Ironic Advice

 “Mother, may I ask something?”

Sakura turned at the sound of the voice, only to then have her head tilted upwards at the sight of the young paladin. “Oh! Hello dear!” Soft, small hands cupping together, the priestess flashed a sweet smile at her tall son. “What did you want to ask?”

 The smile was obviously returned with a curve of his own. “Well…” Head briefly turned to shyly avoid her curious gaze, Siegbert brought one hand up and mindlessly fumbled with the ends of his pink hair. “I uh…” The more he thought about it, the more embarrassed he got. “I was wondering, Mother…”

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CAP MEME »  faceless + doctor who (for anon)

  • [Misaki being shown around Marukawa]
  • Misaki:Wow, the manga department’s men’s bathroom. *opens door*
  • [Onodera and Takano are making out inside]
  • Misaki:*closes door*
  • Isaka:That’s the sort of place this is, Misaki. A lot of sexy people, not doing much work, and having affairs.

Pokemon Go headcanons. (I don’t have this game I’m just doing this because of the hype because it seems funny. If I got something wrong, let me know!)

  • Keith hasn’t started playing yet. He is still trying to decide between Team Valor with its flaming bird mascot or Team Instinct which is practically named for him.
    • When he finally is able to play, he’ll get a Charmander. He doesn’t rename it.
  • Lance makes fun of Keith, but he hasn’t managed to catch anything other than his starter, a Squirtle he unimaginably named Lance Jr., and ten Rattatas.
  • Pidge has a lot of Pokemon. Like, almost an unreasonable amount with a lot of variety. Everyone is sure she is cheating, but no one can prove it.
    • She had a gym, but she lost it to Hunk.
    • Starter was a Bulbasaur named Matt ;(
  • Hunk only has a few, but that is because he is very focused on training them and leveling them up and thus has sent pretty much all his duplicates to Professor Willow.
    • Starter was also a Bulbasaur he named Weird Rose. He later renamed the Bulbasaur
    • He took Pidge’s gym only a couple of hours after she claimed it, due to the strength of his Pokemon
    • Lance swears he’s gonna beat Hunk, but has yet to prove that he can.
  • Shiro caught a Ditto. No one is sure how. Probably his strange Deus Ex Machina powers. Ditto is probably not even in the game. But he did it.
    • Starter is a Charmander named Bob. He was having trouble deciding on names, but he didn’t want to leave Bob nameless. Now he is too attached to the name to rename Bob.
    • He’s a game completionist so he is trying to Catch ‘Em All™.

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there is a blog dedicated to jack zimmermann’s horrible fashion sense. both bitty and parson are admins. they have no idea and bond over making fun of jack’s shoes

Before being lovers, we were best friends. And sometimes I wonder if it was worth it. The risk. Some nights I think it was; all of the adventure and experience. But nights like this, when I truly miss you, I don’t think it was worth it. I think we loved each other before we even knew we loved each other. We never said it. But it showed in our actions. We traded actions for words, and eventually lost both. Sometimes I think of that. But it’s pointless now isn’t it?
—  excerpt from a letter (k.s.i)

Keith has really bad allergies, which is not a good thing when you live in a shack in the middle of a dusty desert. Since he lives on his own, he isn’t very regular with taking his medicine and don’t even mention allergy shots to him because, if you do, he won’t go near you for a week. Because of this, the bandanna he wears when he goes to find out what has the Garrison all up in arms/ rescue Shiro isn’t more for disguise while sneaking around as it is his first line of defence against dust.
You would think that being lionnapped and becoming the literal right arm of an intergalactic peacekeeping force known as Voltron would mean that Keith is free from his allergies.
Saying the Castle of Lions is dusty after 10,000 years is an understatement and who knew that so many planets were that dusty?
Poor Keith is starting to wish the vacuum of space was the /duster/ of space.
Fortunately for Keith, Red doesn’t like the fact that her Paladin will, more often then not, sound and look like a dying animal and decides if he won’t take care of himself she will take his care into her own paws whether he likes it or not.
It takes a while for him to catch on; he chalks up the strange taste in the water to Hunk and Pidge tinkering with the filtration system, the humidified air in the cockpit to it being Red’s way of decontaminating hi, and the eucalyptus smell in his shower to a prank from Lance.
It isn’t until he has a really bad allergy attack while flying that everything starts to make sense; after all it’s hard to ignore when the bio-mechanical flying space lion that he pilots starts to yell at him for not taking his allergy medicine.
Overall it’s not a bad deal. Sure, Lance may tease him about Red thinking Keith’s her cub, but Keith knows that Blue has a tighter leash on Lance than the Blue Paladin thinks. And if being mothered earns him brownie points for bonding with his lion and fewer stuffy noses who is he to complain?

OTP 30 Challenge Day 4: On a Date

im just gonna plop this here, forget it was ever made, then move on to the next prompt

Well last summer in late June I matched with this really pretty girl and I was surprised by it actually, and also too scared to message her. I actually turned my screen off right after messaging her because I felt weird and also because I was scared and awkward around girls, and badly so with really pretty ones.

So I laid there, I put my face in a pillow actually laying face down, I remember this vividly. Then I checked my phone with a surprise to my awkward little self, it was a notification I got a message on Tinder, so I did open the app up and it was her. She messaged me i was really happy she did, helped me feel comfortable at the time and message back. We talked and talked, for a really long time actually, actual conversations. Well fast forward a little bit in early July we finally talk for the first time on the phone, she asked me to call her because she was bored and wanted to talk to someone as she was getting home. It took me a few minutes to actually build up courage, really I needed to build up courage to talk to a girl on the phone, even though we had already been talking for a good amount of time now. So after that skip a few weeks ahead in July we finally meet up and go on a awkward type date, she brought her brother along because it was the only way she was able to get out. We go play laser tag, during the game I acknowledge in my head so many chances to go and kiss her, I didn’t kiss her. I blew it off in my head strictly because I was awkward and scared still. We did finally kiss later, she actually had to make the move because of me, but after laser tag we saw a movie, The Minons.

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