I may be a bitter as fuck Kurt stan:

But at least my fave never

  1. Dropped out of his dream school
  2. Failed out of his dream school
  3. Cheated on anyone
  4. stalk anyone
  5. Harass anyone for a job or school
  6. Sexually Assault anyone
  7. Drop out of Broadway because he had an undeserved and over weighed huge selfish ego
  8. Purposely and hatefully attack and bully someone
  9. Blame his misfortune on the world
  10. Supports his own self and dreams without being babied and food fed success.
  11. Works hard for every fucking thing he gets, not ONCE has ANYONE helped him get anything.
  12. Every accomplishment he got was hard earned. Not magically fall into his lap because he is a special snowflake.
  13. He never needs people to constantly kiss his ass and wipe his tears when he fails
  14. Even though never gets support from his ‘friends’ yet he still gives them his 100% love and support because he is too good of a person.

And what he does do is awesome accomplishments and hard earned unlike some special snow flakes.

  1. Is at Nyada, a place Rachel quit and Bland dropped out of and now both of them are now feeling sorry for themselves cause of it.
  2. Works at vogue as an intern and is highly respected there
  3. Has a job to pay his bills
  4. Has his own successful cover band even though his 'friends and 'fiance’’ never supported him
  5. Manage to pay for his loft even when his roommates kept abandoning him there with the rent and bills
  6. Is a strong and independent person who not once needed the Glee club to come help him because he was 'struggling’
  7. Has written a play that he will be showing
  8. Is a hero and saved someone from being bashed.
  9. Can sing in many ranges and honestly is very underused. 
  10. Looks like a straight up angel
  11. Can cook good af even if Blee wanna forget it. Season 1 and 2 Kurt cooking is canon 
  12. Fashionista like his wardrobe when he isnot around Bland is alwas sexy and sophisticated and on point,
  13. He is killer at fixing cars
  14. He is an amazing friend and idgaf Glee dont deserve him
  15. It is canon that more guys were into Kurt than Blaine.
  16. Kurt Hummel is a gay Icon character before  Blaine even existed
  17. Chris Colfer won awards playing Kurt Hummel
  18. Kurt Hummel and what he stand for will always outshine Klaine no matter what delusional shippers think.
  19. Kurt hummel is imperfectly perfect.
  20. He is my idol.