it fall under your shirt. You would keep this, that was all. This one little thing of his and let the rest be forgotten in time.

     Regina had a plan you see. She, Mr. Gold, Emma, Tinkerbelle, and Blue were going to try and seal off the island from outsiders to prevent another Pan. To stop anyone from coming to Neverland, even in their dreams. It had been your job to search this section of the island (for you knew it the best) and make sure there was nothing left here to interfere with that. Charms, talismans, cursed objects, and the like. There was nothing of course. Pan hadn’t planned for that. He hadn’t anticipated losing. You hadn’t thought he’d loose either. You’d only agreed to help clear this place out because there was a part of you, you’d never admit how large, that thought maybe, just maybe, he’d be waiting for you. To say “What took you so long?” and you’d try again. But of course, he wasn’t, and he didn’t, and you weren’t. You placed the box gently on the mattress and hurried to the exit, drying tears you hadn’t realized were there. As you stepped back into the golden light you saw a phantom, floating in the middle of camp.

     “Hello Shadow,” you whispered. The dark figure inclined it’s head in your direction. It’s head turned and peaked around. “It’s just you," the Shadow asked, ”you’re all alone?“ You knew the Shadow could speak -Pan had told you so himself- but the hearing it’s voice for the first time was a little bit of a shock. You shook your head. "Emma and Blue are checking Pan’s tree. Hook’s probably around here to, and Tink’s clearing out her place.” The Shadow tilted it’s head to the left, questioning. “I meant of the Lost Children. You’re the last one?” The question hit you right in your heart. Though you knew it to be true, it still pained you to think about it. With Felix and Pan dead and gone, most of the Lost Boys had been adopted or lived together in the woods of Storybrooke. As far as you knew, you were only one still lost without your leader, without your Peter Pan. "Yes.“


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Fic: How Lucky We Are (6/?) (M)

Author’s note: Thank you all for your patience! This verse is so much fun; I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I did writing it.

Summary: What happens when a revenge obsessed pirate meets a princess at a ball?

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter 6

Emma stared at Tinkerbelle, flabbergasted. Nothing made sense. “Not Blue? Tink, you must be mistaken. That makes no sense!”

Tinkerbelle simply looked worried and sad. “Emma, I know what I saw. I’ve known Blue for a long time. That fairy wasn’t her. I swear. It’s hard to forget the woman who banished you.”

If Tinkerbelle was right, then the corridor was no place to discuss such things. She grabbed the other woman’s hand and nodded up the hall. “My room’s just ahead. We can talk there.” She could also find out if Killian was back from his interrogation.

Emma threw open the door, looking around eagerly for her pirate. “Killian? You here?” Only silence greeted her. “Killian? Tinkerbelle is here?” More silence. Don’t panic, she thought wildly. There could be a dozen reasons he wasn’t back yet.

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There Is No Escape - Part 8

Note: Pan seems to have gotten what he wanted. The reader is happy….but nothing stays that way on Neverland.

Peter Pan x Killian Jones x Reader

Words: 1479

Warnings: The TINIEST bit of language is used.

Disclaimer: No GIFs are mine. Credit to the creators.

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It has been weeks since Peter had helped you get your memories back and what once felt like such an intimidating and dangerous place is now the only place you can really call home. Your connection with each of the lost boys was rekindled, much to the joy of the smallest one that had been so hurt by your memory loss, and Peter….well…that was a different matter entirely.

He is, of course, still the cocky and arrogant boy you have always known him to be but there is something different about him. Something that is even beginning to get picked up by the other boys; he is constantly around you, not seeming to leave you side for even the briefest of seconds, he has even set up a hammock in his treehouse so that you are in his sights throughout the night too. All the time you have known him for you have never seen him so protective.

It was sweet, in his own little way, but it is beginning to make you feel a little suffocated now. Something needed to be done.

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Neverland is the way I would like real life to be… timeless, free, mischievous, filled with gaiety, tenderness, and magic.
—  Mary Martin
There Is No Escape - Part 6

Note: This part took a little longer than I would have liked it to but I hope the wait is worth it for you. Things are certainly going to be getting very interesting soon! :) Sorry there is no Killian in this chapter!

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1279

Warnings: None.

Did you want to listen to him? It isn’t exactly the first thing on your mind that you want to do but right now you didn’t have much of a choice. He is offering, supposedly, a way to get your memories back…how could you really say no to that?

“Yes, I will listen….for now. But if this ends up being some kind of nasty little trick you will know about it.”

Your words are supposed to sound full of confidence, intimidating almost, but they are nowhere near that. Instead they come out in a nervous little stumble and you soon find yourself feeling rather flush in the cheeks as they glow a deep crimson color.

“Oh I’m sure I will [y/n]. I’m sure I will. In fact I rather look forward to it.”

He flashes you a playful wink before wrapping his fingers around a few of the delicate vines and pulling them aside so that you could see what lay beyond them. Given that the rest of the island seems to be so bleak and miserable you are surprised to see just how beautiful the sight before you actually is. The small cave the curtain of vines had been hiding held a magnificent water fall inside of it – the logistics of which you are not about to start questioning. 

There’s so much magic on this island that you are beginning to think that just about anything is possible here.

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Swan Queen Appreciation Week
Day1: Favorite Season  Season One.

There Is No Escape - Part 9

Note: Killian has found you and is determined to get it through to you that Pan is lying. Will you give in and how is Pan going to react when the one person he didn’t want finding you does just that?

Killian Jones x Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 2221

Warnings: Some violence.

Disclaimers: None of the GIFs are mine. All credit goes to the creators <3

Deception was rife on the island so to hear that you are being deceived is hardly anything new. Pan and the boys loved to play games where such a thing was the key element….so what made this pirate think that it would bother you at all? That’s if you could even bestow the ‘pirate’ title upon him. Weren’t they supposed to be fearsome and intimidating men? This one seems to be saying anything he can to distract you from slitting his throat where he stands.

“We all deceive one another. It’s what makes the games on this island fun. So, sorry, but you are going to have to come up with something better than that if you want me to spare you.”

You have never taken the life of anyone before but that doesn’t mean that you would back out if the situation calls for it. If anything you would do it just to prove to Pan that you don’t need a babysitter…not that you should even have to prove such a thing to him.

“This is a different deception. This has nothing to do with a game.” The look in his eyes shows the exhaustion the pirate must have been experiencing but it didn’t stop a spark of defiance from pushing its way through as he spoke. “This is all to do with Pan wanting something. No matter what it takes.”

“Nothing new there then.”

You are growing bored of him relaying information that you already know. You have been on this island long enough to understand your leader, know his traits, nothing of what you are hearing is having the desired affect that the male before you obviously wants it to.

“Damnit [y/n] why have you always got to be so stubborn? Just listen to me will ya?!”

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Captain Killian Jones has died

Being out of Neverland brought back memories of those first four years. It had been centuries since Killian had been a father to him maybe. But Todd had never wanted him to die. Some small part of him had hoped that one day they could be a family again. But he was gone now. Killed by Excalibur for no good reason. 

He chugged more of the rum bottle before pouring the last of it over his grave. Throwing the empty bottle at the garbage can, he chuckles. But there is far more sadness than happiness in it. 

“Drink yourself out in the next life…papa.”