A House on the Riviera by Nicky Haslam
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“Not so many years ago, the only highway from Toulon to Monaco meandered around every bay and rocky outcrop of the French coastline, curving inland only to skirt the Massif des Maures, the mountain range encircling the luscious Saint-Tropez peninsula. To drive to what was considered the old, grand part of the Côte d'Azur took the best part of a day. Sometimes unable to resist invitations, or the lure of casinos, my friends and I would leave Ramatuelle at dawn, the Citroën open to the delicious chill of morning. Winding downhill though pines, hearing the last lazy sighs of the cicadas, we joined the road along a coast defined by ever fainter clusters of lights, as faraway towns melded into the sunrise.” (for