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Did you ever go to college and if so what'd you major in? I'm an animal science major at umass Amherst so if you ever need pics of baby goats I got plenty :D anyways love you, your videos, and your streams man and it made my day that you loved my comment on your recent video (: never stop being awesome and adorable :3

Yeah I was in college for a while! I mean I think my declared major was Computer Science but most of the time you have to do the general things for your first 2-3 years anyway, so that’s what I was doing. I took a good amount of classes, but eventually dropped out because I got really sick and needed time to recover, which is when I started focusing on my YouTube channel. =)

Wanting Cuddles When They’re Sleepy (BTS)

“hellooooo ~~can i request a bts reaction where the reader asks for cuddles when they are sleepy (p.s i rlly love your blog akdkak)”

(gif credit to the original owners)

Rap Monster:
As you gently cooed his name, he knew he was going to have an internal struggle. His eyes would barely open but he’d still manage to get a lil’ glimpse of your begging expression. He’d try to ignore you to start, but it was futile. He’d groan at himself for giving in but would wrap his long arm around you, allowing you to snuggle into his side. He’d probably end up falling asleep again but it was all worth it.

“Baby you’re gonna make me go crazy from a lack of sleep, you know that?”

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(he can go from meme to fucking gorgeous in 2 seconds CAN U NOT?!)

You’d prod his shoulder lightly and he’d immediately wake up. He’d turn to look at you, waiting for the reason for the awakening. You’d unleash the biggest puppy dog eyes at him. He wouldn’t even try to resist you and would bring you for the tightest hug you could imagine. He’d pepper your cheek in kisses because boy did you look cute at that moment.

“I can’t resist you and your cuteness, (Y/N).”

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(shut up like he isn’t the cutest thing in the world)

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Never stop shining, never stop smiling, never stop laughing, never stop being you, you adorable ball of dorkshine~

Happy 33rd, Mamo-chan!!



*posted early*

So when we met Thomas he asked us how we wanted to pose for the picture and so my sister heyitsemeraldorbs thought since he dressed up as Hans we should do the heart at the end of liaod (love is an open door) and Thomas wasn’t sure how to do it at first so in the first photo you can see a very confused Thomas and in the 2nd photo where he figured it out you can see how excited he got. Thank you so much thatsthat24 for making my day perfect just as you usually do. Never ever stop being the most adorable ray of sunshine because you make this world a lovely place 💖 also Yay for both being hufflepuffs ✌👌

Appreciation post (because what is sleep)

I capped Lore. (Not @bottomed-by-haurchefant FYI)

Spiteful people that remove captions from something just because of one person’s name in it that they dislike are my aesthetic (or not).

Tired and going to bed. Going to try to pester @itarairispyre @roegadyn-mom and @inorikaneki on Malboro tomorrow. ♥♥

Might also spend time just watching anime and stuff.

@degeneratemagicalcatgirl is precious catte and I luffs mah fren.

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