you ever watch something that you know you’ll never get over? yeah this moment was it.

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It wasn’t just the fact that Jungkook, for no apparent reason, decided to throw Jimin over his shoulder, but also the way he squeezed his thigh to pull him up, the hand he used for support right under his butt and the smack he left after.


It went down so naturally it makes me wonder how many times does Jungkook simply carry Jimin around like it’s not big deal.

I’LL NEVER EVER GET OVER the moment Diana screamed Steve’s name while he was running towards the plane to make that heroic sacrifice and, how he almost got cold feet and hesitated to move on and how he almost slowed down and turned around to look at Diana for the last time, and how the whole inner battle of his will to stay and not to stay was visible on his face, but… he didn’t do it because he knew if he turned around he’ll never able to leave her again.

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Jiminie!!! What was going thru your mind during the fansign??? Did you see the look on kookies face when you leaned into him??? -jikook trash

Like Father, Like Son

okay but like, i’m never gonna get over this moment #with like their matching hair #seriously its the same color #and their skintones are the exact same shade of peachy-pale #like hes a mix of both parents #but in this moment he is so obviously Oliver’s son #his boy #and they’re both wearing green #and its probably because William’s hero is the Green Arrow #and now he knows its his dad #and i’m worried about Samantha #i dont want William to lose his mom #when hes just found his dad #but like thats probably going to happen #because Arrow