neverending torment

Daniel: It’s like, all this time I’ve been killing kids for Zeemoog. Trying to please him, trying to achieve ascension, trying to be the most worthy of his love, and all this time… he wasn’t real. It wasn’t real.
David: I’m sure it must be tough to have the foundation of your beliefs shaken to the very core.
Max: Wait for it.
Daniel: So I’ve come to a decision. I’m going to turn over a new leaf. No longer will I murder kids in the name of a false god!
David: That’s great!
Daniel: From now on, I murder kids for my own entertainment.
Max: There it is.

me: God libero’s so good, he’s gonna be amazing in OWL i can’t wait to see him play!
my brain which doubles as my neverending tormenter: but he’s especially good because his and sayaplayer’s hero pools and playstyles complement each other so well so other dpses, while probably just as skilled, will n