I'm not that girl.

I adapt.
I fit in.
I get along with all species of humans.

But I’m not a chameleon anymore, I was lost. I lost myself in you, trying to be there for you, I fell into a black hole of dreams and promises, and I got lost. That will always be my biggest regret, losing myself is what I loved most.

But I’m not that girl anymore.
I’m not lost anymore, but then again We’re all lost, aren’t we? We’re all looking for what we want in life, we’re all on this endless journey to find our place, our purpose, I forgot how truly small I am in this world of dreams and risk takers. One thing I learned from loving that soul, is to never lose yourself in the thing that you love most, find pieces of you that you never thought existed before.

nanyitis asked:

Hi, i am eighteen yo and I've never dated and I am aware that i dont need anyone to feel good about myself because i already do but the thing is i want the affection and all

girl. men aren’t shit. and i looked at your av, and i went to your instagram and it confirmed for me MORE that men aren’t shit. baby girl, you are gorgeous. everyone in the world wants affection, it can make one feel left out when they don’t have any. don’t lower your standards to get it, don’t look for it. look for something better. pick up a hobby, spend more time with your friends, do something you have never done. lose yourself in yourself, somebody is gonna see that spirit and those bright eyes and they’re gonna want to give you all the love in the world. affection can come from many places, it doesn’t need to come from a relationship. grind until you feel warm and fuzzy without anyone hugging you.