Well, hello there, whoever you are that’s reading this. How you doing? I’m Farrah. I’m 20, and I reside in Florida.

I would say I’m not your average girl. ASL (American Sign Language) is my primary source of communication. It’s also my first language. If you haven’t guessed, yet… I’m Deaf. I was born deaf, and god forbid, don’t even think about saying “I’m sorry.” That’s the last thing a deaf person wants to hear. You’re sorry for what? That we can’t hear quite well or nothing at all? Psh, we have legs. Arms. Eyes. Noses. My hearing does not define what I am capable of. It’s just one of the challenges I have to deal with and accept. It is what it is. Everyone has their own challenges in life that they go through.

Alright, that’s mostly in the clear. I’m fond of teas, racerback tanks, the beach, learning new things, animals, reading, lifting at the gym, sports, laughing till my stomach hurts (although I haven’t had this in a while…). I don’t party or do drugs. I’d rather to stay at home and have a party of my own with close friends that I trust and just hang loose, playing Heads Up or Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. I am not available, as I am in a relationship of over a year. However, I am looking for friends that I would be able to connect well with. And become lifelong friends, hopefully. How nice would that be. Preferably someone who replies using Tumblr gifs, but I’ll make an exception if you don’t :) [note: that was just a joke, but it is a plus because you can’t never go wrong with Tumblr gifs as a response in text messages.]

Alright, one more thing before I hand out y’all my link, I honestly would prefer if you don’t bother messaging me if you’re planning on replying back with one sentence. I lose interest and it shows me lack of motivation coming from you with speaking to me. Okay? No hard feelings though, if you truly want to be friends, you’d try. :)

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