You lied. - Pan x reader

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Hi there could you plz do an imagine with pan+reader+Wendy where pan cheats reader with Wendy so they broke up and then reader start to flert with an other lost boy and pan is jealous and want her back so they end up together again?

Warnings : None really

Peter and I had been together for a while now (I honestly can’t tell you how long, I mean, there’s no time on Neverland). Ever since that ditz Wendy came to Neverland, claiming to be lost might I add, Peter’s been distant. We all knew Wendy wasn’t lost. Only desperate.

All of the lost boys have agreed that she was way too clingy, but of course, Peter disagreed and kept her with us. Wendy wasn’t rude or anything like that. She was simply… sweet and unaware. Unaware of Peter and I’s relationship. I’ve hinted at it but she never picked up what I put down.

“Hey, Peter.” I smiled at him as he walked up to me. “Hello, darling.” He sat next to me. “How was hunting?” I asked. He simply sighed. “We didn’t get much. Only small things. Puny, might I say.” Peter rested his forearms on his knees and picked up his flute. “Well, that’s too bad.” I frowned a bit, glancing at the lost boys. “Yeah.” He sighed. I watched his face, looking for any expression, when he paled just a bit. “Peter, are you alright?” I asked. He only shook his head. “Someone’s on the island, I have to go and see who.” He stood. I nodded, though he was facing away, and watched him walk off.

I looked away when he had passed enough branches and bushes that made it hard to see. However, as I looked away, I saw Wendy following after Peter. “What is she doing?” I asked myself, standing from where I was sitting.  I followed Wendy quietly as she followed Peter. “Finally, I thought we’d never escape her.” I heard. Wendy had stopped walking. “I don’t know about all of this. I mean, she’ll find out soon enough.” “I think we should tell her.” “Tell her what? That her boyfriend had been cheating on her with the new arrival.” “Peter, you need to know your own feelings. Can you imagine a life without her?” “Well, I don’t know, I mean, maybe.” “And how about me.” “That’s harder.” “So, you have feelings for me. That proves that we need to tell her.”

“No, don’t bother.” I stepped out from where I was and stepped towards them. “Y/N-” “No, Peter. You’re cheating on me. Do you honestly think there’s an excuse for that?” I asked, starting to pace slightly. “Look, Y/N, I didn’t-” “Wendy, would you please. Stop. Talking.” I glared at her. “Y'know what?” I laughed dryly. “You two can continue here and I’ll just go back to camp. Let’s just act like this never happened. ‘Kay?” I held a fake smile and then turned, walking briskly back down the path I came. “Wow. Who would’ve thought?” I asked myself, laughing at my stupidity. “Who would’ve thought what?” I jumped. “Oh my- Felix!” I hit the blonde boy’s arm. “Well, go on, tell me.” He pushed. I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Peter and Wendy.” I stated. “Wait, what?” Felix asked. “Together. Secret meetings. No Y/N.” I looked down. Felix set an arm over my shoulders awkwardly.

“But, I have a plan.” I said, glancing up at the tall blonde. He smirked. “Am I part of it?” He asked. I nodded and smirked back. “You are the plan.” I told him.

“Alright, go.” I whispered, spotting Peter walking towards the ring of dancing lost boys. He looked around. “So, Felix…” I trailed off, leaning towards him and fluttering my eyelashes. “Are you the best archer?” I giggled a bit. God I hope that giggle sounded normal. “One of the best.” Felix put on a fake smug smirk. I giggled again. “How about you teach me sometime?” I smiled sweetly, setting my hand on his bicep. “I could teach you now.” He suggested, picking his bow up from beside him. I was bout to reply when someone did for me. “I don’t think that’s a wise idea.”

I turned to see Peter glaring at the both of us. “Pan.” Felix greeted. Peter sneered at him. “Yeah yeah, get lost.” I almost laughed. Pun intended, I thought. Felix stood and walked away slowly. “Flirting with my best lost boy? Really?” Peter asked. “Cheating with the new arrival? Really?” I mocked, glaring at him. “Look, Y/N, I thought I liked her. I thought that she was the one and our relationship-” “Didn’t matter?” I cut him off.

“No, I thought that our relationship wasn’t right- no that sounds bad. I mean…” He sighed, not continuing. “I didn’t really think things were going well between us. I have never been around girls for too long, you know that. I don’t really know what to expect or what to actually do.” He had sat down next to me by then, staring down at his lap and moving his hands every few words to gesture distress. “Peter…” I sighed. “No, no, it’s fine. I understand if you’d rather be with Felix, or…or even go home.” Peter sighed. “Peter. It was all a plan.” I told him. He looked at me confused.

“What do you mean?” He asked. I smiled a bit. “Thought I’d get back at you for cheating.” I said. He set a hand on his chest and let out a relieved breath. “So, you and Felix aren’t…?” He trailed off. I shook my head, my smile widening. “Never.” I said. “Well, on that note, Y/N,” He paused an turned to me, taking my hand in his. “Would you forgive me?” He asked. “For?” I asked, shocking him. He composed himself though. “For cheating on you with Wendy.” He stated, looking down a bit. “And?” I asked. “And hurting your feelings.” He said. “And?” I asked once more. He looked up, confused. “And for… telling Felix to get lost?” He asked me. I smiled and instead of him kissing my hand, I kissed his. “You’re forgiven.” I whispered, looking him in the eyes.

He sighed. “Thank god. Now tell me, what do girls like?” He sat up straight and leaned towards me, waiting for an answer. I laughed. “You’ll find out soon Peter. Go say sorry to your lost boy.” I hit his shoulder lightly. “Now.” I commanded. He pouted a bit but stood anyways, going to say sorry. “God, these boys are gonna kill me.”

I really hope this was good enough and thanks for being the first request! :)


Title: Amaranth(P.11)
Pairing: Peter Pan(OUAT) x Reader
Warnings: Abuse mentions, cussing, dark themes, smut.
Author notes: Requested by Anon: ‘There are no queens in Neverland. Just me.’  
Summary: A Demigod makes a deal with The Evil Queen to get away from the curse and ends up in Neverland. Peter Pan is not impressed with the female on his Island, but when he realizes she might just be as dark tempered as himself, he might just change his mind. After all, there aren’t any Queens in Neverland.

He left soon after his last comment, laughing lightly at himself when he saw how astonished I was. There was nothing I could say to him, he quite literally left me speechless and then, he left me enraged. My eyes seemed to only glow even more red when I finally wrapped my head around what he had said.

A weapon. That’s all he said I was. I didn’t matter as anything else. I didn’t matter to him at all, those nights, kisses…none of it mattered and I should have known better then to think they did.

I was the fool in the end for letting myself believe that a demon like Peter could truly have any feelings for anyone, but himself and I was even more of a fool for letting myself have any feelings for him.

I had told myself from the beginning, not to fall for any of his tricks and I fell for the most obvious one of them all. I fell for him.

I snarled out loud, not caring if anyone saw me or heard me as I lifted my hand, letting a large burst of flames fly out, erupting across the forest floor before a crack of thunder sounded from above me. I let my anger continue, I let it feed the clouds, the lightning and the thunder as I spun around and made my way straight for Killian’s ship.

My eyes gazed through the bushes as I looked onto the beach, watching as Killian and his crew rushed to secure their ship from the crashing waves, the ocean bending and shifting to the storm that was being created. I moved closer, but kept hidden when I saw Peter appear near to Killian, his eyes searching the darkening skies.

“What’s this about?” Killian growled, hurrying over to the boy.

“She must be quite angry.” Peter replied bluntly, his face contorting into a grin. He slowly turned to face Killian. “You’ll need to head out soon, before she makes it any worse.”

The pirate looked up at the skies as the rain started to drip down onto the sand. “You better calm her down if you want my help, Peter. How the hell are we supposed to fly out of here in this?”

He sneered. “You’ll have to figure that out then, won’t you? I’m not interested in calming her down, anger only makes her stronger, besides…it’s not my problem, you have a job to do.”

Before Killian could respond, Peter disappeared and I took the chance to storm out of the bushes, heading right for the pirate who only looked at me with a weary look in his eyes. “Aye, Las…Calm down.”

My brows shot up as my hand came up, sending him back with a burst of energy, pressing him roughly against the side of his ship. He growled. “You better be careful, Y/N…No one who thrashes me around my own ship gets away with it in the end.”

It took everything I had not to roll my eyes at him, only giving him a dark grin. “We’ll see about that Killian.” I did release the energy after a moment, stepping closer to him. “Let’s go onto your ship so we can talk.”

The dark haired male searched my face for a moment before running his fingers over his mouth, nodding bluntly. “Aye. Hurry then, before he returns.”

Once we were on his ship, I rounded on the pirate. “What is his plan?”

His brows shot up, a bit shocked that I was so quick to business. His tongue darted out, running over his lips as he ushered the rest of his crew away from me. “Las, you need to understand, if he finds out I told you anything…anything at all, I’m done for and my end of the bargain isn’t fulfilled.”

I raised a brow. “Fine, let’s negotiate our own deal, Killian. I assure you, he won’t find out a thing.” I followed him off the deck and shut a door behind me before walking down a few stairs. “What is your deal with Pan?”

“Why are you going behind his back then? Aren’t you guys some sort of weird evil…I don’t know, do you not reign together on this bloody Island?” Killian asked, raising a curious brow.

“No.” My tone was sharp, not leaving any room for questions. “Your deal.”

The pirate nodded. “Right, I find what he’s looking for and he gives me a way to kill that blasted Crocodile.”


“Aye.” Killian caught my confused look and took a drink from his flask. “The Dark One; Rumplestilskin.”

“You want to kill Rumplestilskin?” I let out a light giggle before nodding some. “And let me guess, Pan will give you more dreamshade?”

“Have you not seen my hand, Y/N?” Killian snapped, watching as my eyes trailed down to where his hand used to be.

“What hand?” I smirked, reaching my hand out to gesture for his flask. He reluctantly handed it over. “I just think it’s an interesting task to accomplish. Not that it’s impossible, but dreamshade won’t be enough to kill someone like Rumple.”

“What makes you say that? It’s the deadliest poison there is in any realm.” Killian took the flask back after I took a few drinks.

“But the Dark One is smart. Smarter then you, smart enough not to let dreamshade kill him in the end. I bet I can help you, something better then some measly poison.” I scooted closer to Killian, my gaze catching his as it swept over me nervously. “Do you know who my father is?”

“Those horns give me some clue.” He replied dryly.

“Hades. If you kill Rumplestilskin, you’re not guaranteeing that he can’t someday come back.” I smirked at his angered expression. “I’ve seen it happen. My dad likes deals too.”

“So what are you getting at, Las?” Killian set his flask down, his attention fully on me now.

“Say you do kill him with dreamshade, what if I give you something better. To make sure he stays that way.” My eyes caught his, I grinned. “What if I gave you a deal with my dad…Rumplestilskin’s soul. All yours.”

The pirate swallowed, his eyes darkening with the thought of such revenge. He grinned. “You might be more ruthless then that bloody demon.” His arm reached out as he pulled me towards him. “Aye, Las. I’ll accept your bargain, now, what do you want?”

“What is Pan looking for?” He opened his mouth to answer and I quickly cut him off. “I want you to work for me, but secretly. You keep working for Pan, but you’ll report any details of his plans to me, hm?”

He nodded. “He’s looking for a boy.”

I furrowed my brow. That was simple. “A boy?” I scoffed, thinking that Hook had just lied to me. “He has plenty, what would he need another for?”

“Not a Lost Boy. A certain boy. I don’t know why, I couldn’t begin to tell you the whole plan, only one other person aside from Pan himself knows the whole idea.” Killian raised a single brow, as if expecting me to instantly know the answer.

“Felix…” I whispered, my eyes shifting to the side as I pictured the blonde in my head.

“Aye.” He ran a hand through my hair with a smirk. “I wager if you spark an enticing deal with him, he might be willing to give you some details, but he’ll be harder to bargain with then myself. Boy’s bloody loyal to Pan.”

I turned my head to catch Killian’s look, cocking a brow at the look on his face. “Well then, do we have a deal, Captain?”

He smirked. “Aye, but I like to seal my deals with pretty girls a bit differently then a handshake.”

My lips turned up into a small smirk and I pondered if he was hinting at a kiss to seal the deal or something more. Of course, even if it was just a kiss…if I guided it further it’d be a great bit to hold against him if he crossed me later on. A part of me also wondered, if Peter found out…Would he be angry?

“And how would you like to seal the deal, Killian?” I asked, grinning a bit.

He smirked, bringing a finger up too his lips, tapping the plump flesh a few times. Without hesitation, I leaned forward placing my hand on the back of his neck and pulling him into me so I could bite his lower lip once before I kissed him roughly.

The pirate groaned lightly into the kiss from the gruffness of the kiss, his single hand gripping at my side as he pulled me against him, his lips moving with mine. I grinned into the kiss, making him bite my lip this time in retaliation from my smile breaking the contact of our lips. Once they reconnected, I shoved his shoulders, making him fall back onto the bed he had sat on earlier, I let myself fall forward with him, landing above the pirate with a smirk.

My hand lifted and I used a pinch of power to pin his hand above him, the other arm and hook free to move, but leaving him unable to touch me. I stopped kissing him, pulling back as I moved down to kiss the side of his neck, my hands sliding across the buttons of his shirt.

His head tilted back with another groan, eyes shut tight. “So much for just a kiss.” Killian whispered, snapping his eyes open in surprise when my hand went further down from his chest, grazing over the front of his pants.

“Kisses are boring.” I murmured against his skin, my teeth nipping his jawline. “Would you like me to stop?”

The pirate laughed lightly, letting his hips move up against my hand. “Does it feel like I want you to bloody stop, Las?”

I let out a dark chuckle as I sat up, straddling his hips, my hands reaching back up his chest to undo each button, slowly revealing a trail of skin until I reached the belt around his waist. Ignoring that, I tugged his shirt open, moving it off his shoulders before leaning down to kiss the newly revealed skin, my finger nail dragging roughly down the trail.

He moaned softly, cursing under his breath. “If you drag this on much longer, I won’t be able to control what happens next.”

I continued to ignore him, letting my nails drag up and down his bare sides, my mouth leaving bites down the side of his neck and chest all the way back up to his lips. My own hovered over his, making him arch up for a kiss before I pulled back, letting my tongue slide over his top lip.

Setting my hips down against his, I rotated them slowly, feeling the hard member underneath our clothes as I let out a moan. The moment of pleasure was enough to pull my focus from the bit of energy that held his hand down and before I knew it, he had me flipped on my back, his hook coming up to set against the top of my dress.

There was no hesitation when Killian used the sharp tip of his hook to rip through the leaves and fabric of my dress, his hand ripping the rest of it from my body. My back arched, a moan falling from my lips as I felt the cool air brush against my bared skin.

The pirate scanned his eyes over me once, licking his own lips before he dipped down, his mouth instantly attaching to my chest, swirling his tongue around my nipple, nipping the small nub lightly before he switched to the other side. He brought his single hand down, sliding it between my legs, not wasting a single second as he slipped a finger inside of me.

I let out another moan, the sound drowned out by a loud crack of thunder above the roof of the ship. He smirked against my skin. “Still angry?”

“Stop talking.” I responded, not admitting that the storm wasn’t from pure anger at this point. Killian knew many more things when it came to his fingers and his mouth then a boy like Pan did and I couldn’t stop the noises that fell from my lips.

Killian reached down to slide his pants off, his excitement pressed firmly at my entrance. His eyes reached mine before he bucked his hips up, pressing himself inside me. He stretched my walls more then Peter had and it took me but a moment to adjust to him before I wrapped my legs around his waist.

The pirate pulled back, grunting when he pushed back in, his angle and speed changing each and every time.

I bucked my hips up to meet his own movements, my nails dragging over his back as he attacked my neck, leaving bites across it, the marks healing over just as fast as he made them. His speed increased towards the end, the villain no longer caring to drag out the pleasure. We both wanted the speed and friction to much to slow down.

I let out a scream of pleasure, but Killian was quick to drown it out with a deep kiss, his tongue shoving itself into my mouth, quieting both the noises we were making as my walls constricted around him, his member twitching against them. We both hit our ends with a final thrust before the pirate groaned, pulling from the kiss and from my entrance as he moved to lay next to me. Our chests moving rapidly while we tried to catch a breath.

“I’d say you’ve got yourself a deal, Y/N.” He smirked, watching as I pulled magic to me to redress myself, despite him having ripped my dress into pieces earlier.

I smirked at him as I stood up. “It’s a deal then, Captain.” I winked before disappearing from his ship, appearing just a bit outside of Peter’s camp. My connection and power in the Island was getting stronger, it barely took anything for me to do what I wanted now.

Peter must have sensed my sudden presence, I watched as his head snapped up, the demon currently sitting on a large log near the campfire before his eyes fell on me and he stood up.

He almost made it to me before I brushed past him and made my way over to Felix, sitting beside him with a harsh glare sent towards the Neverland King. I watched as his face turned into an angry sneer and I wondered if he was jealous about Felix or if he smelled the sweat from myself and Killian.

I didn’t bother to ask, only grinning as I watched the different emotions pass through his eyes.




Do not look up to Peter pan
Do not run after Alice
Do not chase these fantasy ideals you have in your head
Because the lost boys were all dead and Peter Pan was an asshole who killed himself
And just because the world of wonderland is written in rhyme
Does not mean there wasn’t blood shed
That the roses weren’t painted red with the blood of innocence
And just because the world was nice didn’t mean that Alice wasn’t alone or that the white rabbit didn’t have anxiety
Do not forget that ever story has its horrors
Including the magical ones

今日は高崎ではじめましての ネバランGOしてきたよ 高崎はね、ガキの頃を思い出す様な懐かしい町並みが溢れてて帰り際には夏の空が胸をギュッとさせてくれたよ。 オーディエンスも温かくて何だか仲良くやっていけそーだよまたね、

The signs as fantasy places we all wish we could live in

Aries: Atlantis (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

Taurus: Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)

Gemini: Neverland (Peter Pan)

Cancer: Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Leo: Camp Half-Blood (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

Virgo: The Shire (The Hobbit)

Libra: Oz (The Wizard of Oz)

Scorpio: The Spaceport (Treasure Planet)

Sagittarius: Hogwarts (Harry Potter)

Capricorn: King’s Landing (Game of Thrones)

Aquarius: Camelot (Merlin)

Pisces: Halloween Town (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Theory on Y/N and Peter Pan

Whenever I want to read some Peter Pan imagines, I always end up disappointed because people tend to write Y/N as this innocent, naive, damsel in distress and sweet girl and that gets…on my….. nERVES. I am honestly so tired of this.

I don’t think that’s the kinda girl Peter would go for. Like, at all. Not that nice girls aren’t good characters. All in all, I just think this persona doesn’t fit in this particular situation.

Just imagine that:

- Y/N attacking Pan the first time she runs into him, because that’s the logic fucking reaction when you wake up in an unknown place and meet a creepy stranger who wiggles his eyebrows.

- Y/N not caring not having girl stuff on Neverland, or even privacy because when you’re in a tough situation you gotta toughen up, and survival tops comfort

- Y/N NOT playing the ‘mom’ with the Lost Boys, or cooking, or singing the boys to sleep for the sole reason that she is the only girl, bc that promotes gender roles and it goes against everything we girls fight for, DUH

- Y/N learning how to fight (good) and not stopping to annoy Felix and Pan until she gets private lessons, and accepting beng beaten to a pulp if that helps her improve and become able to take care of herself because depending on the boys to survive is humiliating for her and burdening for them.

- Y/N being confident and not taking the boys or Pan’s shit and talking back when they are rude.

- Y/N always not-so-gently reminding the boys (including Pan) that they ain’t a bunch of animals and they gotta behave and use their brains instead of their hands

- Y/N winning Peter’s respect BEFORE winning his heart, because she can stand up for herself and put him back in his place when he crosses a line or orders her around, and that’s what a healthy, long lasting relationhip is built on: respect. Repeat after me: R.E.S.P.E.C.T

- Y/N not blushing, or stuttering, or looking down. Y/N grinning and flirting and playfully teasing Peter whenever she gets the occasion just bc she can and it makes him lose his composure bc damn nobody else ever did this

- Y/N being a fucking badass who can kick ass and be feminine and be Peter’s equal because that’s the only kind of girl I can picture him with: someone who’s on the same level as him (maybe not on magical terms bc he’s too pwerful) but in spirit

Why y’all turning Peter into this beautiful lil cinnamon roll that he obviously isn’t? Stop writing Peter as a bad guy who becomes nice for Y/N’s lovely eyes. Write about a badass, murderous, dark minded Y/N. Write about a hot couple of villains who defeat the heroes for once. Dammit.

Honestly, give me an OC like that and I will read the shit outta it.

Until then, I’m just gonna have to write some myself.

You can read my work here “Let Us live” : Part ½; Part 2/2

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