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Bootleg Update:

Amelie (Pippa Soo)

Anything Goes (with Sutton Foster and Joel Grey)

Assassins (2004)

Book of Mormon (OBC)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (London 2015)

Dear Evan Hansen (OBC)


Falsettos (October 2016)

Finding Neverland (OBC)

Hamilton (OBC; two versions)

Hamilton (Chicago Cast)

Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Darren Criss)

Hedwig and the Angry Inch (NPH)


Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812

School of Rock (OBC)

Waitress (Jessie Mueller)

Wicked (OBC; Kristin’s last performance)

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the signs as obscure disney women
  • aries: franny robinson (meet the robinsons)
  • taurus: miss bianca (the rescuers)
  • gemini: georgette (oliver & company)
  • cancer: big mama (the fox & the hound)
  • leo: abby mallard (chicken little)
  • virgo: shanti (the jungle book)
  • libra: celia mae (monsters, inc.)
  • scorpio: colette tatou (ratatouille)
  • sagittarius: jane darling (return to neverland)
  • capricorn: captain amelia (treasure planet)
  • aquarius: roxanne (a goofy movie)
  • pisces: olivia flaversham (the great mouse detective)
Fav Musicals Songs that are Pretty Underrated

For Forever - Dear Evan Hansen

My House - Matilda the Musical

A Way Back to Then - [title of show]

Part of it all - [title of show]

Disappear - The Burnt Part Boys

Time - Tuck Everlasting

One Last Time - Hamilton

When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground - Finding Neverland

You and Me (Mostly Me) - Book of Mormon

A Little Fall of Rain - Les Misérables

I’m Not That Girl - Wicked

Wonderful - Wicked

Maybe - Miss Saigon

Opening Up - Waitress

I Wish I Could Go Back to College - Avenue Q

Memphis Lives in Me - Memphis the Musical

That great thing about cast recordings is when people listen to them before they see a musical. They stage their own unique version of the musical all in their heads! How the characters react the dance breaks..EVERYTHING!! I don't know about you but I think it's magical that one musical can have so many different versions because of what people create in their heads. And that is what makes musical theatre magical!
To Neverland

I was sprayed with some pixie dust,
To escape from these realities.
So I flied to neverland,
And searched for my Peter Pan.
Though he’s nowhere to be found,
Still I took my chance.
If I ever wake up now,
No, that I never want.
Just please, let me dream for awhile,
For the moment I open my eyes,
I might start to cry.

Musical nerds

Heya, Im looking for fellow musical nerds to follow and chat with. I’m happy to get into new musicals, but here are the ones I swoon over
-A chorus line
-Hedwig and the angry inch
-great comet of 1812
-into the woods
-book of Mormon
-American in Paris
-finding neverland
-dear Evan Hansen

Vague Descriptions of Musicals

Meangirls. If it failed 3 anger management courses and took steroids- Heathers

Boys who start off in a shitty situation and end only slightly better than before. But hey! One of them gets laid!- Newsies

“Adults have 0 amount of foresight” the musical- Spring Awakening

Harvard is apparently super easy to get into if you’re rich and blonde- Legally Blonde

It’s not easy being green, but with 4 hours of belting and tears- Wicked

“I’ll seem cool if I make up words” the musical- Mary Poppins

Kid thinks he’s hot shit and has to take it up the ass to realize he isn’t- Book of Mormon

“Dealing with writer’s block” the musical- Finding Neverland

Being an asshole if someone’s being an asshole to you is a-okay!- Matilda

booksforthoughts | Book Photo Challenge | January

Day 19: I Want To Visit

“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan: Fairy Tales


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