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why does all of bayern fanbase hate pep? i'm really curious, when did you'll actually begin hating him?

many people weren’t really fond of him when he first joined us because of his style and how he kept moving players from their original positions but those weren’t the majority at first. it is a fact though that generally his popularity has been going downhill for a few weeks now and it is mostly because of the ~incident~ involving the medical staff. pep had a bad relationship with the former chief doctor of the club - müller-wohlfahrt, considered to be one of the finest in the world - and was caught ironically (and quite aggressively) clapping at him when benatia was subbed off against neverkusen due to injury  (as if that was his doing and such). after the defeat against porto things got tense again and müller-wohlfahrt resigned along with his entire staff after almost 40 years of loyalty to fc bayern. 

that raised some important questions which led people to realize that pep guardiola basically forced a primordial member of the club to leave - but it’s important to point out that this is also on our board, who have been giving him enough authority to pull out shit like that by putting him way higher above the team and staff. so naturally most fans on here took müller-wohlfahrt’s side in the drama, after all we’re talking about 38 years of service against 2 seasons of controversial coaching specially if you consider bayern’s performances in the knock out stages of the champions league. as if any of this wasnt enough though, days later he decides to prematurely play an incredibly unprepared arjen robben (who had been training for like 3 days tops after a long period injured) against bvb in the pokal semifinal which cost arjen the rest of the season and cost us the most crucial player in the squad for the champions league semifinal.

i believe that was when many of us drew the line. we can damn well respect his history as the brilliant coach we all know he is and put up with some nonsense tactics and the boredom of tiki taka. but if there’s one thing bayern fans value and embody the most is the preservation of our principles - and this whole fuckery that happens to have pep guardiola in the center of everything was nothing but a huge bitch slap in the face of fc bayern’s philosophy. 

my question is: why hasn’t langerass apologized yet

look at thiago who apologized to the neverkusen player after his karate kick on the pitch and in the locker room “a thousand times” and he’d never even been teammates with the guy