I was just thinking, I have never liked someone for a long period of time… The last guy that I could say that I liked was about a month ago… Then I found too many flaws and lost interest, I mean I am not perfect in any way but I don’t understand why I can’t be like most girls that I know that get completely brainwashed by the guy and loose themselves haha. I just can’t, but sometimes I kind of want to. Raaahh so fraustraiiiitttiinnngggg

….. I think we are more whole as individuals….. If marriage … Or belonging to one person for the rest of your life was a solid thing, then it would be so much more obvious…. It would be super clear. And death wouldn’t be an often occurrence… Because really finding your true love probably takes a long time… More time then most people want to give to figure it out… More time then this world gives us. And there are too many people on this planet not to love all of them I guess. People get extremely hurt by making vows and having to hide them…. And this results in whoever they made these vows to getting even more hurt because they have this preconceived idea that because you say something it’s gonna stick… Forever. Literally. It’s so stupid.