NEVERCREW - Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni - Street artists from south Switzerland, Ticino, Lugano

"We’re NEVERCREW, a street-artists duo from south Switzerland (Ticino). We started working together in 1996 creating graffiti, illustrations and graphics, and we’ve always tried to mix our mutual passions, create, build, have fun, evolve and communicate. Over time, we tried to alternate and blend the experience accumulated and the techniques that we like to use, ranging from the wall painting with spray-paint, markers or brush, painting on canvas, sculpture, design, toy design and graphics, moving between 2D and 3D, interacting with real or imaginary spaces. Although we like to maintain a constant reflection about what is our path, we could say that the basic idea of our recent work is the relationship between the system and its parts, between the perceived shape and the true essence, so with a direct relationship with our reality and our society.”

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NEVERCREW "Echo Hunting" The big microphone is recording every little noise: someone is bathing in the pool-room while the old ruins are laying down on the pool bottom close to more recent memories; an alternative energy is giving life to something or to everything and monkeys are evolving in a musical way, wasting pink paint that someone would like to reuse; air conditioned is blowing and tulips are falling on the ceiling; a guitar is playing itself somewhere trying not to disturb an invisible reader in the books room; the engine is switched on, waiting to drive away in the World and a slight vibration of impatience shakes the glass of the bottles; the old carousel seems to move because of a strange rusty crackling, but it’s probably an hallucination, and the actress will be finally back, after the tea will be ready and not too hot. The astronaut, the explorer, will bring at home and share the recording, as unique image of his discover.   Mixed media illustration, made with pencils, markers, collage, digital painting, 2011.
Used for the musical album “Quattordici” by Area 14. Posted to Cross-Connect by Andrew Thanks to Hi-Fructose


Artist NEVERCREW - The small key can reveal everything and involve the visitor in the never-ending game between the astronaut and the plastiline rabbit. The basis of this painting are the idea of creating, of creativity, imagination, thought, discovery and memories; of the great abilities and possibilities which we are all naturally gifted at any age. 

240 square meters outdoor painting at the elementary schools of Bozzoreda, Lugano (CH), 2012 

We are in Dublin buddies, but we wanted to share with you another detail of one of our new mural paintings in the new #facebook’s space in #Milano. Share if you like it!
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