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Is it just me or does Zuko's arc remind me of Stan's? At least in the way it was described in that post. Idk I don't remember too much of atla so I may be wrong

I don’t know what post you’re referring to, but YES, there are definitely parallels between the banished Fire Nation prince and the Man of Mystery.

Just think of Zuko’s backstory, and then look at Stan, who had a terrible father than cast him out of his home with a near-impossible task to achieve:

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A superior sibling who he felt he could never measure up to:

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A burn scar that physically haunts him and reminds him of a painful past event:

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Perhaps most importantly, despite all his mistakes and failures, he finds love, hope and friendship in the company of a brother and sister…

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…a wise but fun-loving youth with a heart of gold…

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…and a badass girl who takes no shit and could single-handedly beat everyone up jfc.

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Sound familiar?

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I rest my case

@my-beautiful-thief +And how awkward is it for Uthvir in this AU +To have someone -choose them- +instead of their older sibling Glory? +I wonder if Uthvir purposely keeps Thenvunin away from Glory +Not because Glory would do anything they are quite happy with Desire +But because that doesn’t even matter +How many people do you think were friends with Uthvir growing up until they met Glory +And then they became their siblings friend instead of theirs +uthvir growing up thinking they are the consolation prize for people Glory turned away +oh no I made a sad


5768. Ever since Joining the Titans, Robin has felt that he could never measure up to Batman. After a particularly disastrous mission, he was distraught. Then, he received a letter from "Bruce" that simply stating "You are my son, and I love you." Robin has never felt the inadequacy ever again.

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can i ask you why do you love theon so much ??

Yeah of course. He’s definitely a closet fave.

Listen my top 6 in ASOIAF are Cersei, Catelyn, Sansa, Dany, Theon, and Jaime because honestly, Jaime and Theon are the two male POVs who fail the most at masculinity despite their attempts at the contrary, Jaime for his hand and Theon for like his entire character arc. 

Theon’s like this absolute failure at being a person prior to being captured by Ramsay he just never measures up and he’s so intent on living up to his ideal of what a man ought to be like, and I don’t know, despite everything that he does that’s horrendous, his relationship with women for one, not to mention killing the two miller’s sons, I think that’s a really compelling narrative. I don’t find it endearing exactly but I really appreciate it because I’ve dealt with guys in my own life who have issues living up to standards of masculinity and they respond in literally the same way, womanizing and having an excess of bravado and it just feels like one of the most human reactions to the symptom. 

Then, Theon has this traditionally feminine aspect of his narrative where he’s literally dehumanized, sexually and physically and emotionally abused and he has to earn his own identity back by rescuing Jeyne Poole. Women face that on a daily basis and it’s so often ignored and yet, I didn’t feel as if it was erasing female suffering like I was inclined to feel about Jude ST. FRANCIS in A Little Life. It was different than a woman’s suffering because so much of Theon is about toxic masculinity, but at the same time, he was stripped of all his masculinity, literally in that he was castrated. It’s not a redemption arc per se because I don’t believe in redemption arcs. Honestly nothing will absolve him of his sins entirely but it’s him becoming the person he was always capable of being. It’s him restoring his humanity, and getting himself back not the womanizing pirate type but the real Theon as he was meant to be. 

I just really think Theon’s arc is one of the best in the series because it’s such a litmus test for what you believe about humanity and abuse victims, the same way Cersei’s arc is a litmus test for what you feel about women and domestic abuse victims and women in power. I’m not saying that anybody ought to forgive Theon for what he did because honestly nothing will bring back the miller’s sons but yet, it really makes you think. And don’t let me imply that suffering makes a man a better person because it definitely doesn’t. But, I think his arc was all the more powerful and significant that unlike the HBO show, we never saw the bulk of the torture and simply the aftermath and his return to humanity all because of poor Jeyne. It’s like this: no matter what, we don’t really want to die, our bodies don’t want to give up, and it’s a testament to survival just how much we can endure. 

As for his continuing arc in TWOW, I truly believe that Theon’s end will be death, a peaceful quiet death and he’ll have forgiven himself or at least have come to terms with the events in his life. That or perhaps he’ll return to Winterfell with Sansa or Bran or whoever maintains the power there, I could also see that and I’d really like that as well. 

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Even as an Ezria shipper, I felt a little bad for Jason during that second flashback. He obviously loved Aria, and she broke up with him for the POSSIBILITY of reconnecting with Ezra. It just goes to show that she never saw a future with him. I love Ezria, don't get me wrong, but Jason seemed so hurt. Besides, it also explains his reaction to hearing she was engaged to Ezra. He knew that he would never measure up to the true love of her life.

Same. I’m so glad with the way they handled the Jaria/Jason stuff. I’ve always liked Jason and I really didn’t want to not like him because he tried to make a move or anything. But he was so sweet to her and was actually like “you’re engaged! he loves you!”.

And yeah that is sad, he obviously really cares about her but he knows how much she loves Ezra.

I’m laughing because Kubo thinks we don’t know his characters by now - as if Ichigo could stand living in such a trapped relationship with Orihime, she doesn’t know how to cheer him up, make him smile, snap him out of his funk like other people in his life. We’ve seen it so many times, when Ichigo was upset after Uryuu’s betrayal and Orihime couldn’t even get him to look at her for a second. She even realized, back in the Arrancar arc, that she could never measure up to Rukia in Ichigo’s eyes and heart. 

I wonder if IchiHime fans are even satisfied. Their ship literally went from literal strangers as far as their hearts and connection to each other are concerned (Don’t talk about fighting and saving each other - when have they ever had a heart-to-heart about something personal, like Orihime’s brother, or Ichigo’s mother’s death? Or Ichigo going to Orihime when he doesn’t feel right?) to suddenly being married and having kids. 

Kubo took the easy way out with the time skip, that way he didn’t have to give a half-assed attempt at proving to us that Ichigo and Orihime could actually work as a couple. It’s sad that fans didn’t get to see a single bonding scene, a scene where Orihime might start to become more than a friend to Ichigo. 

But to be honest, that is practically impossible, so don’t worry about it Kubo.

I’m just sad that he fucked over a bunch of other, wonderful characters. Yachiru? Grimmjow? Yoruichi? Urahara? Aizen? Nel? 


I don’t think I posted this yet, but here’s me an’ Smee.
She’s gotten quite big, and I’m hoping to try feeding her f/t m!ce, since she’s gotten quite a bit better at striking and feeding in general.
A side note; apparently the neighborhood kids call me Markiplier, and I’m immensely happy about that. I could never measure up to him, but I’m glad they look up to me like that. I didn’t even think about if I had an impact on their lives, I’ve never met them. I’m still happy about it though.
I’ll also point out that I didn’t pick out my hair style or glasses as a means of copying Mark’s style though, coz I started thinking about it; I didn’t know anything about Markiplier until after I moved to Oregon, and that was about 3yrs ago, but I’ve had these glasses almost 4yrs; I didn’t start watching his Let’s Plays until about a year and a half ago. Granted, this kind of hairstyle is seen quite often these days, so it’s not out of the ordinary that I happen to have it. It also helps me to not have as much hair to deal with (long + thick + wavy = tangled, a lot, easily) but enough that I can tie it back if I want.

I had to drop from college and now I know I’ll never get to where I want to be in life. I’ll never make a name for myself, I can’t get my associates in art, I have no way to so I guess I’ll just work wherever I can get a job… I can’t believe I can’t even do basic college stuff… I’ll never measure up to my girlfriend, I just wanna be able to provide for her…

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“You are worth less than dirt to me.” ~Franziska ((For Manfred plz))


“How trite, Franziska.”

“But I realize I can expect no better from the likes of you. You could never measure up to Edgeworth, hmm? No true daughter of my legacy could be so lacking. I surmise this is a blessing in disguise, now that we’ve established that.”

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JLD had some funny humor and it was fun but it was not as fun as Marvel! (Those are actual complaints about SS btw)

will anything ever be as funny as m.arvel? when blank window says she can’t wear bikinis anymore ‘cause she was shot? classic. comedic genius. dc will just never measure up.

ik in my Frederick canon especially I was a huge jackass to inigo as a kid bc we were around each other like. all the time

like look at lucinas pissant younger brother who has Too Much Fun this is the no fun club nd I was the biggest snitch ever like if inigo did anything I would 100% tell on him

everyday of my life I feel bad about how I treated him, like he would never measure up to lucina, like he was disposable. I was. so. awful.

I know we straightened shit out when we were older but that was like years later. and its not an excuse anyway me @ every inigo i ever see in my life im sorry how did u ever forgive me