So when we met Thomas he asked us how we wanted to pose for the picture and so my sister heyitsemeraldorbs thought since he dressed up as Hans we should do the heart at the end of liaod (love is an open door) and Thomas wasn’t sure how to do it at first so in the first photo you can see a very confused Thomas and in the 2nd photo where he figured it out you can see how excited he got. Thank you so much thatsthat24 for making my day perfect just as you usually do. Never ever stop being the most adorable ray of sunshine because you make this world a lovely place 💖 also Yay for both being hufflepuffs ✌👌

i hope that taylor never ever stops dancing at award shows, and i hope that she never stops being her crazy and dorky and adorable self and that she will always continue having this carefree attitude, and yet still be so compassionate with others because that’s what makes her so amazing and special and inspiring and i don’t ever want to change that part of her, even if everything else changes.