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Tumblr is a butt and won't let me reblog anything at the moment, but I loved your comment about pro-life on the abortion post. I feel like that basically sums up my stance on it. Thank you. :)

You are most certainly welcome. I usually try to keep this a book/fashion/art/Reign blog, but sometimes politics/ethics/morals/religion weep in. I always appreciate support though, because I often feel like, on this website, that very few people share my stance. Thanks again :) 

Rebellion. Sort of.

This is a story about how my mom was really strict while I was growing up and wouldn’t let me watch/read Harry Potter because of reasons. But now she’s going to visit my sister for a month and I’m going to spend the entire time she’s gone reading and watching the series.


I done been tagged 8D


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I was tagged by the ever-so-amazing Tricia!! Thanks, sis!!

My 10 Questions:

1. What was the first fandom you joined?

I think it was the PJO fandom? Even before I knew what “fandoms” were I was obsessed with the books. :)

2. 1st band you fell in love with?

Celtic Thunder. It’s the kilts, man. And the accents. And the talent. And the kilts. 

3. Favorite author?

*Marius voice* DON’T ASK ME! (Too many to count. I’m currently appreciating Rick Yancey and Maggie Steifvater a helluva lot). 

4. Favorite childhood movie?

I was in love with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I see how creepy it is now that I’m older, but I still adore it. 

5. Something you can do that no else can?

I’m really good with kids (not unique there). I grew up with church planting and revitalization experts, so from a business standpoint I’m pretty great at anything church-related. It’s an odd skill set for a 21 year old woman, I guess. 

6. What place would you travel to, if you had the chance?

Europe. All of it. Everything. Let’s go. 

7. Who would you want to portray you in a movie about your life?

I wish I was as cool as Kat Dennings (and also it would be cool if we even remotely looked alike) but alas, I’m not. Anyone with a sense of humor. :)

8. Favorite binge food?

Tex-Mex. I have a problem. 8|

9. Favorite quote?

“Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect.” M. Mitchell. 

10. Favorite Tv/Book/Fanfic/Movie trope?

Probably the guy/girl best friend duo who eventually fall in love or whatever. Thanks, Disney Channel, for ruining my taste with your Lizzie McGuire and Kim Possible. Fiends. 

Every year I volunteer to take my siblings trick-or-treating and every year half their candy mysteriously disappears in the middle of the night. My parents find me on the floor of my bedroom the next morning, M&M’s spilling out of my red-dyed fingers, Snickers wrappers circled around me like the remnants of some Satanic ritual. I am rushed to the hospital. The only thing that brings me out of my sugar coma is the thought of my father finding my hidden stash of peanut butter cups and eating them all before I do.