a never ending list of nouns I love

Kristen Jaymes Stewart 

— why do i love her 

you know when you love something or someone that sometimes you can’t describe why or how? Yup, that’s me about Kristen. Though, I haven’t been a fan for long, I could gladly say that I’ll be a fan of her no matter what [unless she murdered someone or something in that level, but I don’t want that to happen]. She— okay, I can’t really explain why I do. But there’s a lot things that fall into the category. Here’s a few,

  • She’s an amazing actress. 
  • She’s actually an actress who is passionate about what she does.
  • She’s not like those typical Hollywood celebrities.
  • She’s beautiful. Inside and out.
  • She loves her fans. 
  • She ain’t afraid of expressing her feelings.
  • She absolutely LOVES the paparazzis.
  • She’s inspirational. In many ways.
  • She doesn’t give a fuck.

And a lot of other things that I can’t explain properly. Although, I know the recent events have earned her a lot of negative response, which frankly I am getting fucking tired of. Personally, I’m just over it. I don’t think we should be rehashing it. And some of you, please stop acting like she cheated on you, alright?

I love her. No matter what. 


a never ending list of nouns I love

Robert Thomas Pattinson

— reasons i love him/things I love about him 

  • He’s a troll. 
  • He’s adorable.
  • He’s a great actor.
  • He’s fucking English.
  • His accent.
  • His laugh.
  • He’s the best motherfucker in Hollywood, duh.
  • He’s so dreamy.
  • He’s got a good heart.
  • His hair looks sexy pushed back.

I think he’s fucking flawless and beautiful.

I want to marry him and have his beautiful babies. But I seriously think he’s an amazing man.