THE GIRLS OF THE FEVER

Never really thinking about the framed photo on your boss’ desk. You figure it’s probably just his family, or a family member. It’s typical for someone to have something like that on their desk. Sometimes while you were leaving his office you’d see him glancing at the photo lovingly. It was clear that he was a caring man, who cared strongly for the subject(s) of that photograph, with a love that never dimmed. You never saw the photo, though, and didn’t really care. Then one day, your boss is murdered in his office. You’re the person who discovers his corpse, hesitantly entering his office and walking around his desk to find him lying on the floor in a puddle of blood with a gunshot wound. He’s clutching the photo to his chest.

Of course, you race out of the office to notify somebody. The police are called, investigators show up to gather forensic evidence. It’s a disaster. The whole time, though, there’s a quiet curiosity gnawing at you, which is finally satisfied that night as they’re leaving with certain objects from his office in plastic bags. In one of those bags is the photo. You watch as the guy holding it walks by, and sure enough the photograph is facing toward you. Your heart leaps into your throat as you see… Him.

ok but one of the writers on cm said “brewster is not the only additional character that is said to reappear in the upcoming season” and also that season 11 would have an emphasis on reid’s love life…..

so i’m gonna be desperate for a second here and say if we’ve gotta force reid into a heterosexual relationship can we at least bring back the cutie he met in 52 pickup??

because she actually seemed likable and we got her for an entire ONE episode

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You mentioned that "Karin only got better." Did you view of her change slightly or is she still a horribly written female character? Where would you rank her in general?

I never saw her as horrible. I don’t know how I would rank her, but I mostly meant that when we look at the other characters at the moment, she comes off as better than them. She matured but looks like her life is on line, she doesn’t look depressed or lifeless like many of the other characters.

When you compare her to Sakura right now…well.

She traveled with Sakura and helped her deliver her baby safely after Sakura was chasing Sasuke PREGNANT not giving a fuck about the baby’s safety (YOU ARE PREGNANT???) but only caring about her obsession with Sasuke.

She send Salad gifts and glasses and Sakura, being the emotional leech she always was, never mentioned about this great friend she made, to Salad. She was only interested in getting the benefit Karin could provide to her.

Karin said she only wants Sasuke’s happiness. None of the guilt tripping Sakura had on Sasuke. Sakura never cared about what Sasuke wanted. She talked about how her heart was breaking because Sasuke wasn’t with her, how she would suffer if he isn’t with her. She even compared this pain to Sasuke’s whole family being slaughtered. Could you see Karin doing this? Cos I can’t.

So yeah, compared to the “heroine” of the manga, I think Karin walked out of this mess looking pretty dapper. :|


cruelangle tagged me to post my top 10 favorite movies but i don’t play by the rules unless the rules revolve around multiples of three.

anyway i found out that i still have awful taste and me and jay like a lot of the same films, so take from that what you will.

i tag ivygourd, slothsona, grandi-flora and anyone else who likes movies!

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Can up please write a Luke imagine to the song "Dreaming Alone" by Against the Current

Sure thing, darling - I’ve got the imagine written for you right here. Thank you so much for requesting this! I love this song so much so it was great fun to do ~ Thank you for being so patient and lovely while this was being written!

Enter Bamon tag, sees debbie downer whom I never even saw voting. Walk right out of the tag. Please the thing is not even done yet and some ppl are whining. When we started this who thought we’d get this far?? Which ship on TVD ever made 10 million votes for their ship?? So please lets not. We all fucking worked our butts of her to get that so kindly take your negativity somewhere. I woke up every morning at 6 whenever we could vote again to vote in groups and you want to act like something,.ugh

Boy does this line ring true. I can’t believe that actually came true. Angela moved to Europe and never saw Topanga again. I can’t believe the writers went that route. I would have loved to have seen a Topanga/ Angela reunion on GMW but we never got that at all. Never even got to see them together at all. that sucks

Dear Newbie Player

Yeah, I was that charr thief in the Durmand Priory whom you asked how to get to the POI under it. You were a short female norn ranger.  My connection was shitty, but I managed to show you the way there.  I think.  I was going to say something else to you in chat when my connection cut out completely.

So if I suddenly disappeared and you never saw me again, it was nothing personal.  But I’m glad you got the POI.

– Me, who has had a shitload of technical problems today

Pretty Omega

read it on the AO3 at

by xHaruka17x

Castiel’s past five years of hell ends with a heart wrenching event he never saw coming.

Years later, he’s on top of the world… put the past comes back….

Words: 9398, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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that unspoken rule where if i don’t like the results of a horoscope i don’t reblog it and pretend i never saw it and it never happened

Basketball scene

I just came to the realization that the basketball scene must have actually been cut after the photos were released instead of just being from a future episode. Connors crutches are gone and we never saw it! I wonder what the scene was about. Personally I think it was when Jude told Connor his dad was coming and he didn’t want to tell him he was gay. Sad to know a Jonnor scene will never actually be seen. 😥