you’re not supposed to fall in love with your roommate.

it’s not just an Elsewhere University rule, one of the many you pick up during your first few months there; it’s an every-university rule.

but she is so pretty, and you are so weak when it comes to pretty girls.

at first, it is the way the sunlight shimmers on her feather-dark hair. the way her eyes sparkle, just a little bit too much like mica. the way she moves, like a shadow sliding over bricks.

but then it is the rattle when she laughs, like her chest is hollow. it is her endless fascination for anything human. it is the way she twists her neck to smile at you when you walk into the room. it is her dedication to finishing every homework assignment, even though someone like her doesn’t have to do any homework assignments, or go to class at all.

you’re not supposed to fall in love with someone who never sleeps.

but you’ve never been good at keeping to the rules– your religion is a time-worn mixture of judaism, agnosticism, and the bits and bobs of whatever your favorite grandmother is (she never quite tells you), and you’re still not sure what your gender is (or your sexuality). old rules, unflexible, unaccepting, feel like brittle prison bars.

besides, at elsewhere u, the normal rules seem a little more fluid. changeable. as long as you keep to the traditions of the school, everything else can slide by, just a bit.

you help her keep up with the homework and decipher a few of the more colloquial phrases that your american history professor likes to use. she helps you stay unnoticed on the campus. when you walk next to her, the shadows accept you as one of them.

you ask permission before you hold her hand. you ask permission to grab her dinner when you’re getting yours. you ask permission to look at her when she’s not looking at you. she tells you yes, again and again, and again. the fae cannot lie.

your best friend, aeryn, has always been fascinated by the fae. she tells you not to trust your pretty roommate. she tells you that their rules are too complicated to understand. but your roommate, but she is like you; she was not made for rules. you begin to think that perhaps she and aeryn have a lot in common; aeryn came to elsewhere u for the fae. your roommate came for the humans.

so she tells you yes, when you ask her things; and then she starts to make requests of her own. she asks if she can hear about your childhood. she asks how much you know about other cultures. she asks if you really like her, no, like-like her, she thinks she heard the term from one of the human kids in her biology class.

you blush. you tell her yes, again and again and again.

you’re not supposed to date one of the fae. that IS an elsewhere university rule, but one that’s so obvious that nobody would ever even think to tell you.

you don’t think much of the rules, the two of you; sometimes you walk through Elsewhere with her to get to class faster, and sometimes she uses your laptop (with you as a conduit) to explore the internet. you get rid of the iron and salt, you have; except a few nails near the door (even if your roommate is fae, that doesn’t stop anyone else from trying to take your stuff).

she steals your sweatshirts. you take some of the pebbles on her bedside table to play with when you can’t pay attention during class. she teases you with extremely stretched truths, which is the best she can do about the lying rule. you buy her increasingly outrageous types of soda on amazon.

she lets her glamour drop, junior year. it is an accident. you come into the room you share, and find her studying, seven feet tall, with antlers and spindly fingers. her shimmery eyes look scared when you approach. you smile, and tell her the truth– you still like her without the glamour. how could you not, when she tells the worst puns on campus and keeps you up until 3am watching vine compilations?

you didn’t know that your first kiss would involve three rows of teeth.

you are not supposed to take the fae with you when you graduate.

but would any of the staff dare to complain if one of the students leaving campus on graduation day happens to have a suitcase full of seaglass and feathers for eyebrows?

and if the neighbors think you and your wife are a little odd, they’d probably be justified. but it’s quite okay with you, you think as you fall asleep with a phantom tail wrapped tightly around your leg. after all, nobody else in town has as much fun just looking at memes. nobody else’s s.o. can make the fire in the fireplace turn blue just by winking at it.

you’re not supposed to fall in love with your roommate. but you do it anyway, and so does she.

So canon it hurts :”D

This City Never Sleeps (When Your Lips Are On Mine)

Word Count: 467

Pairing: Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Requested: “Peter decides to do the whole upside down kiss with his gf and there’s a bunch of giggling and blushing from both parties. Two shy eggs.” -Anonymous

Warnings: None

Summary: Set further in the future of this verse, you and Peter are already dating. Peter wants to try something new.

Note: WE ALL NEED A LITTLE FLUFF TONIGHT, DON’T YOU THINK? Sorry this wasn’t super awkward and second–hand embarrass-y but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Earlier parts found here.

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“Peter, what are you doing on the ceiling?” you asked, entering your room with soda and popcorn in hand. Peter didn’t usually use his powers around your house, and especially not when he wasn’t even wearing his suit.

“I, uh… I want to try something,” he replied. There was a little flush in his cheeks, but you couldn’t tell if it was from being upside down or if he was embarrassed about something.

“Okay?” you said, waiting for him to do a flip or some other stunt. He didn’t say anything, just looked at you for a few moments, the redness under his skin growing deeper. “Peter?”

“Come here,” he finally said. A determination set in his eyes. You set the snacks down on your desk and walked over to him. Slowly, he released web out of his shooters and gradually dropped down from the ceiling until his face was just inches from yours.

“Peter?” you asked again, swallowing nervously. You could feel his gently breath on your face. You could smell the intoxicating combination of his deodorant, cologne, and skin. You felt your own skin ignite, and your knees trembled.

Even after dating for this long, he still made your heart race.

“Kiss me,” Peter said quietly. His voice was shaky and nervous. You didn’t even bother questioning it, you just slid your fingers into his hair and pulled his mouth to yours.

It was a little awkward, but incredible nonetheless. It reminded you a lot of your first kiss- all learning and experimenting. It was slow, firm but gentle. You pulled your hands from his hair and settled them on his face, tracing your thumb along his jaw lightly as you angled his head to better connect your lips. You were so used to Peter having his hands all over you when you kissed- in your hair, on your neck, around your waist- and it electrified the thrill in your veins to have him completely at your mercy.

When you finally broke apart, your breathing was heavy. You locked eyes for a moment, both unwilling to break the silence. Your eyes drifted shut and you smiled, letting out a little laugh as you tangled your fingers in his hair again.

“That was…” you said, licking your lips. “That was interesting.”

“Just interesting?” Peter laughed. He started to flip himself over, and you took a small step back, watching the muscles arms and his abs work as he gracefully landed on the floor. You were sad to see his shirt fall back into place. You grabbed him by the collar and sat him down in your desk chair, putting one knee between his and leaning in close. His hands wrapped around your hips.

“It was way more than interesting,” you whispered, connecting your lips once more.

Imagine Remus being traumatized after he barged into the bedroom where you and Sirius were making out.
“Why would you.. I mean.. what did you do with her- why do you do this to me, padfoot? I can never sleep again..I loved to sleep”