neverending story

The movie of the Neverending Story has the exact opposite message of the book. 

The book of the Neverending Story is actually about how imagination and losing yourself in fantasy worlds are actually really terrible because they make you forget the real world and what’s important. The movie ends at the halfway point of the book, but I suppose getting a happy ending is only a question of where you choose to stop telling the story. 

In the book, our young hero discovers that his wishes and daydreams extract a horrible price: each wish causes him to lose memories of the real world and his real life. At one point, he discovers an island full of demented, lunatic wretches who don’t remember anything about their lives, and he is horrified to discover they were all former “Chosen Ones,” from the real world, just like him. 

The Signs as Iconic Monsters From 1980s Fantasy Films

Aries: the Skeksis

Taurus: the Red Bull

Gemini: the Eborsisk

Cancer: Beetlejuice

Leo: Ludo

Virgo: the Ohmu

Libra: the Luckdragon

Scorpio: the Horrible Will Vinton Claymation Nome King

Sagittarius: the Horned King

Capricorn: That Beholder-Thingy Lo Pan Used

Aquarius: the Darkness/Tim Curry Satan

Pices: the Ray Harryhausen Kraken

Ophiuchus: the Rodents of Unusual Size


F is for Falkor (The Neverending Story is a book too for those of you who weren’t aware!) Also made an edit to E is for Eragon so thought I’d re-post that. The composition was a little unbalanced before so I thought Saphira could use another wing:P  

Never-Ending Story

OMFG.  I’m debuting this print at ECCC ~today~ in Seattle!  I’ll list it on etsy soon, too.  I adore this movie, and actually adore the book even more–but I’ll do a separate poster for the book, because it is sooo different and shouldn’t be in 80s-vision.

- “Auryn” - 17,3/23,2" - Mixed media, Gold Leaf, Silver leaf and Hydrangeas Petals on paper.
This subject was part of the show “Crazy 4 Cult” in the 1988 gallery, and the subject of an article in Imagine FX.

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