Scars Bucky Barnes x Reader

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You were a nurse at the Avengers complex which was interesting and boring at the same time. You didn’t have much work normally or at least not anything too hard to do. Mostly give some stitches after a mission but that used to be everything. From time to time, you found a serious injury like a bullet in someone’s arm or a dislocated bone. Of course you had never treated Thor or Steve but they used to be around in case you needed some help, just like Dr Banner since he was really interested in biology.

One day at noon you were working in the nursery, making inventory so you could tell Pepper what you needed. You were almost out of needles and aspirins so you put them in the list along with some other stuff you needed. Suddenly your “Avenger Phone” started buzzing like crazy. It was a normal phone actually, but just the Avengers had that number and was only used for emergencies. So you hurried to take it.

“Steve?” You said when you picked it up after seeing the name of the screen.

“(Y/N) get everything ready. We’ll be there in five minutes.” He said. He really sounded worried and serious.

“Ok, what is it?” You asked running around the nursery to get the basics.

“Bucky. Three bullets. Stomach, arm and leg”, he said. “He’s losing so much blood, damn it!” He exclaimed.

“Apply pressure on the wounds, Steve, like I taught you to. I’m getting everything ready. Bring him in as soon as you land”, you commanded and hung up.

You started getting a bowl with warm water, gauzes, tweezers, alcohol and everything you would need to take the bullets out and heal the wounds. You covered your hair and washed your hands thoroughly as you could already hear the quinjet landing. You couldn’t help wondering what would have happened so Bucky got injured so badly. It never happened before and he had been part of the team for almost two years.

You waited next to the door and when you saw Steve and Clint carrying him you ran in to put everything next to the bed where he would be lying.

“C’mon, guys, here”, you said calmly as they walked in. Pretending to be calm was something you had come to learn as something useful. They were already nervous, especially Steve, so you knew he needed something to calm him down and your serenity was helpful. “You can stay but I need you to step away”.

They both nodded and walked to the back of the room. Clint sat down but Steve stood still, with his arms crossed and looking at your work. You started by cutting his t-shirt carefully until there was no obstacle to get to the wounds. Then you started cleaning them carefully, glad that there was no more blood coming out of them. They had done a pretty good job taking care of him during the flight.

When it was cleaned up you took the tweezers and proceeded to take out of the bullets carefully. You used some anaesthesia even when you knew he didn’t need it at all but just in case he woke up you didn’t want him to feel any more pain. Once you finished you cleaned him up again and started stitching him up and finally covered them up. It was then when you realised the amount of scars covering his body. Somehow you were amazed by them and also made you feel curious. How did he get so many of them?

You knew he had a tough history, you knew all about what HYDRA did to him but still…there were just so many. And they were beautiful in their own way.

“So?” You looked up at Steve. You had completely forgot about them being there since you had focused on Bucky completely.

“He will be fine, don’t worry.” You said once you were able to speak again. “He needs to rest since he lost a lot of blood so he has to stay here”, you said taking all the items you used to wash them and also wash your hands.

“He won’t like it”, Steve chuckled, feeling relieved knowing his best friend would be fine.

“I know”, you smiled to yourself. “You two should go and rest guys, there’s nothing you can do here.” You said when you finished washing everything. “I’ll let you know as soon as he wakes up”, you added.

They nodded and thanked you before exiting the nursery. During the rest of the day you also took care of some small wounds Tony and Natasha had but they were nothing serious. From time to time you checked on Bucky since he was still deeply asleep and every time you got closer you couldn’t help but staring at his scars. At some point you couldn’t resist it anymore and you touched them carefully. It surprised you to feel him shivering under you so you looked at his face and stopped your hand when you saw his eyes locked on your face.

“Sorry”, you whispered embarrassed as your put your hand away quickly.

“It’s ok”, he said with sore voice.

“How are you feeling?” You asked after coughing softly.

“Mmmm… Confused I guess? I don’t remember much of what happened”, he replied.

“You were shot three times. Probably you passed out because of the lack of blood but don’t worry, I took them out, healed the wounds and now you need to rest. You will be fine”, you smiled a little.

He smiled back at you and then looked down at his body. With a sigh he touched his bandages softly and then some of his scars. He now would have three new ones. Since you didn’t know what to say you got up to text everyone saying Bucky was up and fine but he still had to rest. Afterwards, you gave him some water which he truthfully thanked.

You both didn’t talk much the next days. He never mentioned you touching his scars or anything about it and you decided to let it go even when you couldn’t help but stare at them every time he was asleep. Every day the team came down to visit him.

Five days later you assured him he was ready to leave. Of course, he didn’t complain about it.

“Thank you (Y/N)”, he said when he was already up and ready to go to his room.

“You’re welcome. That’s my job”, you shrugged with a smile.

He smiled back at you and left the nursery leaving you alone. That day your shift was over in an hour so you just put the white coat in your closet and took your bag, ready to go. You turned off the lights and closed the nursery room. When you were waiting for the elevator you heard a voice behind you.

“Hey doc”, you turned around to find Bucky coming out of the kitchen.

“Hey”, you smiled at him. He had taken a shower and his hair was still wet and he was still shirtless which made you gulp. With or without scars he was so damn hot. “How are you feeling?” You asked when you realised he was walking towards you.

“Pretty good. Thanks again”, he said standing now in front of you. You looked at his torso once again and then looked at his eyes. He was taller than you so you had to look up. “Like what you see?” He smirked.

You opened your eyes widely and looked away biting your lip. Was it that obvious?

“Hey, don’t worry”, he chuckled. You looked back at him. “I saw you looking at the scars”, he shrugged.

“You have plenty”, you commented trying to keep your eyes on his.

“I’m a soldier”, he shrugged with a sad smile.

“You were a soldier. You are an Avenger now”, you said. He chuckled and nodded looking away for a moment. “I bet all those scars have some amazing stories to tell”, you smiled to cheer him up.

“I don’t remember where or how I got most of them so I wouldn’t know”, he replied. Biting your lip you looked down. Maybe you were just talking too much. “But I can assure you I will remember these three”, he said pointing at the ones of the wounds you had healed. You smiled a little and looked back at him. “Look, this one…” he took your hand and put it on his chest, just over one of them, “is from when I was fighting Steve the first time I saw him, you know…after HYDRA”, he said.

“What about this one?” You asked placing a hand on his waist where there was a large one. He shivered down your touch.

“I think it was fighting Sam”, he said frowning. He took your hand again and put it on his stomach. “This one is from when I was learning how to use a bike as a kid. I fell over a rock and it cut me”, he shrugged.

You smiled warmly at the thought of a little Bucky riding a bike.

“And this one I’ll never forget it”, he chuckled showing you one on his forehead. It was so small that you had never seen it. “When I gave my first kiss, I was so excited about it that when I was coming back home I tripped over and fell”.

This time you couldn’t help laughing out loud. It was so sweet that he had all those memories and it was even better knowing that not all of his scars were due to fights.

“What about you, doc?” He asked smiling.

“Eh…” You thought for a moment and then you showed him one in your hand which was pretty big. “I was cleaning a cup and it broke in my hands. A piece of glass cut me here and I swear I could see the bone”, you said as he took your hand examining it. “That was the moment I decided I wanted to be a nurse.”

He looked at you and then placed a small kiss over the scar, sending shivers through your body and making you bite your lip, like you did every time you felt nervous.

“I’m glad you got your hand cut then”, he whispered looking into your eyes. You gulped and looked down. Was he really saying what you thought he was saying? He chuckled as your embarrassment and placed a small kiss on your cheek, close to your lips, before turning on his heels and walking to the stairs, leaving you shaking and nervous like you were 15 all over again and the guy you liked was looking at you from the other side of the room.

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I've been really lazy in practicing piano. I just don't have the motivation to sit down for a good 4 hours and practice with focus. And when I do lug myself to the bench, my mind is wandering and I end up taking breaks and daydreaming to often. Any tips?

1. Never practice four hours straight unless you’re really in the zone and enjoying it. 

2. Try playing some stuff you’re really good at already to get yourself in the mood. If that doesn’t work, play something you really WANT to learn, even if it isn’t “classical private piano music.” Reward yourself by playing a song you really like every so often. 

3. Turn off ALL distractions and keep them far away from you. Your phone, laptop, computer, everything. 

4. Before you sit down, make sure you’ve done everything you need to do. Do you need to use the bathroom? Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Take care of all of that before you sit at the bench.

5. Listen to some really good piano players who are younger than you. I know it sounds ridiculous but this really really motivates me when I need some motivation. 

If Sanha was your older brother...

i know i’ve been writing for astro a lot lately but someone requested this and i really wanted to write it so : ))) hope you nerds enjoy ^-^

**also ik it’s kinda short so sorry about that !!!

  • never knocks
  • so he’s constantly walking in when you change and he screams and runs for his life
  • 100000% barges into your room in the middle of the night to show you a picture of a cute dog or a fuckin meme 
  • you constantly pick on him
  • but he doesn’t mind bc he records you singing in the shower as blackmail in case you make him mad
  • steals your phone to take selfies or tweet stupid stuff on your twitter
  • changes ur icon to his face also
  • tries to cook for you bc he’s older but he can barely make a sandwich so usually you end up cooking for him
  • him secretly judging any person you hang out w in case they wanna date his little bro/sis
  • he’s not really very protective but he wants to make sure that they’ll treat you right
  • loses his phone charger and steals yours then tells you he doesn’t know what happened to it
  • lowkey snitches on you when you make him mad
  • always tells you to do ur homework or he’ll punish you
  • does all of the chores
  • he’s like “oh don’t worry y/n go hang out with your friends i love doing dishes.”
  • if you ask him to do something and you don’t say please he won’t do it
  • he’s like “what’s the magic word? huh? you want me to do what?”
  • and you just roll your eyes and say please just to make him happy
  • tries to embarrass you in front of your friends/at school but ends up embarrassing himself instead
  • which results in secondhand embarrassment on your part
  • the type to fight you for the tv remote
  • watches kid shows on your netflix account bc he doesn’t want them to be in his recommended section
  • if you leave your food in the fridge you bet your ass he’s going to eat it
  • all around a gr8 older brother who loves u a lot : )

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1) Fave ship?

Sheith ofc and hance

2) first thing to do in the morning?

check my phone or sprint to the bathroom

3) Fave snack?

tim tams or chips

4) last thing you watched?

Suicide Squad

5) fave tree?

????¿¿¿¿ palm tree (because theyre tol ???¿¿¿¿)

6) fave weather?

light rain without thunder

7) fav song at the moment

Somebody Else by The 1975

8) Thing you take with you everywhere

my phone and a lipstick

9) Dream place to live?

ahh idk probably somewhere beach-y im thinking Bali

10) Fictional characters you’d marry (or spend the rest of your life with as best buds)?

….shiro….. (or jason todd)

my 10 qs: fave voltron character? fave ship? fave food? fave music? fave place to chill? fave superheroes? fave book/movie? fave holiday destination? fave clothing to wear? fictional characters you’d fight if they are real?

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Hey I just realised that somehow I unfollowed you! I don't know why that happened! I'm sorry I don't even know when that happened! Sorry!

It’s okay, my friend! I think the issue was on my end. I was going through my block list, there was this unsavory posting going around yesterday and I had to make sure I had the right people still on block. Anyways, I saw your username there and I saw shocked shitless. I had wondered what happened to you on my dash and I never really checked until I broke my phone. So I’ve been on my computer more and have more access to editing my blogs and all that fun stuff. So this ugly screw up is not your fault but mine. I have accidentally blocked people in the past from the inbox on the mobile app. So I’m sure that is how this happened. I’m so happy I went through my block list, because you were not the only one there that shouldn’t have been.