Forgiveness is to deal with our emotions by denying ourselves the dark pleasures of venting them or fondling them in our minds. Once upon a time, I was engaged to a young woman who changed her mind. I forgave her, but in small sums over a year, done when I spoke to her and refrained from rehashing the past, done whenever I renounced jealousy and self-pity when seeing her with another man, done when I praised her to others when I wanted to slice away at her reputation. Those were the payments—but she never saw them. And her own payments were unseen by me, but I do know that she forgave me. Forgiveness is more than a matter of refusing to hate someone. It is also a matter of choosing to demonstrate love and acceptance to the offender. Pain is the consequence of sin; there is no easy way to deal with it. Wood, nails and pain are the currency of forgiveness, the love that heals.
—  Dan Hamilton, Forgiveness

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hello, how are you? I wanted to ask you something and that's giving me around in my head and my question is, is there fan service in Korrasami? In my opinion I never saw fan service. Excuse my English is not very good uwu.

Ha, well, Bryan actually spoke to this in his “Korrasami is Canon” post:

There is the inevitable reaction, “Mike and Bryan just caved in to the fans.” Well, which fans? There were plenty of Makorra shippers out there, so if we had gone back on our decision and gotten those characters back together, would that have meant we caved in to those fans instead? Either direction we went, there would inevitably be a faction that was elated and another that was devastated. Trust me, I remember Kataang vs. Zutara. But one of those directions is going to be the one that feels right to us, and Mike and I have always made both Avatar and Korra for us, first and foremost

That’s kind of his way of saying, “it depends who you ask.”

In my view, fanservice is something extra tacked on, or something that’s really just there for pure 100% seal-clapping joy. Zhao appearing in the Fog of Lost Souls, “my Cabbage Corp!”, Sokka talking about his boomerang during a trial, the entirety of the Bolin/Varrick segment in “Remembrances”…those to me are fanservice.

I personally don’t think Korrasami can fall into this category. For one, it was built up for two seasons, and even before the final scene was added once Bryke realized they could/should push for more, the idea was that “their trajectory could be heading towards a romance.” That’s how everything had been scripted for the entire second half of the series. The scene added on was like, “let’s just canonize the thing we’ve already laid the gruondwork for.” 

Secondly, if you hear the way Bryan and Mike talk about it…it’s pretty clear it’s something they wanted. I forget what podcast I heard this on (I think it may have been when Seychelle Gabriel went onto the JV Club?), but apparently the perceived network restrictions were something really getting to Bryan in particular, and he’d be up at night going “we’ve got to do Korrasami” in his mind. I swear, I heard this story. So this seems to me more of the case of an author being very insistent on a direction because it’s something they felt was both right and important. The acknowledgement that media is not created or consumed in a cultural vacuum does not make playing to that reality in any way cheap or pandering.

And it’s especially the case with Korrasami, since (and I’ve said this many times), it was the perfect thematic endcap for the series. This post really sums it up best, but this is quite possibly the most justified ship I’ve seen in media. I’m not saying its execution was 100% flawless, but calling it fanservice is almost laughable given they way it is the natural culmination on the theme of “balance” in a fantastically meticulous and thorough way.

Having sex one last time because I don’t  want to love you any more

There was something like summer heat beneath

your eyelids and a storage for 

un-crunched autumn leaves in the

attic at the roof of your mouth. It was 

close to freezing after I never 

saw you again. I was okay with that – spring born

and bound in the words too cold to say out loud. We

spent silences in the sun. We pretended it

was too hot to wear clothes after realizing we 

had nothing left but good memories and no future  

                   being together.

if currents b-sides actually Exists and makes it out into the world i am 100% sure it’s gonna be like, the quality of an Real Album / EP, maybe even better than currents itself, bc there’s that interview from last year where kevin said he thought about not including less i know the better on the album bc he thought it sounded like “dorky white boy funk” and it’s obviously like, a Great Song and the most popular song they’ve ever released up 2 this point, ever since then i’ve questioned his judgment, what if there’s like a goldmine of would be tame impala classics that never saw the light of day sitting on some hard drive somewhere bc kevin was like IDK i don’t want people 2 think i’m a dork :/


It’s not the end! I’ll do more shots, just.. yesterday my skyrim gone wild (((( I never saw such bugs (for example, I couldn’t watch on the left side and move camera to the left ; I couldn’t talk with follower, when I ALREADY recruited her and etc ~.~)

Also, I forgot on which hand Mekka has gun. I’M SORRY!!! T_T

MEKKA AND S-319 [1/?]

Pure not perfect (#wtsdevo walkwithChrist)

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” -Matt 5:8

Perfection is unattainable. But because none of us can be perfect it doesn’t give us license to live aimlessly or accept our proneness to fail. God knows His creation and our likelihood to fall short. So instead He invites us to pursue purity.

Could you imagine if the text read ‘Blessed are the perfect for they shall see God?’ None of us could know Him. None of us could taste and see His goodness or experience His love and depth of character. It takes a consecrated heart that can only come from God. It takes God to have God. This is what the Pharisees were missing. They appeared perfect on paper. They kept all the commandments, they prayed relentlessly and they lived seemingly perfect lives. Yet they never saw God. Because He’s after the hearts of men and women, not just the deeds.

Before our heart can be consecrated, or set apart, it has to be surrendered. David gives us a great posture to follow in Psalms 51:10, 16-17:

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. For thou desirest not sacrifice; else would I give it: thou delightest not in burnt offering. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.”

David was extremely sensitive to the fact that we are born sinners with ugly, wicked, disgraceful hearts. The sooner we grasp this the better off we’ll be. We need forgiveness. We need grace. We need a God who is capable of giving us the only thing we need to really know Him–eyes to see our heart for it’s true condition and our desperate need for it to be changed.


Devotional Series: Walk with Christ (#wtsdevo walkwithChrist)

By: Julian // Personal // Walk the Same


So, because I’m a sucker for production art…(and Akane)…I rolled the dice when I saw this auction on eBay for some Star Force genga sketchwork that was supposedly from the anime. You may remember me being all depressed I didn’t get it a year ago from this post. Only now, my luck turned around and I got it! Isn’t it so darn cute?!

I still have no clue what on earth it would have been used for, so I can only hope it truly was an unused scene or promo image that never saw the light of day, and isn’t a fake. Figuring out the artist’s style to decipher who drew it isn’t the easiest, either, and my best guess is that it’s similar to Capcom game series artist Tokiko Nakashima’s draftsmanship, but that doesn’t really make sense if it’s an anime piece. So I’m perplexed. But it is a set of real pencil-sketched art, and not a photocopy like settei artwork.

But regardless, no matter who drew it, it’s an absolutely adorable image. If it’s authentic, then I have my first real Ryuusei (and Akane) official production piece. If it’s not, I’ll pretend I commissioned a cute picture. It at least gave me something to color.

I don’t think I’m totally done messing with it, but I wanted to get something up on the first day of October, since it’s such a fitting image with the leaves changing right now.

If whoever did draw this one day sees this post, sorry for botching your beautiful sketch with my coloring job.

Scanned from: My Production Art Stash

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Okay no tho. This is Discourse Burton anon and I'm coming off anon cause I'm down for this discourse tho! YES! I've only seen the trailers for the movie, but I have a friend who has read the book. She said she never saw the villain as black. And I asked her why all the main characters white. She said something about that time period. Now, she's all about representation but still doesn't really understand alot of parts. It doesn't matter about the time period or location. POC WHERE ALWAYS THERE

ohhh :0 i feel like i might need to read up on the original book to get a better understanding of it, but like, things change in every single movie adaptation, so i don’t see why he couldn’t change this ?? also poc have always been there it’s not like they suddenly. manifested in the 60s lmfao

thanks for joining me for this discourse btw!!! i’m happy ppl are willing to talk abt it

Ok now that dr3 is Done Im gonna post about thoughts on some of the pros and cons of it 

part 1 of maybe many my Major problem especially with z-hen was the lack of character development or nuance.

Like. The 77th class has been around each other for a year and are supposedly really close and yet Mikan apparently has never been treated nicely as she tells the Imposter??? Like was all the time spent in the class for nothing?
How come we never saw the emotional impact of Sato’s death on Mahiru or Natsumi’s on Kuzuryuu????

Did they ever talk about their feelings to each other ever? how did they bond as a class ?

towards the end we still have the same characters reusing the same gross jokes w Hanamura being a creep and saionji still being a bully. Do you really expect me to believe these kids have not changed in the couple years as a class that apparently gave them many friends and memories? thats a changing expierence!

Did they ever interact w the other students in the school? What about the other 77th kids like….Matsuda for example? Dr0 characters? 76th class? the student council? 78th class!? like there are a lot of interesting relationships and dynamics you could explore here and we got komaeda sabotaging Seiko.

Z-hen, in its full potential, should’ve been a long novel series. 

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Fufulupa:If your character discovered a close friend doing something illegal, what would they do? For any you wish to answer for.

Ndai would jump right in and help them! Depending on what it is, anyway. If it involved hurting someone else she’d just run away and pretend she never saw it.

Gogo would panic and be afraid they’d get caught. I can see him trying to talk his friend out of it but getting dragged in unwillingly, then he’d fear that the authorities would be hunting him down as an accomplice in the crime - even if it is something incredibly minor.

Azionne would probably sigh, turn around, and ignore it. Unless they asked for her help - then she’d join in, too.

Depending on the crime, he’d confront them and tell them to stop for their own good… but with some convincing, he could probably help out.

He would quickly and quietly aid them to get it over with, and then pretend it never happened. But he’d also be kept awake at night for a little while, feeling guilty.

Lini views herself as an authoritative figure and would promptly confront them. If she was still a Brass Blade, she would also not hesitate to arrest them herself.

Yue could probably be convinced that her friend is not, in fact, committing any crime at all, and if she could just hold onto these mysterious substances while her friend finds a place to hide them, that’d be great. She’d just shrug and want to help out.

Granny would confront them, hands on her hips, and sternly demand that they stop what they are doing. No ifs, ands, or buts. And go to your room and think about what you’ve done before she reports you to Ashe and Sylv.

Thanks for the question!! This was a fun one!

I saw something I never saw last night

I was going to find something in my room and I saw a white figure standing next to my roommates bed,it was facing me. I didn’t notice it really at first,I was unusually calm when I moved to go around it, until I was past it and then I realized that THAT wasn’t a person and turned to look at it. It was gone.

Ive never seen a tall white figure before I think it also had long hair, I can’t really remember what it exactly looked like. I wasn’t afraid when I saw it though,most times I am  or im confused when I see something like a ghost or shadow figure.

I was just calm,it was like i was walking past someone I knew.

szpd-pluto replied to your post “no offense but “people can love and appreciate their friends without…”

I like to think I can cherish my friends but…. Unsure if it’s just me trying to make myself feel better abt not caring about them lmao

i know ive mentioned it but i can enjoy the perks of friendship like entertainment and whatnot but… not caring but loving what. 

im sure some people do feel that way tho

but its something i never considered until i saw a post talking about it and my immediate reaction was ????. i guess you can separate the emotions of love from worry (which caring implies.) altho love is such a subjective term… im just going with the stereotypical happy-feelings and joy sort of love. 

now that i think about it tho, being able to get emotions of joy from ur friends without caring about them sounds a lot more enjoyable than not being able to love them. especially if i could also not have a real attachment when everything’s over. 

ngl i literally just googled “define cherish” to make sure i understood/remembered it correctly lOL shakes head @ myself

so, mm… holding them dear. idk. i think that irl i can find people’s personalities familiar and amusing/cute (doesnt always imply good judgement on particular aspects tho lol like “annoying cute” or “bad cute”. i think i find too much stuff cute in a weird way)  and the combination of those feelings are. hard to describe. like i can imagine the sensation abstractly but i cant find the right term for it ( @ _ @ 

on the internet tho i think i can get a lot closer to actually liking someone. like, maybe because im missing out on stuff they might do irl that would potentially annoy me, or maybe because the internet is a lot more detached and just plain doesnt feel the same as interacting with “real” people. i can sometimes genuinely enjoy fictional characters or even more rarely, certain celebrities (altho only one so far), i think. and maybe thats why its easier to like ppl online? because theyre closer together than they are with ppl face-to-face?

anyways the point being i had a crush on this girl i talked to on some other site and i liked her sense of humor + enjoyed talking with her and her presence but i also still couldnt emotionally empathize or worry about her beyond “i hope everythings ok so she’ll come talk to me more and be happy (because shell also talk to me more and happy her = cute)” and i think that’s probably the closest ive been to genuinely ~loving~ a friend. (edit: ngl tho i have thought about holding hands SORRY that was probably super inappropriate and you didnt have to know) )which is probably also how im going to base my own personal definition of the way i can feel love off of.

tl;dr i havent really seen her in months and b4 that she was gone for like a year so i forgot that happened until just now isn’t that embarassing im proving myself utterly wrong and gay at the end of my post

@meursalty think before you speak please

Rocky Wolfey


Rock was a normal wolf pup at first, well, an anthromorphic one, his loving mom and older sister, that was named Rollette, super annoying, yet he cared for her.

-Lazy timeskip XD-

When it was Rocks thirteenth birthday he was giving a collar from his loving human owner yet shortly had to be rushed to a hospital later in the day for having a slight attack, having hurt lungs wasn’t easy to live with. The poor wolf boy was in a coma, having not woken up for a long time, no realizing that his heart was not beating anymore, only a faint static buzzing of the flat line made his ears twitch.

Finally opening his weird eyes as he adjusted to the place around him, he never saw anything like it. Sitting up he felt a creepy aura around him, making him shiver. He sighed, feeling over his eye and felt stitches, he was shocked, running to the bathroom in the room as he looked in the cracked mirror, seeing his broken stitched up form his eyes watered.

“W-what happened to me……?” He asked himself, a small giggle and whisper came into his ear.

‘who do you think…? it was probably the one who put you in this dreaded place…’ the distorted whisper said, having an easy smirk in its voice.

Rock growled, punching the mirror, shattering it as he ran out of the building, shaking his head and mumbling things about his family, he missed his mother and sister, even though faint fuzzy memories were the only things he could remember. He didn’t want this, didn’t want to be alone. He fell to his knees, choking on his own tears, he didn’t want to feel like this, be like this, or even cry like this. On his own. Again, no one there to protect him.

Something clicked in his mind, his ears perking up, he remembered a voodoo fox named VooDoo. (Creative, right? XD Bear with me here guys.) He instantly got up yet again and ran to the fox’s home/hut. Not giving a crap about the door he slammed open, the fox looking straight at him.

“Well well, Rocky has come yet again to my humble home….” VooDoo giggled, her stitched/patched over eye changing color quickly, “What do you wish to obtain young wolf.” she had asked.

Rock got on his knees, “someone to make me not feel alone…. Please….” he begged, tears streaming down his cheeks again.

VooDoo grinned widely, her twin tails wagging as she looked in her spell book for something, her eye coming across the ‘Shadow Monster friends, these creatures trick their owner to do their own bidding, corrupting and clouding their mind with murder for revenge.’ She hummed and said the small spell, coughing as a small psychotic grinning ghost appeared in front of her. “your master is over their little creature…” she smirked.

The ghost went over to Rock, sitting on his ear, disappearing into thin air.

Rocks eye changed from its normal oval to that of a cats iris, and only its iris. He coughed, blacking out for some odd reason.

VooDoo smirked, picking up Rock, she began her voodoo stitch-work.

Should I keep this going?

@blackrose700 this is Rocky’s story so far.


(image credit to Dan Hoare on twitter)


Admittedly, I am easily won over by all organisms that attract flies with the scent of rotting flesh. But the octopus stinkhorn (Clathrus archeri) also has tentacles, a freaky egg stage, and blackish goop, so it’s my favorite now.