oh my god i actually suddenly give a shit about school

that hasn’t happened since like… year 9

like if i keep going the way i am two of my assignments will be done a whole week early. what the fuck. i’ve never submitted anything early in my entire life lol

They say a good man can be alone with his thoughts. Alone, but never lonely. He who is comfortable with himself, with no self hatred, no regrets, no could haves beens. I strive to be that person. But for now, I am not. Because I am never truly alone in my thoughts. You’re always in my thoughts with me, haunting me, making me feel alone.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #62

my dcbb draft is done and submitted earlier and was accepted! aw yiss

now to edit!!! what fun!!!!!!!!!!

(and then go back and edit that other 120k SPN/HP i wrote nearly a year ago. and the sci fi AU that i wrote two years ago but never finished editing.)

also guys i know i’m sick and i haven’t updated for 4 months but i’m not dead plz stop unsubscribing from my ao3 it hurts my feelings

if you’re not subscribed already maybe you want to be???? idk i write gross destiel fluff sometimes