I promise you this, I will do my absolute best to give you everything I possibly can because you deserve the best and nothing less.
—  Tenari Ioapo // I’ll love you right.

bambam1a: Special Hard Carry🙌🏻


listen,,,i was just going to put the song in the birthday video but then it turned serious™  

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I had a joy playing opposite to Gal and getting a chance to fall in love with her. Patty gave me an objective which was to flirt, make her laugh. Tumble, breathe heavily like you’re doing something physical. And I said that sounds like a plan. And, you know, Gal’s my pal. So we just goofed around and had a good time. - Chris Pine on working with Gal Gadot

“Chris is such a talented, smart, funny, funny, funny, funny guy. People don’t understand how funny he is. We had to break so many takes because he made me laugh. I felt very, very comfortable working with him.” - Gal Gadot on working with Chris Pine

the boy who lived

13 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence, gruesome torture, death, blood, wound details and grief

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“What do we do now?” Taehyung croaked from behind the wheel, you were too riddled with grief and lightheaded from the blood loss to open your eyes, Jungkook sat beside you on the backseat doing his best to stop you from bleeding out entirely; pressing his large palms over the fabric covering the bullet holes.

“She needs a hospital!” Jungkook practically roared from above you, the vibrations from his chest and the spicy smell of his cologne pulled you back down to Earth again, giving you’d nearly slipped into a permanent sleep several times in the past ten minutes.

“We can’t fucking show up at a hospital with two dead bodies in the trunk! Are you fucking insane?! We need a plan, and fast! I don’t know if they’re following us now but it won’t be long before they are!” Darkness surrounded your body, your weak limbs growing cold as the voices in the car faded to mere whispers.

“The manor house is too far away, she’ll never make it to Yugyeom in time! She needs medical attention! If you park a couple of blocks away from the hospital, I’ll run with her, I’m fast I can make it in time.” Jungkook tried to reason with his counterpart, eyes wide with horror as he watched your eyes roll into the back of your skull, “Fuck Y/N! Stay with me, concentrate on my voice!”

“Oh so you’ll carry her in your arms will you?! How fucking romantic! I bet you’ll love telling her that when she wakes up won’t you?!” Taehyung hissed as he swerved the car, furiously switching lanes.

“She might not ever wake up if you don’t drive to a hospital!” Jungkook shifted his hands and slammed his slightly blood stained fist on the back of Taehyung’s seat, “You’re really going to risk her life after he died saving her?!”

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