We’re headed to Columbus in our friend’s mom’s van. It’s covered in anti abortion stickers, yikes. We stopped, the six of us, at a Cracker Barrel in Indiana and look what I found! So now we’re piled back in the car, our pilot is smoking a cigar, and I’ve got this Cheerwine lined up for lunchtime. Gonna pour a lil out for qed’s long lost tumblr, miss u.

neveralovelysoreal replied to your quote: Nickelback’s lyrics portray a crudely…

So … it’s okay to loathe bands but we should do so more thoughtfully? That seems reasonable. Signed, Someone who once owned a shirt that says “Even Jesus Hates Creed”

Yeah. I mean, far be it from me to accuse anyone of being disingenuous but I feel pretty safe in saying a lot of people ‘hate’ Nickelback for reasons no more erudite or specific than “Their music’s shit.” And that’d be fine, because it is shit, but only if they knew why.