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One of Clarke’s major strengths is that she can manipulate people to her side and sway people to see things her way. But she needs to learn that she can’t always count on her ability to ‘sell’ an idea with strong conviction and/or manipulation. Sometimes she needs to level with other people and treat them as equals by giving them all of the facts and letting them make their own decisions. 

Clarke has a tendency of leaving out troubling information, lying by omission, and embellishing the truth in order to sway people to her side. Usually, her side is the right side. But she doesn’t trust people to assess all of the facts and come to the same conclusion that she has. Clarke often has to choose the best option out of an array of horrible options. She doesn’t trust other people to realize that the best (albeit horrible) option is necessary. She thinks she needs to make it sound more palatable in order to sway people. 

In many cases, I can forgive Clarke for this because she is often acting in very high-risk time-sensitive situations. She doesn’t have time to let other people wrestle with the ethical dilemmas that she has already worked through. She needs to quickly convince other people to help her so that she can get the job done.

But in S3E14, we saw this tactic fail with Luna. Luna is a smart cookie. She left her conclave, escaped the wrath of Titus and Polis, and started her own society out on an oil rig. She was never going to fall prey to ‘salesman’ techniques. Luna seems pretty set in her convictions and maybe she would never have agreed to take the flame. But I think Clarke would have been a lot more successful had she treated Luna as an equal. Stop trying to sell your idea and instead just present Luna with all of the facts. Tell her your plan and how she factors into it. Have an honest discussion. Negotiate. Maybe Luna still wouldn’t take the flame. But maybe she would have been a little more helpful and receptive. Maybe she wouldn’t have slipped the adventure squad a bunch of laced drinks and stranded them on the beach. 

Free will and consent have been major themes on the show this season. Consent is not legitimate unless it is a) freely given and b) informed. I think Clarke is going to have to really grapple with how she can balance doing what’s best for her people while still respecting everyone’s ability to choose what’s best for themselves. 

The very touch of your skin is like entering heaven itself, the tone of your voice is like music pouring into my ears. The warmth of your existance comes with a feeling of security. You give me a sense of belonging, it is with you where I feel comfortable in such a way where the four walls of my bedroom are of no comparison.
—  Tenari Ioapo

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Judging by their comments, I’d honestly say Anthony Russo kind of probably ships Steve/Bucky a little bit. Or at least even if he’s not an outright shipper, he seems more open to the idea of romantic Steve/Bucky imo. Whereas Joe is like, ok, I accept that others see it differently, but THEY ARE DEFINITELY ONLY BROTHERS OK GOSH. THEY'RE JUST LIKE ME AND ANTONIO. ykwim? But Anthony be like, hey, it’s cool, friends, bros, lovers, whatev, just let them be together plz. Anthony is me. 2gether 4ever.

Anthony DOES strike me too as much more open about Steve/Bucky talks, too! Idk why, maybe his quotes are more memorable on the subject, who knows. He seems to be very open about it, that’s true, be it his ship or nah (and it’s not, let’s remind people that part).

Hoe Russo (that my loving nickname for him lmao I’m just teasing not hating) is yeah constantly bringing back the fact that they’re only bros every time his own bro starts about S/B it’s truly amazing XD

it’s moments like these-
when I can hear crickets chirping
and the bark of trees moaning,
and the rain beat against my window-
that I wish you were here.
because, oh, what I wouldn’t give
for that chirping to be your sweet nothings in my ear,
or that moaning to be the sound of our lips colliding,
or for that beating to be the tapping of your heart.
—  tjr 5/5/15
She’s pure serenity and gentle. She lovely but bitter and coercive. She’s crazy but beautiful. She’s all the seasons and all the colors at once. She’s a hurricane, a tsunami, a tornado, and a rainbow. She’s everything and nothing at the same time and I’m deeply and sickly in love with that.
—  I.I. // thoughts
Loving you is like throwing myself off a cliff and knowing that the only person who could save me is you. It’s like I’m still floating in the air, I might hit the ground anytime and I’m waiting for you to come to the rescue.
Except, you’ll never come!
—  Rebecca Bhosle //Loving you is like… (6/5/2016)

I used to have this habit where I would write down my favourite words in a notebook. It is time to restart this habit of mine. A lil bit of #bukowski on #handmade paper. #charlesbukowski #quotes #freesoul #Ithinkbukowskimightdieagainwithsomanyhastags

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