I just need to focus on me and making myself happy, staying on my grind my money’s my first priority now 👑👸 💸💵💰😍👌💁 #NeverAgainWilliLetSomeoneIn #FuckBitchesGetMoney #PutThatPaperOverAlliThoughtYouKnewThat #SoGetMyMoneyOnTimeIfTheyNotMoneyDecline

neveragainwilliletsomeonein replied to your postWhen are dudes going to stop saying “oh you have a bf tho”? Why can’t you get to know her as a person and not someone you’re just going to try and fuck? She’s a person, not a pice of meat, she can be your friend too you know. Her having a boyfriend doesn’t disqualify her from being treated like a normal human, give her some respect. Danielle you are pretty fuckin spectacular, keep being that way :]

guys are conditioned from years of saying “hi” and years of being told “you’re creepy i have a boyfriend fuck off” to just keep our distance

Heyyy I don’t assume things about boys, so you shouldn’t assume things about me. I’m pretty nice to everyone who messages me on Tumblr, I only get sarcastic when someone crosses the line.