I was dead after this.

Louis has never seen this person before in his life. He is sure of that. He would remember.

He pulls up his braces, which have fallen on one side, and fumbles for words that won’t make him sound like a complete idiot. What comes out of his mouth is, “Who the fuck are you?”

Smooth, Tomlinson. Very nice.

The newly-discovered bane of his life just laughs—Jesus, he’s got dimples—and pushes away from the doorframe. “I’m Harry,” he says. “Was passing by, heard a crash, figured you might need a hand,” he continues, holding out said hand to Louis. Louis grabs ahold, and Harry pulls him up.

Somewhere between the ground and standing upright, Louis realises that his legs are entirely entangled in cords, and he can do nothing but look on in horror as his momentum carries him directly into Harry’s chest. It’s a very nice chest. Broad, solid, warm. Oh, God. He should have stayed in the box. He hadn’t fully appreciated his time in the box. He had been so young, so foolish.
Far From Tipsy

When George went out to a party, he wasn’t expecting to end up with a new flatmate. When JJ came home from visiting family, he didn’t expect to have to clean up Josh’s messes. Funny how these things work.

By neverhadthewords

One Shot(8,574 words)

Note: My favorite Shellett one shot so far!

anonymous asked:

Has anyone sent you some fanfics? I too am looking for some to read xD also could you post some of your recommendations of one shots of fics to read? Thank you

ok yeah i posted another ask already, but i’ll give you some fic recs.


^is a good au fic thats a work in progress. the boys are in a juvenile reform center! really addicting

^absolutely obsessed with this fic, so well written. its about harry as a serial killer! WIP

^is incredible holy fuck. she has a harry hooker fic called Angels to fly, so ridiculously good, omfg. and sew your heart to my sleeve is a phenomenal WIP.

^ a superrrr cute assassin au. its good, i promise.