listen guys i’m totally here for never-dated-a-single-person Keith but hear me out: Lance that has no fucking idea how dating works

  • Lance that has never dated anyone OR has dated only one person in middle school for like 6 weeks
    • like he’s never even kissed anyone either OR has only kissed someone just the once during a game of spin the bottle
  • Lance wants to do everything perfectly when he starts dating Keith because the boy is head over heels in love but has zero knowledge of what a good boyfriend actually does
    • he attempts to get advice from the others but to no avail
    • Pidge is like 14 and is less experienced than Lance so that was a no go
    • Hunk did date a girl for a while but it ended badly so he really doesn’t like bringing it up
    • Allura and Coran don’t really understand the concept of dating but they do understand love so they just tell Lance to be himself but that’s not what he wanted to hear
    • Shiro doesn’t really feel comfortable giving dating advice to his baby brother’s boyfriend so he just sort of laughs it off and continually mentions how adorable it is that Lance, of all people, needs dating advice
  • Lance firmly believes in the idea of using pet names because that’s what he’s seen on TV
    • Keith rebuttals saying he had a two-year relationship with a dude and they never used pet names
    • Lance: “and you broke up in the end so I think we know what the problem was”
    • Keith: “he moved to Canada???”
    • Lance: “excuses”
  • one day Hunk pulls Keith aside to attempt to give him the don’t-you-dare-hurt-my-best-friend speech
    • emphasis on “attempt”
    • Hunk cannot because Keith is his friend too, and, I mean, have you seen the guy? he would never
    • he just really wants Lance to be happy
  • Keith is very forward sometimes because it comes so naturally to him and also make Lance blush super hard but he also always backs off whenever it gets to be too much
  • Lance is the king of “he can dish it out but can’t take it” when it comes to affection

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What if MC had an older, but twin brother who was very possessive of MC, and did not like the person his sister was dating (please add v and saeran) I've been waiting to ask forever!

ive been waiting to answer forever!



  • when he meets MC’s brother for the first time he feels the same way a stand up comedian does when no one is laughing at their jokes
  • just imagine them both sitting stiffly on the couch
  • “so…do you like video games?”
  • “no”
  • ……..
  • …………
  • “do you like animals?”
  • “not really”
  • ….w.h…..what kind of person doesnt like animals…..
  • ……
  • ………..
  • :|
  • “what do you like?”
  • “my sister”
  • “hey! me too!”
  • “shut up”
  • MMmm op, alright.
  • “i’m gonna go see if MC needs…anything…”
  • and shes like oh my god fINE you big cry baby
  • yay :’)


  • this is kind of a big problem with Zen
  • because if he doesnt know you very well and you have a sour attitude he gets real petty real quick
  • so when MC’s brother keeps muttering insults under his breath…

Originally posted by bricesander

  • MC sees that Zen is about to go off and REALLY tries to change the subject
  • lots of nervous laughing while her brother and Zen are about to punch each other in the face
  • *eating dessert in an angry fashion*
  • the most tense family dinner youve ever seen
  • as soon as MC and Zen get in the car to leave mc is like YOU IDIOT
  • “what?? i thought that went well”
  • “not my fault your brother is mouthy”
  • “what was that?”
  • “nothing”


  • she really doesnt understand
  • whats not to like about Jaehee?
  • she really thought that since MC loved her so much it would just….transfer over to her brother
  • that’s not how things work, Jaehee
  • she wore casual clothes because she wanted MC’s brother to think she was cool
  • Jaehee’s casual clothes just made her look like a mother
  • lots of internal screaming (from everyone in the room)
  • its like a three-hour awkward silence
  • and in that span of three hours Jaehee has like 5 cups of coffee
  • needs at least 3+ hours of cuddling to recover
  • everything iS FINE


  • touch me and my dad will sue you
  • he honestly doesnt even notice that MC’s brother is acting standoffish 
  • he just thinks its normal boy shit
  • he has no idea until him and MC get in the car to leave
  • “oh my god, i’m so sorry! if i had known by brother was gonna be such an asshole, i wouldve-”
  • “asshole? what do you mean?”
  • “he was being so reserved and unresponsive!!! and didnt you notice how tense he was?!”
  • Jumin has never been so confused
  • he just thought they were having a pleasant conversation
  • curse my inability to interpret human behavior


  • an easy person for a protective brother to dislike
  • right off the bat
  • “who’s this idiot”
  • Seven’s really like…..alright….ill try to pretend i didnt hear that
  • lots of nervous laughter
  • like MC will touch something that’s hot and make a little squealing noise and then Seven laughs
  • “is my sisters pain funny to you?!”
  • “no sir, i mean, um-”
  • more nervous laughter
  • oh my god Seven stop laughing
  • he’ll make a joke and MC will crack up but then he’ll see her brother giving him the death glare and he just-
  • yikes
  • when him and MC get home he just hugs her for like 10 straight minutes
  • “i just need a reminder that you are in fact mine even if your brother hates my guts”


  • V’s behavior get’s MC’s brother so riled up because he is so clingy
  • the hand on her back and then way he kisses the top of her head makes her brother ANGRY
  • but V would never
  • he mostly just ignores her brothers hostility and continues to give MC eskimo kisses and big bear hugs
  • ok, there IS a point where V tries to win MC’s brother over with his cool artsy ways
  • but when that doesnt work V just decides to be more clingy on purpose to piss MC’s brother off
  • and wow it really works
  • but V is like bnch i’m winning, this is mine, see ya never


  • “as soon as i meet this ‘Saeran’ guy i swear to god i’m gonna punch his-”
  • ….
  • “oh….this is Saeran?”
  • …..
  • “hi nice to meet you i’m MC’s brother its really a pleasure and an honor and what? me? punch you? oh no sir i would never, i mean you are the man that my sister chose so you must be great haha do you need anything to drink?”
  • to have beef with Saeran is to have a deal wish
  • but TBH Saeran would just completely ignore it
  • he doesnt need that negativity in his life
  • he loves his MC and his MC loves him and her brother can off himself



that 뱁새 (baebsae) are birds called crow tits, which are any of various small birds of paradoxornis or related genera that resemble tits found especially in korea. its these little guys right here ^^

cute, aren’t they? ;DD

now, there’s a korean proverb that goes like this, “뱁새가 황새 걸음을 걸으면 가랑이 가 찢어진다” which translates to, if a crow-tit walks like a stork, it will break its legs, meaning if you overdo something or try to imitate someone better than you to make yourself look more/better than you are, you will just bring more hardship upon yourself.

so when rapmon and suga starts the song with

they call me baebsae
we were cursed at, this generation
quickly, chase ’em
thanks to the stork, my legs spread
so call me baebsae
we were cursed at, this generation
quickly, chase ’em
my teachers who were born with a gold spoon and chopsticks

they mean

the society calls us a try hard
we had a hell of a hard time, our generation
so quickly, chase ‘em away
cos thanks to the storks’ societal boundaries, our legs are bruised
so call us a try hard
we had a hell of a hard time, our generation
quickly, chase ’em away
our teachers who were born with it all

because in korean society, crow tits refer to normal people/lower class or the younger generation while storks refer to the ‘better’ higher class people, or supposedly, the older generation.

and i like how j-hope voices his concern by pressing on this issue further and mention the stuff normal people face everyday like

if you go to a part-time job, it’s “passion pay”
if you go to school, it’s the teachers
the superiors who use violence/abuse their authorities
and the media that go on about every day about “the forsaken generation”

i thought people should know that “열정페이” or “passion pay” is a term koreans refer to the extremely low wage that companies pay to young people where these workers get paid much less than they should be getting (often less than minimum wage) for a job in hopes that the workers’ “passion” will somehow compensate for the lack of a livable wage. its terrible. 

as for “포 세대” or “the forsaken generation”, when IMF crisis happened in the late 90s, a lot of countries suffer from economical depression, including south korea. and because of the social pressures and economical problems such as rocketing prices, tuition, housing prices, and so on, a lot of people in this generation are said to easily give up on few things central to what is normally considered a complete life, like, love, marriage, and raising children. and it’s precisely because of this term used in the song is why i think ‘stork’ is also referred to the older generation, in addition to the higher class people ^^

i also thought it was brilliant how suga just single handedly pointed out why the societal boundaries set by the storks are ridiculous and not fair because

i have the legs of a crow tit, you have the legs of a stork
they say, my legs are worth a million dollars
but mine are short, so how can we play/do the same events?
they say, if it’s the same meadow, it’s okay
Never Never Never

he is saying that his generation are at a disadvantage compared to the storks because crow tits and storks are obviously DIFFERENT species so they are playing in a different meadow, its poles apart, which is NEVER OKAY

and rapmon made it clear when he said he wanted to

change the rules, change change.
the rules that the storks want to, want to maintain.
but we can’t do that now, can we? BANG BANG.
(cos) this isn’t normal.
(cos) this isn’t normal.

to which v and jin replied in the storks pov

ah, stop singing on about effort, effort
ah, it makes me cringe (viscerally disgusted).
ah, effort effort, ah, effort effort (whatever)
ah, you don’t really stand a chance~

that had all of them yelled out

as expected of the storks!

at the last line, because of f course you higher class/older generation would say such things, do you even care..

fyi they use 싹수가 노랗다 in the song that literally means “your chances are yellow”, a common saying in korea to indicate that there is no hope at all because metaphorically speaking, there is a chance for a tree to grow tall if it stems from a green shoot but if you grow from a yellow shoot, there is almost no chance. its sort of a harsh thing to say to someone tbh

which is why when jimin and jungkooks’ part came i died because first of all, jimin and jungkookss voice, second of all jimin and junskooks voice, and third of all jimin and jungkooks voice they’re actually teasing the storks like

as expected of storks, they don’t disappoint
as expected of storks, they earn their name
as expected of storks, they eat/take it all
as expected of storks, of the storks~~~~

and that part where jungkook’s voice goes off

saying that it’s my fault, you’re joking, right?
saying that it’s fair, oh are you crazy
saying that this is justice
you must be kiddin’ me
you must be kiddin’ me
you you must be kiddin’ me

he is basically saying that it is outrightly insane for the society to blame them for their supposedly failures when they didn’t have a chance in the first place!

which is why the ending chorus gets me every time because instead of putting down the storks, they end up humbly BUT resonantly stating that, okay,

we are crow tits, we don’t disappoint
we are crow tits, we’ve earned our name
we are crow tits, let’s live together
we are crow tits, crow tits

like, despite everything though, isn’t it best to just live equally and get along well together? 

i guess what bangtan is trying to say is that even if they were born without gold spoon and chopsticks, they will still work hard to overcome societal boundaries, like, despite coming from a relatively small company, despite being aware of the rigid social expectations of being an idol as well as having to face media favoritism on big companies, knowing they will get hurt a lot, they will still try hard to achieve success, and ‘chase’ away the storks in the entertainment industry.

also i think its important to know that while crow tits are active, noisy, and social birds, they are also highly adaptable, and are amongst the most intelligent of all birds after parrots and the corvids (crows and jays) <33

on a rather irrelevant note,  

how can they be dorkS 

and gorgeous at the same time??


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didn't watch the episode, can you give me a run down of mon-el? Feel free to rant if you want, my sodium intake has been low lately

  • his parents are back n want to rebuild daxam n take him with them
  • he doesn’t wanna go bc he wants to stay with kara n be a better person (lmao)
  • kara was so upset to find out that he’s a slave-owning prince n that he lied to her
  • the parents tried to justify slavery on their planet but kara had none of that (my girl!)
  • mon-el told the story of how he escaped (his servant woke him up n he left the girl he slept with to die so he could run away, his servant killed a kryptonian guard so that mon could take his spaceship n save his ass while the rest of the planet died). his momma approved n called him her “brave son” hm.. alright.
  • he tried to get kara to take him back by saying this
  • they made alex take his side n defend him ??????? my homegirl would never
  • he broke into kara’s apartment to ambush her?? you coulda just called?? she doesn’t wanna see u?? he literally did that bc it’s the most controlling thing he could’ve done.
  • he said he loved her (he didn’t have to tho, it was so obvious from all the times he yelled at her n called her selfish and arrogant and from all the times he blatantly disrespected her. tru luv.)
  • n she told him to fucc off n then she cried :’(
  • he of course didn’t leave her alone but is back at the DEO just to make sure to invade all of her safe spaces
  • from the promo we can see that they’re talking again n probably training together (?) hm.. alright.
Namjoon Scenario: Age Issues.

Namjoon has a crush on you, what happen’s when he founds out you are his noona?

Genre: Romance.

Gazing through the windowpane Namjoon took a deep breath. He was standing outside the shop where you worked at, wondering if he should go or not inside. He looked at his watch, checking if he was there too early; this idea had been on his mind for several days by now and today he finally gathered confidence and decided to take a chance and visit you at your workplace to ask you out.
Namjoon considered all of his options and thought that maybe showing up there was a little bit overboard, but he liked you quite a lot, so he didn’t want to wait anymore. He’d thought about it for a while now, he’d met you through common friends and until know only got the chance to see you at parties and social reunions, always with people around but he wanted a more intimate approach with you, like a proper date.
So it was now or never

He walked inside the store, his head and expectations high, and moved towards the center knowing that your shift was about to start, so it was time for him to show himself up there. Namjoon looked around and his eyes were searching for you, trying to catch a glimpse of your silhouette among the people inside.

Namjoon didn’t see you, so he thought about asking someone where you were. He walked towards the shop’s counter, calling for the attention of one of your coworkers.

-Hello, do you know where Y/N is?-

Your coworker looked at him with curiosity, it was the first time seeing him asking for you and he didn’t know if he should tell him your whereabouts. –She’s not here- he said, and it was actually true, you were out for lunch at the moment.

-And do you know by any means where she is? -

The guy denied with his head answering Namjoon’s question. –I think she might be here in half an hour or so-

-Ok, I’ll wait for her here, just let her know when you see her, please-

He moved a little bit to the side, examining the surroundings until something caught his eyes. There was a photo of you on the wall to his left; so he walked closer thinking that maybe it was a funny picture from one of your IDs.

When he was mere inches apart from it, he found out that it was a framed best month employee award, and you were the one on it. He laughed under his breath, suddenly feeling curious about the personal information of your work card; so he started to read it through-fully, first there was your full name and the charge you occupied on the store, but then his eyes focused on the numbers written below.

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How did she knock me off of my feet when she said, “Hello, my name is beautiful.”

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  • Grantaire had a child with his ex and she kind of dropped the child on his lap
  • Also the child is a daughter because when will I ever be tired of giving Grantaire daughters —-> never
  • Her name is Thalia, like the muse of Comedy because she keeps smiling and Grantaire calls her his muse
  • She’s basically raised with mythology rather than fairytales
  • Grantaire finally decides to take care of himself because he wants to be a fit parent and lives with the crippling fear to fuck her up or not being a good enough dad
  • Spoiler alert: he is a good enough dad
  • “I’m eating Kraft’s singles and calling it dinner” Grantaire become an expert in nutrition because he wants his child to be healthy. He keeps bothering Joly with questions about that
  • They paint together. He makes Thalia walk on canvases with her lil feet drenched in child friendly paint.
  • He has to bring her to meetings sometimes because sitters don’t grow on trees
  • It’s okay though, she can see auntie Eponine and uncles Joly and Bossuet like that
  • One time he left her with Enjolras because he had an errand to run and Thalia was like “Are you a prince? Because princes look like you.”
  • When Grantaire came back and asked if it all went okay she said “Prince Enjolras told me stories”
  • “Mmmmh Prince Enjolras eh? PRINCE Enjolras? Well that’s rich”
First Kiss With Junhoe
  • He’s a nervous wreck
  • Wants it to go a certain way
    • but it won’t tbh
  • His hands are clammy and sweaty
  • He’s afraid of you both leaning your heads the same way at it becoming awkward
  • He secretly just wants to grab your face and plant one on you
    • but knows he’d probably just end up head butting you or something…
  • He’s practiced his kissing face like 1,000 times in the mirror
  • Doesn’t know what to do with his hands
  • You turn to look at him and he becomes frozen
    • knows it’s now or never
  • He licks his lips, but then regrets doing it
  • He slowly leans in, hoping you are seeing where he is going with this
  • He awkwardly cups your face with his hands
    • praying you don’t notice how sweaty they arm
  • And finally presses his lips to yours
  • Opens his eyes to see if yours are open
    • but quickly closes them after seeing yours are closed
  • Doesn’t know how long he should be kissing you for so he just assumes there’s like a 10 second time limit
  • Pulls away and stares at you
  • When you finally open your eyes he can’t help but giggle and make stupid noises because he’s so proud of himself
  • Immediately wants to kiss you again because he realizes it’s not that nerve wracking after all

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instead of being harry and rons best friend, hermione was dracos best friend (slytherin au? hermione not dealing with them being mean from day 1?? idunno)

I feel like this would definitely be interesting. But I’m also going to ignore the fact that Harry and Ron would have died without her, so there’s not gonna be a death due to stupidity in their first year, okay? Kay.

  • Hermione was beyond clever, almost to the point where you could say she was a certified genius
  • She was also brave and cunning
  • The fact that she was sorted into Gryffindor came as no surprise to her
  • She knew that she could handle whatever was thrown at her, and she would not only find the best way to handle it, but she’d also do it in an intelligent manner
  • She tried making friends within her house, but the two boys she had encountered on the train weren’t very receptive to her attempts at friendship
  • She had also noticed that blonde Malfoy boy had tried making friends with them and had failed
  • So, logically, she decided that she could maybe be friends with him
  • Hermione went up to Malfoy after Potions one day and introduced herself
  • Of course, he was a complete prat about her blood status
  • But she decided that if he wouldn’t be friends with her, she’d have to force him to spend time with her so that he would warm up to her
  • It wasn’t as though she was totally intolerable
  • She offered to help him study for exams and, knowing that she was rather brilliant, he decided that he might as well, even if she was a mudblood
  • Hermione actually helped him to ace the tests and Draco realized that she was quite funny
  • She always followed rules and did her homework on time
  • He decided that he’d have some fun and try to convince her to slack a little bit
  • She was extremely resistant but eventually caved
  • It felt so good not to stress over everything all the time
  • But then her next test grade suffered and she was absolutely livid
  • “Damn it, Draco! I’m going to have to study even harder now!”
  • Well, that certainly backfired
  • The two of them got into the habit of studying together and Hermione even started hanging out in the Slytherin common room
  • It used to look all slimy, gross, and cold to her, but eventually the illusion charm wore off as she and Draco became better friends, and the warm fireplace and green sofas with dark green quilts were revealed
  • The two of them were becoming rather good friends
  • In second year, Draco was devastated when Hermione became petrified by the Basilisk
  • He knew then that he had feelings for her, but even after she was un-petrified, he kept his feelings to himself
  • In third year, when they were allowed to Hogsmeade, Draco decided that it was now-or-never
  • He asked her out
  • And she said yes
  • The two of them dated all throughout Hogwarts
  • There was a bit of drama when Pansy Parkinson tried to get Draco to leave Hermione for her and was caught sitting on his lap
  • Hermione ended up making her bird charm attack Pansy and Pansy stopped trying to steal Draco
  • Hermione didn’t leave Hogwarts at all and stayed throughout the terror that was inflicted upon the Muggleborns during her seventh year
  • Draco did his best to protect her
  • Although, he was misguided and did, in fact, join Voldemort for a brief time
  • After the Battle of Hogwarts, the two of them got married and a little girl- Lyra Malfoy

Oh, and Harry, Ron, and Ginny were the trio. But yeah, Dramione. I guess lol