Different reactions from Seirin’s members to Hyuuga and Kiyoshi’s typical from married couple “fight”:

Almost all former members like “mom and dad are fighting again how troublesome could these two be gezz”

And then there’s Mitoke like “mama and papa are fighting again what should we do can I do something for them”


But then Izuki’s face like “ah… They’re so married. Love is so beautiful” trying to calm down baby Kagami because he’s too young to undersand some things

(Extra points for Kuroko and his “so are we continue playing or…” face)

I should’ve known that I wouldn’t get anything done after watching the music video. I just…I have a lump in my throat and I have no idea why. Like, the whole thing was gorgeous and incredible, which I absolutely expected, but those few moments when she is in hold by herself…I just keep going back to those. They’re limited and only last for a few seconds, but….ugh, my heart.

Krystina ‘Really Likes Close Combat’ Breeland

The Monster in My House

There are monsters living in my house.
I’m one of them.
I didn’t used to be.
But one morning I heard Darkness knocking on my front door,
pounding his fist,
demanding to be let in.
At first I ignored it.
I tried to wait out the frantic knocks like they came from an old lover you wouldn’t wish to see.
I tried to silence the echoes of his voice.
But I grew tired of hearing him sneer at me or sweetly ask to be let in.
So each day my feet brought me closer to the door.
He was still outside, and in some ways, I was still waiting for him to come back- like the old lover you just couldn’t get over, or a habit that never left.
It was in those moments that I realized it was so much harder to keep Darkness out than it was to just open the door… It took too much strength I didn’t have and too much effort to hold on to Light.
So I replaced her with Darkness.
I welcomed him instead.
More followed.
Rage showed up.
Hate. Lust. Greed. Carelessness.
Cruelty. Envy. Deceit. Selfishness.
One by one, I opened the door for them all.
I let them in my house.
I let them become my confidantes and companions.
Until, eventually I no longer could tell myself apart from them.
You hang around certain people for long enough and you start mirroring them.
Their addictions, behaviors, movements and choices.
When you hang around certain people, you become influenced.
Well I am living with monsters.
I chose to. I opened the door.
And it is inevitable that once I betrayed Goodness and Light and kicked them out, there would be more room in my home for the new friends I acquired.
The home is where the heart is.
But my heart is housing so many of my wicked lovers, friends, and enemies that I no longer feel safe here. My own heart is no longer a sanctuary, but a prison.
There are monsters living in my house now.
I am one of them.

-Kayley C.

“In a way, I’m disappointed, Xena. There was a part of me that hoped that YOU would win and put out the rage in my heart. Sometimes it even scares me.”

“But then I get over it.”

The fact that this is a picture that we have of Tayvin. I’ll never get over it! 😍

Take a moment and look at this cuteness ONE. MORE. TIME. 😭

We are the only things staying still in this place,
The world is busy moving outside the window,

 But I will just lie here.

Happy to wear nothing but your kisses.
To live on the way the sunlight
creeps across the room.
Morning through to night
and a song for every moment in between.
I can hear your heartbeat-
Like the rhythm of the universe is telling me;

“Be still;
Enjoy this moment,
Take it for granted,
It is yours.
Remember it;
When the sun goes down,
When you are gone,
When this moment is over,
And memories will never do it justice.
Know that it was yours.
Remember what you had,
What you experienced
and nothing can take that away.”

—  The moment before the moment it’s my favourite place to be // h.p. (just a small strange something for @ava-carlisle )