Shiro and Pidge are adorable

No matter how you see them, they always are.

For the purposes of this post I’m gonna refer to Pidge as she/her but if ya hc her otherwise its up to you.

So when they all introduced themselves, Hunk showed everyone the “pic of Pidge’s girlfriend”. Don’t tell me Shiro didn’t have doubts when he saw it. Whatever doubts he had, he didn’t voice it.

Finding the Green Lion sure must’ve been fun ;)

And its cute that when Pidge was rambling, Shiro calmed her down by citing what Sam Holt used to say. (Don’t tell me he didn’t say this on purpose)

“Listen, our commander on the Kerberos mission is the smartest man I’ve ever met. And he always said, “If you get too worried about what could go wrong, you might miss a chance TO DO SOMETHING GREAT.”

It made her smile; and

“Go, be GREAT.”


Later on when they attempted to retrieve the Red Lion, Shiro remembered that the Kerberos team used to be captured on that very ship. And Pidge was dead set on finding more prisoners, with Shiro also dead set on NOT doing so and following through their plans to retrieve the Red Lion.

“Pidge we don’t have time. We have to get the Red Lion and get back to Ares.”

“In war we have to make hard choices. Now let’s get moving.”

So, what changed his mind?

“Commander Holt is your father?”

From this moment onwards, whatever doubt he had had been replaced by certainty. He knew Pidge was in fact, Katie Holt.

“I’m coming with you”

  • Keith: “What?”
  • Shiro: “I remember where the prisoners are held. Keith, you go find the Red Lion.
  • Keith: “By myself?”
  • Shiro: “Minor change of plans, you’ll be fine”

Sure Shiro, minor change of plans.

He knew the Holts are smart, so “Excellent, Pidge.” He’s impressed.

Now don’t tell me she’s NOT impressed by Shiro either. She’s a tech expert. That arm sure looks fantastic. I mean even I’m impressed.

Revelation of Shiro “attacking” Matt led to his own disbelief, and he wanted to investigate info on the crashed Galra ship.

“I’m coming with you!”

I love it when two characters say the same thing in different episodes.

And also when there’s protecting involved

“I’m sorry, Pidge!”


He. Shielded. Her. From. The. Blast. And before this specific point in time they didn’t know the Lions could come to their rescue.

At the end of the day, while everyone was here;

These two were having a beautiful friendship bonding moment

“I’m so sorry I doubted you”  - Pidge

“Your brother and father would be proud of you, Katie.”

”Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me”

- Shiro

 + Plus:

Have I ever mentioned how I love scenes with similarity?

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my hong jaeyeol

a short fic of my fav fav fav lookism ship (and because i adore jaeyeol so much) jaeyeol x hyungseok, where hyungseok gets jealous and possessive mehehe i was writing this in my head while half asleep (that’s usually when i come up with fic ideas not even kidding) and decided that ok we need more jaeseok in this fandom. i haven’t written fics in YEARS so please pardon any awkwardness in the text. :-)

“All ready?” Jaeyeol smiles at Hyungseok, his feline-like eyes curling into adorable curves, slightly masked by his blonde bangs.

Hyungseok adjusts his cufflinks and straightens his suit nervously, “I think I am.”

“Don’t worry about this annual dinner, people at the company pretty much likes to mind their own business.” Jaeyeol cups a hand on the fidgety one, thumb stroking his cheek reassuringly, “Just stay with me, okay?”

Hyungseok smiles, albeit his eyes still give away his anxiety, but he can’t help leaning into the other man’s warm touch, craving for the that bit of comfort he needs.

Hyungseok gapes when the huge burgundy doors open to reveal high ceilings decorated with glaringly bright chandeliers, grand round tables surrounded by people and immaculately dressed waiters balancing trays of wines as they swooped around offering them to the tables. The people there sure looked important.

He doesn’t realise that he stopped moving, until he feels Jaeyeol pulling at his hand. Hyungseok blinks and clears his throat, “Oooh okay, I think I’m in another dimension.”

Jaeyeol chuckles and guides him to the biggest table, where several other older people are seated at. Hyungseok doesn’t have to guess to know that they are the pretty damn loaded old guys who own major shares in his boyfriend’s chain of companies. He quickly flashes a smile when they look up, and bows along with Jaeyeol.

“Great to see you. Meet my partner, Park Hyungseok.”

Partner? Hyungseok muses over the ambiguous term, but he guesses that it’s a more appropriate word for ‘boyfriend’ in this setting. Nevertheless, Jaeyeol’s grip on his hand will probably be enough for them to know.

The older men, and presumingly their wives, look slightly amused, but offer friendly smiles at Hyungseok. One of them, dressed in a grey suit too tight to be buttoned together, booms, “Good looking one, Mr Park. Glad to finally meet the one supporting Mr Hong’s ambitions.”

Jaeyeol unhelpfully snickers quietly at Hyungseok’s flustered blush, and the latter hastily bows again at the man.

Ah, this is difficult.

Halfway through the dinner, a girl stands at their table, donning a flattering white dress and too many diamond rings on her fingers for Hyungseok to count.

“Jae?” She flashes a bright smile.

Competition, that’s the smell of her perfume, Hyungseok grumbles in his head.

Hyungseok watches as she takes a seat beside his Jae, and the two seem friendly enough to be engaging in a rather casual conversation. He fiddles with his fingers instead, with no one to talk to because the rest of the table had left to dance at the square. 

Smack, Hyungseok turns around to see that the girl (who he, while eavesdropping, learned was called Crystal) has one hand on Jaeyeol’s shoulder.

Nope, nope, nope. Keep your cool, Park Hyungseok, he chants silently, fingers clenched into a fist. This is all part of the business.

When Crystal finally, finally leaves them alone for a moment for the washroom (she even left with a I’ll be back, “my foot,” Hyungseok thinks), Hyungseok puts on the puppy face that he knows always gets Jaeyeol.

“Jaeyeol-ah, can we go outside to get some fresh air?” The blond looks part amused, part curious, but nods his head in agreement.

They end up at a deserted balcony, where city lights dot the night sky and the sound of car engines zoom past below.

“Are you o-”

Hyungseok swoops in for a kiss before Jaeyeol can finish his sentence, and grabs at his suit to pull him closer.

He deepens the kiss, eager to have Jaeyeol all to himself after a seemingly long evening. Their lips are glistening, and tongues create a graceful dance as they explore the familiarity of each other.

Jaeyeol ends up pushed against the wall, and the brunette sucks greedily at his lips, earning a groan from the former. Jaeyeol loosens his tie, panting a little, “If you don’t stop, we’re going to get caught with our pants down at a company dinner,” and makes a throaty chuckle.

Hyungseok circles his arms loosely around the other’s neck, and smiles coyly, “That’s not my goal for this evening.”

“Then what is it?” Jaeyeol tilts his head ever so slightly, as he usually does when he asks something, which Hyungseok thinks will never stop being adorable.

“I want to let everyone know that you may be their Mr Hong or Jae,” Hyungseok’s mouth turns downwards in distaste, “but you’re my Hong Jaeyeol.”

Jaeyeol’s knowing laughter is cut off, when Hyungseok swoops in at his neck and sucks deeply at the skin there. He groans, eyes dark and looking all ready to take Hyungseok there and then.

“There, there,” Hyungseok smiles, satisfied at the red patch on his boyfriend’s neck, knowing that it will soon turn dark enough for anyone to know that this man is marked, “we still have a long night ahead of us.”

He helps Jaeyeol fix his tie, and plants a chaste peck on his lips before pulling the pouting blonde with him to show off his artwork.

There is always time after the dinner for grander, bigger goals.

Wanting Cuddles When They’re Sleepy (BTS)

“hellooooo ~~can i request a bts reaction where the reader asks for cuddles when they are sleepy (p.s i rlly love your blog akdkak)”

(gif credit to the original owners)

Rap Monster:
As you gently cooed his name, he knew he was going to have an internal struggle. His eyes would barely open but he’d still manage to get a lil’ glimpse of your begging expression. He’d try to ignore you to start, but it was futile. He’d groan at himself for giving in but would wrap his long arm around you, allowing you to snuggle into his side. He’d probably end up falling asleep again but it was all worth it.

“Baby you’re gonna make me go crazy from a lack of sleep, you know that?”

Originally posted by cyphermon

(he can go from meme to fucking gorgeous in 2 seconds CAN U NOT?!)

You’d prod his shoulder lightly and he’d immediately wake up. He’d turn to look at you, waiting for the reason for the awakening. You’d unleash the biggest puppy dog eyes at him. He wouldn’t even try to resist you and would bring you for the tightest hug you could imagine. He’d pepper your cheek in kisses because boy did you look cute at that moment.

“I can’t resist you and your cuteness, (Y/N).”

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(shut up like he isn’t the cutest thing in the world)

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