Me a year ago: Dave is in awe of his brother and feels like he can never measure up to the idealized version of Bro in his head.

Me now: Dave is afraid of fighting, bloodshed, and heroism because of PTSD induced by an abusive childhood growing up with someone who was very obviously training him to fulfill a purpose and made it pretty clear that he didn’t actually like him.

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do a OCTAVIA cosplay

No way, cause I could never measure up the the gorgeous Octavia I cosplayed WITH.

I’ll reblog a picture set of us together after I post this. OuO
vidot is so perfect as Octavia to me, and just perfect in general <3 >u<

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May I send two please?? Michiru, #4; Chibiusa, #1

Michiru, #4:  What they would do if they had one month to live.

Already answered! Guess who asked it I am so shocked.

Chibi-Usa, #1:  Something this character is truly proud of.

This is an interesting one. I’ve been mulling this over for the past day or so, and I’m having trouble pinning down a specific answer. I think it’s because if Chibi-Usa were asked the question, she’d struggle like hell with it. I see Chibs consistently downplaying her accomplishments and achievements. Not intentionally, but as a consequence of never feeling that she measures up. In the moment of doing something she was proud of, she’d be all about telling you how awesome she was. But as time passes, as the feeling fades, as it becomes just one more event in their extraordinary lives, Chibi-Usa finds reasons to dismiss whatever she’s done. It wasn’t as dangerous as she thought, she didn’t have to try too hard, someone else did more, it wasn’t very important.

This is something I think Chibs will later – with a lot of very intentional effort – manage to control somewhat. Eventually, I see her being able to own her accomplishments and recognize them. But that’s later. Right now, by which I mean Chibs in the series around ten or eleven or so, I think she’s caught right in the grips of all of this. So she’d probably wind up picking something like “*I* can get up and go to school on time unlike SOME PEOPLE”. Which you know, A+ Random Trolling, but not actually a sincere answer to the question because seriously, who can’t beat Usagi’s “get up on time” record.

So we have to go a little deeper. We need something that, if pressed, Chibs would own, something she wouldn’t brush off as insignificant as either an event or her involvement in it.

I think, going with that idea, that something Chibi-Usa is truly proud of is her friendship with Hotaru, and how in the end, that friendship saved the world. Not alone, of course, but there’s no question that without Hotaru and Chibi-Usa befriending each other, things would’ve gone very differently.

This works for Chibs, because she’d never deny how important Hotaru is to her, and if she begins to diminish the impact their relationship had beyond each other, Hotaru would be right there to set her straight. She can’t deny it or dismiss it or chip away at it. All that’s left is to accept everything about it. And so I think Chibi-Usa and Hotaru’s friendship is the thing she’s most proud of.


never measured myself
with other people
because I’m my own ruler
love it or leave it
take your pick
my heads been
in more places
than army kids
flip my lid often
alone like orphans
honed my endorphins
to swarm when I’m coasting
not used to boasting
but I gotta toast
I roast most days
coffee and cloves
dove into art like
professional divers
don’t make me start
we’ll be here for hours

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83. “You know when some girls say ‘I like you as a friend’? I don’t even like you that way.”

There’s a dramatic pause after he speaks, his lips twitch as he considers what he’s going to say next. “I love you a lot, you know.” He says as he picks fistfuls of the grassy patch they’re sitting on, eyes slightly squinted from the sun, though he’s looking directly at her; his face solemn as he gauges her reaction. Then his lips part into a hearty smile and he lets ouch a chuckle, “Relax, Pipes.” He breathes out between seeps of laughter, “I mean, I love you as a friend, duh.” He’s laughing now, his convulsions coming out in bellows as he chucks the fist full of grass at her, some of it goes flying in different directions but most of it hits his intended target: her face.

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Some sexy selfies might get the gifts flowing. A simple smile is not enough anymore, shawty

All I got on my wish list is art supplies, cheap makeup, and natural oils all that will never measure up to my A1 trap pics

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I'm beginning to think all of Dylan's real life boyfriends are leaving the show.

Dangit, I was going to make a comment about Ki Hong Lee not playing with that side piece business, but he just got married and she’s lovely.  I feel like they get on, but they know they’ll never measure up to Hoechlin so they kick rocks, lol.  Colton was all “I WAITED FOR YOUR GROWTH SPURT!” but no dice. 

I don’t know what I’m saying anymore, I’m going to bed. 

my father left me for a city
and it seems I’ve been competing ever since
to be as captivating, as bustling, as real as a destination
but I could never measure up
never as full, not near as many lights
not as tall, as elaborate, as steel-shined and pretty
so I would be told, ‘you are a universe, you are a galaxy
you are made of stars’
and I tried to be swirling and teeming
twinkling in and out of the edges of everyone’s comprehension
but the palms of my hands clutched at nothing but dust
stardust or citydust
it never seems too different.
we are told we are not enough or we are told we are everything
and too much gets lost in the in-between.
we are flesh and blood and it is finite,
and in that limitation lies the beauty.
we are heartbeats that are nothing like rumbling traffic,
pumping blood, fueling essence.
we are deep breaths that are nothing like the vacuum of space,
whispering in the dark, scream singing in the swell.

my father left me for a city,
I was born there,
I’ve been back.
I forgave him long ago, and love him far past that
and somewhere must stop trying to compare.
I am small and I am quiet
and when I am brave, it is in those small and quiet ways.
I cannot contain the sea.
and every city has its sky, its smell, its roaring voice, its spring buds or autumn leaves.
but though I am little and trembling, and not a scenic view, or a skyscraper
or a pinpoint in the heavens
there is still no single place that is as vast as me.

How can i go from feeling so great and sure of things just yesterday…to sick to my stomach and becoming a crying mess.. i just feel so incredibly lonely. I’ll never measure up to anything. Job, other people.. I’m just nothing…not even worthy of a conversation. I just for once would love to be the first option…

Is it depression? Is it mood swings? Is it my brain telling me i can never be happy?? All of it seems out of nowhere to everyone else but to me i just… the littlest things makes me happy…but the smallest things can also send me crashing.

“We have the need to be accepted and to be loved by others, but we cannot accept and love ourselves. The more self-love we have, the less we will experience self-abuse. Self-abuse comes from self-rejection, and self-rejection comes from having an image of what it means to be perfect and never measuring up to that ideal. Our image of perfection is the reason we reject ourselves; it is why we don’t accept ourselves the way we are, and why we dont accept others the way they are.”
The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz
I love this book more and more after every page; it seriously changed my life.

Maladaptive daydreaming is simultaneously the best and the worst thing in the world. On the one hand, you get to experience two lives at the same time, one of which is always perfect and wonderful because you have absolute control over everything, including time, space, the laws of physics and other people’s minds. You can be the supreme ruler of the universe if you want, and everything else besides. But on the other hand, your second life can never measure up to the better one you’re living inside your head, and worst of all, there are no time controls, you have to live through it one second at a time, even through the bad parts, and every breath, every heartbeat you take in that life is one closer to being your last. You can’t slow it down, you can’t wind it back and replay your favourite parts, you can’t re-write your mistakes. You can’t make people love you and you can’t erase people you hate.

Any rational person can see that life is beautiful and precious and would want to do as much with theirs as possible, but the trouble is, when you have a different, better life inside your head where you can get anything and everything you want simply by imagining it… where is the incentive to leave it?

This Jesus lover

Is happy that equal rights is being expanded to the lgbtq communty. People have used the bible and Jesus as a means to be hateful, which directly goes against Jesus’s teaching.  When I look upon the cross I see a deep immeasurable love and grace that is given so freely at such a price. I walked away from the church as a teenager  because I couldn’t stand the people there and I always felt guilt, shame and like a hypocrite. I felt because I could never measure up to what people claimed I should be. Right after highschool I found my way back into a church where I finally encountered Jesus and his grace.  i am by no means a saint but God’s grace continues to guide me and mold me every day. What changed was I had a real encounter with Jesus not the laws and moral codes that was heavily implied for me to follow to make my way into heaven. Long story short this is a message of true love. 


cis-ness is an altar

a brutal monument that I lay down before and hate myself, let it crush me, a monolith a standard I will never measure up to

I still put my faith in the hope that it will fade. That one day I’ll be complete and I won’t go back there and compare myself beneath it and let it ruin me anymore.

That one day I’ll be free, and that maybe even now there are precious moments when I’m not shackled in it’s shadow but am free, am wholly myself, soaring

Waiting for the time that they become days and then weeks not moments.

If it ever comes but the act of getting out of bed each day is a belief that it will.

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I'm crying so much right now. My mom treats me so bad. I have this anger management problem and when I have rage attacks my mom acts so indifferent. She doesn't even help. Instead, she humiliates me and starts blaming me about everything. No matter how many things I get done well in the day, one thing I do wrong is enough to humiliate me. What should I do?

that’s just her coping mechanism.

now the humiliation , I don’t know why people do that.

can you go to anger management sessions?

I never had a good relationship with my mom.  I never measured up.

I moved out, and moved on.

Love the Life You Live.

I noticed that most of my followers (my very few followers lol) are all hardcore exercise people. Well just so you know, I’m not a Fitblr. I only post where I am in my life at that moment. Exercise used to be my life because I was so obsessed with pleasing other people and having a good body. Well, in that process I became depressed because I never measured up to what I thought I was supposed to be. So live your life to the fullest extent! Don’t cry over eating too many calories or skip meals to lose weight like I did. You’re extremely beautiful/handsome just the way you are! No matter what image you have in your head that you need to be, you’re still a masterpiece. You are loved, and you are important. Don’t ever doubt it:)

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In a universe where everyone is born with numbers on their wrists counting down to when they’ll meet their soulmate, send me 00:00:00 for my muse’s reaction to their numbers hitting zero when they meet yours.

           each life, she had a new soulmate. often times, she didn’t meet them
           or walked right by them with little interest. caspian never bothered with
           that shit– or at least tried not to. most of her “soulmates” were phoenixes
           who no longer existed before meeting, or just humans that never measured
           up to her life span, leaving early & her in pain. she planned on missing this 
           life’s soulmate, having interest in another. she retreated to the rooftops– her
           safehaven– in an attempt to avoid, yet it kept ticking down one by one.

                           10, 9, 8, 7, 6 
           honestly, it was annoying– but thinking about it would only bother her even 
           more. laid out on the building’s edge, one arm folded to support her head with
           the other dangling off the ledge to wiggle fingers at the cars far below. 

                            5, 4, 3, 2, 1—–
            footsteps caught her off guard, but cas turned her head only a bit to spy a 
            tall, familiar form with a grin that never left her mind. she too smiled at the
            other, which slipped into a wide grin. 


                     ❝i ain’t surprised. ain’t disappointed, either.❞
            she could work with this— after all, she could never say no to that face.

one of our family friends works as a nanny and one of the families she used to work for, their son returned after university for a visit before he starts his new job. he attended Georgetown and is going to be an investment banker in New York. his older brother works in finance in LA and his sister is a doctor.

I hide these bits of news from my mother. she doesn’t know them, not really. she just sees the daughter she wishes I had been. she daydreamed about me attending university in the States, a dream I never shared. I never measured up to the daughter she wanted.

now I am sick and at home, on disability leave. my joints ache both when I move and when I am at rest. I dream, sometimes, of the life I want. it feels too big to touch.

I am learning to forgive myself. I am learning, perhaps, even to love myself. still, there are secrets to keep, and nights to lay awake. not everything happens when you want it to.

I have realized that if I am going to be true to myself and my purpose in life, I need to train and be strong mentally, physically, and emotionally. I want to see young girls in our culture have an opportunity to choose who they want to be instead of constantly feeling like they fail because they can never measure up to the expectations placed upon them. I want to see our next generation of girls be leaders for the girls around the world who are fighting for basic human rights!!! That is not an easy battle and so I train. I no longer workout with focus on being smaller because this the root of the problem in the first place; girls are being kept small! Now I use my frustration, anger, and passion in the gym lifting weights! You can’t walk around with the weight of the world on your shoulders, you have to let that go and keep fighting! At the end of the day I know that I am only one person and to create lasting change we have to join together as a whole… But I also know I am not alone and that is reason enough to keep going! 💪🙌💜 #healthyisthenewskinny #girlgang #lift #girlpower #strong #fighter #beautifulwarrior #katiehwillcox #truth #riseup