Maybe we were too young, too young to love. Maybe we relied on stupid teenage love stories that people like us dreamt of having. Or maybe our stars were never aligned. But dammit our love is one you’d remember even when your daughter comes home at 10:38pm heartbroken with mascara running down her face and bloodshot eyes, reminding yourself of the love we had, the love that was almost there, our love.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #84 // unforgettable j.n.g
1040. Snape actually had a crush on James not Lily. His patronus was a doe to compliment James' not to match Lily’s. He hated Harry because he looked so much like the love he killed.
  • [Misaki being shown around Marukawa]
  • Misaki: Wow, the manga department’s men’s bathroom. *opens door*
  • [Onodera and Takano are making out inside]
  • Misaki: *closes door*
  • Isaka: That’s the sort of place this is, Misaki. A lot of sexy people, not doing much work, and having affairs.

I’ve heard the stories, every Dalish child has. The Dales, this beautiful place that used to be ours, and which was taken from us. So much history here, so much sorrow. A tree for each life that was lost.

So many trees.

Now that I’m walking this ground, I know for certain. This land will be called ‘home’ by our people again one day, wherever they might be from. This I swear on my life.

We are the last of the Elvhenan. Never again shall we submit.

- Master Nindarhmen Lavellan, from a page of his personal journal.

I loved him, I really did. I thought he loved me too. He didn’t, he never had, all I was to him was a warm body. I didn’t matter, but he never let that on. Until one day I had enough. I left him. I left his cold heart on the curb where it belonged. When he came back, begging for me, it broke me. Where was this years ago when I loved him? Where was this when he used me? If I had let him back into my life, would things have changed. No, I’m not going to let him use me all over again. I am done.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never read #82 // anonymous

Just be yourself, and never ever submit to the pressures that are part of school because it can really destroy you. High school can be a really good place, but you really have to be careful and just keep a good, solid head on your shoulders. Keep your head up high, and just do your thing. Know that there are other people out there like you.

Before being lovers, we were best friends. And sometimes I wonder if it was worth it. The risk. Some nights I think it was; all of the adventure and experience. But nights like this, when I truly miss you, I don’t think it was worth it. I think we loved each other before we even knew we loved each other. We never said it. But it showed in our actions. We traded actions for words, and eventually lost both. Sometimes I think of that. But it’s pointless now isn’t it?
—  excerpt from a letter (k.s.i)

The Red Queen. I will never submit again.

The Shadow. I could set this world on fire and call it rain.

The Silver Queen. She rises in an outfit of black leather jacket, pants,boots. All studded with hard silver. No, not silver. Iron

The Flame. I see a world on the edge of a blade. Without balance, it will fall.



I wish people wouldn’t talk about how the Dalish need to move on and focus on the present. The elves in Dragon Age are inspired by Native American, Romani, and Jewish cultures, and hearing people say that these characters whose pain is based off of our own should just forget all of their culture, every scrap of hard-won knowledge that they’ve held onto for millenia of subjugation, and assimilate into the community of their oppressors? It hurts. It feels like when the rest of the world is saying, “Oh, well, wouldn’t it be easier if you just tried to blend in?” No, it would not, because we are a people with our own culture and our own history and we will not let it be stripped away from us. Never again shall we submit.

1077. Draco Malfoy's parents never talked about the Boy Who Lived but, being a Malfoy, he found out about him anyway. He couldn't wait to meet him, to play with him, whisper secrets and have sleepovers, eat together and play Quidditch together. On the first day at Hogwarts those eleven years worth of dreams were crushed. Draco was never the same again.

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